Bilawal is target now: Lal Masjid cleric

  • Daily Times Monitor

    LAHORE: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is on the hit-list of radicals just days after the death of former premier Benazir Bhutto, according to the website of the British newspaper the Sun. The website quoted Taliban cleric Maulana Mohavya Irshad as saying, “Bilawal is a target now”.

    Speaking at Lal Masjid, the 24-year-old cleric told the newspaper, “I don’t know much about Bilawal. I only know he is a liberal person which is a deviation from Islam. True Muslims will not allow him to go against Islam.” “These true Muslims will be horrified to see an image of Bilawal dressed as the devil while standing besides a pretty girl at a decadent party at Oxford University,” he said.

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  • This news generates some very important clues.

    1. Why Bilawal only is at the 'Hit List', sparing the millions of liberals living in Pakistan?

    2. Who prompted this 24 years old young man to issue this threat?

    3. Is that an attempt to divert the focus of SY Team towards the religious fanatics to be held responsible for BB's murder?

    4. This 24 years old cleric could help to reach the real culprit.

    I am not kidding.

    This man should be arrested immediately, before he leaves Pakistan or goes into hiding at Lal Kothi or Chor Palace.

  • @JS

    very good point.

  • I think Rehman Malik, and, Asif Zardari should also be included in the investigation.

    In fact, everyyone in the PPP should be included, there might be people involved even within the PPP.

    Rehman Malik is a very suspicious charachter, he should have arranged fool proof security, he should be with BB 24/7, telling her what to do, what not to do, pulling her down if she even thinks of opening the sunroof. Why was he not even in the car? There should have been her security guards all around her, with communication links with each other and Rehman Malik, telling her of everything thats happening, who's where, and doing what.

    For a woman, who called her doctor from the US because she had a bad throat, it was a serious failure of security.

  • @ secular_pakistan

    I had the same concern, questions and feelings, when this unfortunate incident occurred.

    1. Why BB came out of the Sunroof?

    2. Why Rahman Malik didn't force her not to expose after a successful public meeting?

    We could hold that as a critical mistake.


    Still it is the most important to find out:

    1. Where the man in glasses came from, who fired 4 shots and the second man in the picture, who conducted the bomb blast?

    2. Who were the planner, financier and brain behind that 'Mission'?

    3. Who managed for the arms and ammunition?

    4. Who is trying to protect the killer or killers?

    5. Is dental record of those two persons in the picture, is accessible and available?

    6. Who is trying to twist and make the situation more cloudy and why?

  • that 24 years old must be working for mush .

  • This guy Rehman Malik sounds fishy because being a Security advisor, it was his prime duty to confim if BIBI is ok after the blast but instead he pulled out himself from the situation.

    and Mr javeds question no 6 is also very valid, Why Govt is twisting the facts? to save WHOM