• The hadith of black flags is a weak hadith with not very strong references and thats why it is not included in Bukhari. Based on this hadith the so-called talibans have chosen black color for their flags.

  • How about dajjal sings which is very closed to mullah umer

    One eye

    one leg

    first he wil claim a khalifa

    born in Khurasan

    only son of the pearent

    with hairy body

    born from the rocky mountain

    he will cause lot of muslim bloodshed

    etc etc

  • know very less about this .

    so cant comment ...

    as less knowledge is dangerous in general.

    fatal in religion.


    U need to study man

    dajjal will be born with one eye mullah omer lost during war..letsdoit you need to study if its not in bukhari it does not mean its not authntic there are so many hadith which are only in bukhari not in other hadith books it means those are not authentic i guess time will answer.. this answer will be revealed to us very soon

  • beenai

    it will take 4 hrs to you find the answer..just google...on net by Allah wills...he is the one who always show truth to us

  • Well i think non muslims are well aware of this threat.look usa statement in only 4 month AFGHANISTAN-PAKISTAN as they treating us like one country? hmmm

    when you want to stop some threat from happening you try to stop it in its initial phase..right right your doctor always said if you come early you have better chance to recover quickly!

    why USA and UK now saying threat will come from pakistan!

    They are fully aware where the army of khorasan will emerge,where they need to engage them..i think TIME WILL ANSWER this...but i am sure you will see more in coming months...Time is very near..Yes they will come...Yes they will be unstoppable ..yes the best way is to give them way to reach AL-QUDS(jerusalem) their final destination.. AS A MULSIM ..this is my firm belief

  • Ijay

    In hadeeth it is not mentioned that dajjal will be born with one eye .it is mentioned that he would have one eye

  • Ijay

    For sure I need to study more and Inshallah i will also. Do you know where this hadith is stated and who stated this:

    The hadiths of black flags are stated in Masnad Ahmed and Ibn-Maja. The chain is from Khalid to Abi qalaba to Abi-asma to Soban to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and on the basis of narrator Khalid this hadith is declaired as Da'eef.

    The next time this hadith is narrated then the chain is direct from Abi-qalaba to Soban and it is clear in the history that Abi qulaba never met with Soban

    These were the hadiths which were made to support Abbasis over Ummayyad in the opinion of many Ulema

    Please also read the history and read about Abu Muslim Khorasani, who forced every one to wear black clothes and hold black flags while fighting against Umayyad.

  • netengr

    if he is dajjal then sleep in your home because then according to our prophet PBUH we will not be able to over power DAJJAL as narrated in Bukhari vol 2, book 23 and hadith 437.

  • I am not saying that he is but he has very close sings

  • letsdoit

    please you need to sudy more... i only post comments after verification...ab muslim khuransani.. is not from east

    letsdoit just wait as i already said time will answer you question what i see and what people who have good religeous background are telling what signs i am seeing in afghanistan

    we will get all answers! if you deny it or i accept it will be decided soon...

  • Also my dear i dont think that one eye means physically he will have one eye but it could be based on his characteristics

  • letsdoit

    i read many book on this... he would have one eye

  • Nizam AADL

    THIS word has many of it is establishing islamic state

  • Ijay

    Sure my dear i will study more but tell me one thing that where is Balkh, its in Khorasan (now called as Afghanistan) and you are saying its not in east. Abu Muslim Khorasani was borned in Balkh

    So could you please educate me more. Also please get some more knowledge about Battle of the Zab in which he fought as Governor of Khorasaan.

    All these hadiths of black flags were actually forged IMO at that time to get the support against Ummayyad and now after 1200 years Talibans are also using the same hadiths because they are living in a same area to convince people like you.

  • hmm

    so you want me open up.. well i don want TO DO this right now ...let these things hidden unless you see all with your naked eyes.. :O) (AIN AL YAQEEN... for your kind info this hadith is only rejected by few salafi friend..

    I would also like to ask DR aamir liaqat to make one program on this to enlighten muslim of pakistan..but he also does not want to start a controversy and panic..JUST WAIT AND SEE...ALLAH SHOW YOU ALL SIGNS ! HAVE PATIENCE!

  • Ijay

    if you have answer then please reply if dont then please do not start giving fatwas that its based on salafi or wahabi or brelvi philosophy. I dont believe in any one of this groups.

  • BTW if you are a follower of Dr. Aamir Liaquat, fake degree holder, then i feel sorry for you. Here is the real face of Aamir liaquat, write some sentences on him here.

  • letsdoit

    some of the clues i have given in my new post pakistan is teh biggest threat:israeli FM .. :)

    i am not giving you any fatwa just google you will find why thIs hadeth is authentic...many other hadeth are also co related with this one you need research! this is the reason

    we sent to this world! reveal truth..we spent hundred of hours on other things but cant spend 2 hrs on net to study islam! I SPENT 6 HOURS TODAY TO READ ABOUT BALCK FLAG! I read some where on christian blog then start my research then ALLAH guided i am here to guide others this is the way we have to move forward! RESEARCH- ALLAH WILL ENLIGHTEN YOU!