Question to all the men and women

  • how many of you men want your women to wear a burqa?

    how many women here wear a burqa?

    do you like it?

    do you want your wives and daughters to sit at home and avoid school work ect?

    what will you do if the talibans take over?

    you know they are comming sooner than later. will you stay and fight them? or will you hide like rats?

    i will fight them.

    one stupid lala told me to wear a burqa when i went to buy some stuff in tariq road. i slapped him in the street and screamed and shouted that he tried to molest me, the ppl on the street beat the s**T OUT OF HIM HE RAN AWAY.

    pls dear sisters if you are approached by some guy or woman who tells you to wear a burqa just make a big hallagulla scream at the top of your voice and say he is trying to molest you. the public will take care of him. if its a woman who tells you the same s**t then shout that she is trying to steal your money.

    we have to fight back. we have to take our freedom back.

    te hell with these stupid ppl.

    dont be cowards like our government.

    they have sold us out. our army is a buch of yellow bellied cowardly idiots. we got to take care of ourselves.

    dont depend on them.

    and if u want the taliban pigs to take over and you are with them them there is no need to reply to my post.

  • Well what to do our Govt and all democratic champions supporting and justifying the deals with this barbric "Talibans"

  • If some one wears burqa i respect that but at the same time i dont think its islamic to force some one to wear this. There are 100 other things which people like Sufi Muhammad preach on the name of islam but they have nothing to do with Islam.

  • Larki thoda chill karo aur chooran khao Altaf bhai se le zara. chilaaaax ;)

  • burqa is a good thing to wear ...

    it should be personal choice not enforced by govt.

    as a working woman cant afford burqa .

    if i would get married and my hubby wanna have me in burqa.


    should i marry him?

  • no beena pls dont marry and insecure idiot.

    only men with low self esteem want thier women to hide like

    mice and cockroaches. the religious part is only as excuse to rule over women and make them into handicapped slaves. dont marry any such guy.

  • Larki

    what you did against that man is inhuman and anti islam

    how can you accused some guy of crime he never commited.

    you even slaped him..on what ground ..if he advice you

    doest it mean you slap him..would you do same if you father told you some thing that you hate to do n life?

    this is also one more kind of extremism..ask Allah forgiveness

  • larki is a Talib in jeans and tank tops

  • Larki:

    You come out with so much crap it becomes almost obligatory to give some kind of a response to you.

    I'm guessing your educated to some level, so please would you like to tell us all why you are so anti-haya?

    Do you have a problem with women that wish to keep their husn for their husbands only?

    If women wish to cover themselves up accordng to their faith then why does that bother you so much? Surely they have the same right as those women that wish to show off their assets to all and sundry???

  • O oreil you are on fire!

  • larki i never thought that you are larki, how some one could ask you to wear burqa, may be you misunderstood he will be asking for bikini not burqa...

  • here is my reply to you hateful anti freedom rodents.

    if someone wants to wear a burqa its there choice if someone wants to remain a virgin before marriage its there choice

    if someone wants to be a lesbian or not it is there choice.

    nobody has the right to force others to do such stuff. islam or not islam i dont care. if u want to brand me as a non-muslim so be it. it is not you who has the right to tell me who or what a muslim is. it is for allah to decide. so shut up about it. i am sick of all your I know better than you mentality

    i run my life i do not tell ppl not to wear a damn burqa so i dont think anyone has the right to tell me how to live and go about my buisness. if they interfear in my life i will protect myself even if i have to slap the s**t out of them. i am not scared.

    now as far as the man who got slapped he did tell me that not wearing a burqa meant i was a prostitute and that i was inviting ppl to rape me. i did not mention this in my early post. he had it comming.

    as for my father i would not slap him but i would not live in his home. he has no right to tell me what to wear. that is my choice. i left his home years ago when he tried to restrict me from going to college and wanted to force me into marriage.

    it was difficult to get my own place because i am a single woman. but some kind ppl helped me.

    i think you ppl are so narrow minded i feel sorry for you, and youer poor kids.

  • you're a rebellious little chick. I would not want to father a child like you.

  • some ppl realy have sick mentality. all socities have laws and principle to follow. there is no any place with abslute freedom as it is not possible and not practical.

  • Larki Beenai and other ladies of the forum

    It is also for male bloggers too, this piece in humor only. And especially for those who live in Karachi.


    When Talibans will take over Karachi, all women will be barred from working. These including 'Kaam Wali Maasi' who go to different houses to do laundry, dishes and house cleaning. Once these 'Maasi's' will be out of work then housewife/homakers will have no other option but to do the work themselves. Since women folk couldn't go out on their own therefore men of the house has to go to the market to purchase 'Sabzi Tarkari' etc.

    This is the positive impact of Talibans, they will make people active by making them work more physically. Many people will be able to lower their cholestorel through this revolution.

  • lolz "Many people will be able to lower their cholestorel through this revolution".......not bad Rafi bhai

  • But

    what about those females who would be forced under house arrest?----how they would be able to burn the fat and lower the cholesterol?

    Please, suggest some activity for out of work 'Massis'.

  • @larki,

    thanks for the suggestion...

    i agree.

    i dont wanna a man to decide for me ,,,whats wrong n whats right for me?

    it should be my parents and then when they make me able to do so ,then i am myself to decide ............

  • i really really amazed and shocked on reading posts of this topic....!!!

    I cant understand wat u people think of ISLAM??? we hve ourselves made it a laughing stock!!!! wat a non muslim get after reading all our comments????

    Actually we hve become too much narrow minded that we cant reach the ideology of ISLAM..

    we read the words n dont even think to understand its meaning.. whether it be "Burqa", "Shariat", "Namaz".

    Islam is not such a pity religion to discuss whether woman should wear "BURQA" foe example. Islam is much much superior then this pity issue. By burqa toaday we mean a long black gown from 2 feet above head to 2 feet down the feet, weared by a woman n sitting at the remote corner of a room... wat a pity.

    Islam Is A RELIGION OF PRINCIPLES!!!! it gives us principles according to which we make our laws. Islam say a person should cover its body.. now tell me who disagrees with it????? whether it b man or woman.. it is as simple as this. now if body is covered by any damn thing, islam is nothing to do with this.

    Islam gives principles of cloth which one wears. e.g. it should not b transparent. nw tell me who wants to wear transparent clothe larki u? beenai u? javed? rafi ? usman? anyone else? no one yr... this is wat islam says.....

    now i want to come to general side.. every thing has its importance, priority.

    i clear it with an example

    islam says; eat with right hand, from the front, in clean plates, start with bismillah, etc etc, but above all islam says eat halal food!!!

    now if food is not halal n one fulfils every other "sunnat" will he get any reward??? definitely NOT but if food is halal n one fulfill any of the above things or even no one he will not b held accountable, coz they were best practices bt not the PRINCIPLE!! the principle was to eat HALAL FOOD..

    Our prob is today we r too much obsessed with "BEST PRACTICES" that we hve forgotten the PRINCIPLES.

    ISLAM says thr should in equality in all humans, no one should be hungry, eve1 shud be given justice, eve1 should in given equal opporyunity to earn (ANTI Capitalistic, by it i dont mean socialistic, mind it). n here we areeeeeeee!!!! should a woman wear burqa or not? shuld she follow instruction of her father, brother or not??? MIND BLOWING.....

    By the way wat TODAY'S WOMEN think of islam?? if islam comes, they will be rested in homes!!! do u think islam is of the view that 48% population feed 52%??? wat islam says is lighter jobs for woman, which r according to their nature. SO WOMEN u shouldnt be afraid of house arrest neither u should be thinking of rose bed.


    i request all of u to plz make it clear that taliban is not synonym of islam. they r not preachers of islam. they dont know islam. they r just agents, agency personnels like ISI, RAW. they r working on others agenda. wat they r doing is they r just using slogan of islam as it is always used to destroy pakistan as whole world knows that we r very emotional nation n islam is a very sensitive matter for us. so dont take TALIBAN as a BENCHMARK as islam.