Which One Is Lesser Evil? America? Taliban? Secularism? Fundamentalism?

  • Your input could provide a positive intellectual exercise.

  • If people of Lahore or Karachi given a choice and would be ask for referendum

    1-Stay under Taliban /islamist

    2-Stay under Pakistani as they are

    3-stay under Canadian law and become a Canadian state with Canadian citizenship and passport

    more then 90 % people would chose the 3rd option

  • criminal talban working under RAW and America

  • Secularism is the lesser evil in my opinion.


    1. American foreign policy has shown abject ignorance regarding our culture in Pakistan but especially in Afghanistan.

    2. America will always act with its own vested interests as the priority. Hence, lessening soverignity of Pak and keeping the political elite within a 'ghulamana' state of mind.

    3. Taliban have shown no written legislature or constitutional paperwork when defining their terms. A problem of being able to reason with them on an equal level also exists as they do not recognise the Pak legal framework and institutions as legitimate. Also they have instilled their idea of Shariah via fear and intolerance.

    4. Power to reason with those that are fundamental in their beliefs is less than zero. However, I will add that to fundamentally believe in the tenets of Islam as a whole and not some of its parts is highly respectable in a Muslim. Depends how one defines fundamental. If we take the negative conotation, then rigid, intolerant, blinkered views of another's faith or way of life is disasterous for domestic and foreign relations.

    Therefore I will go with secularism.

  • Net & Pak Truth:

    Did you read the title quest?

  • I would like to live under the Islam and should be in each and every aspect of live from my private affairs to public.

    state affairs should also be under islam including the foregin policy.

    I reject all the above options. these opetions r not well defiend need some details.

  • Secularism is lesser evil .

    Living in Islam is personal choice ,cannot depend on on foreign policy .You can find practicing Muslims in the west and any part of the world .as far as country provides justice ,freedom of religion ,security ,equal rights ,thats all we need from the government .government cannot make a person religious or not religious

  • Living under Islam is Allah(swt)'s Hukum to each and every muslim . Islam also deals ur public affairs.

  • Those who are practicing Muslims follow Quran and sunna and living in the west they are also living under Islam .

    It is not mentioned in Quran that Muslim should live under Mulla .

    Regarding Public affair ,Islam teaches honesty .honesty you can find in the west also

  • Can we live under Altaf Kalia`s rule in the ghettos of karachi??

  • "honesty you can find in the west" muslims have a good experience of this honesty from last 300 years :)

    do we talking about the individuals r about the society??

  • Taliban are worse than America.

    Fundamentalism is worse than secularism.

  • sp do u know wat is Fundamentalism and secularism. a secularist is also a Fundamentalist?

    all fighting against us in afghanistan r great.

  • netengr

    tumhari aqal pay matam karnain ko dil karta hai?

    The people will choose Canadian nationality but why? because by doing that their right to live become equal as canadian citizen for what their Governments take such an action that to keep them safe they kill thousands of innocents.

    Why they want to go for canadian or american nationality because they dont want to stay as their GHULAMs, servents but they want to have an equal rights.

  • America=Great Satan, juniour Satans Israel India Uk.

  • People will go for the Canadian option because Canada offers economic opportunity, prosperity, the chance to live a decent life in an environment where no one will chop your head off because you dont agree with their point of view.

    Canada looks after its people before it tries to change the world.

    PS: I hate Stephen Harper and all the Canadian political parties, Liberals, NDP etc.

  • Ehh Ohh canadah??ouiii

  • Secularism is lesser evil in my opinion, for the reasons outlined by Oriel.

    I'd also like to clearify that for me Secularism does not mean "laa-deeniyat" as many Pakistanis believe. For me Secularism means that I can't be superior to any hindu, Jew, Christian, atheist or anybody just becuase I claim to be muslim.

    If I have to choose a Judge, Chief of Army, President, Election Commissioner, or IG I won't see he is muslim, hindu, jew or atheist. My criterion will be "who is most Capable, Credible and Honest".

    I believe for State all its residents Should be Equal. State should not treat you differently because you have different idealogy. State cannot recite Kalma or Reject Prophethood. If in any state majority of "individuals" living are followers of one particular school of thought, the collective decisions they will make will mostly reflect that school of thought. It does not mean that State has became Muslim, Hindu, Jew or Christian. No State shall or will go to heaven or Hell.

    And no one in this world has any right to judge or discriminate someone on the basis of his/her "Eman". It is exclusive for the Al mighty and He will judge only in the day of Judgment. In this world people shall only be respected for their piety and conduct.

    About Taliban and America. I'd say both are barbaric. While one group (Taliban) don't know what they are doing and other group (USA) knowingly commit barbarism.

    Talibans barbarism is limited in its scope because they have limited influence and are not as strong as USA. America on the other hand is turning the world up side down to serve its own intrests. If Talibans had the power which America enjoys! ...well,, imagine you give a machine gun to monkey and he is enjoying playing with it!

    Fundamentalism...I don't exactly know what it means so I won't comment on it. I'd appreciate if someone can please elaborate this term for me.

  • extremism is the worst evil on the surface of earth.

    what is extremism ???

    extremism is an state of sickness, in which a sick man decides to:

    not listen views of others,

    eliminate opponents,

    ban opponents,

    portray opponents as evil,

    discriminate opponents,

    marginalize opponents,

    this state of sickness produces all kind of problems and bloodshed in the world.

    bush, blair, hitler, mehsud, altaf, mangal bagh, ben laden or the likes are the representative of extremism.

  • Fahim23 y Allah will judge in the day of judgement and for wat ??Y?Y?

    "Allah will not give the disbelievers [kafirin] any way [sabil] against the believers" (Qur'an, 4:141)

    Muslims affairs should be only according to Islam no other way of life is accepeted by Allah.