How to clear the mess? Article by Imran Khan

  • very nice article and i am sure secular phsycos will not come up with any answer of his questions.

  • Any attempt to twist the issue and defend the reactionary forces looks out of sync.

    A bold and courageous person like Imran Khan should not show any soft corner, diplomatic and compromising attitude towards those who are responsible for the destruction of the social, economic, legal and constitutional order of the State.

    The habitual exercise of criticizing the West and holding America responsible for the mess cannot generate popularity.

    It is the right time for all the educated civil society of Pakistan to get united not against the West but fanaticism what is going to be the immediate danger to the very existence of the State and Society.

  • Written by Hameed gul

    Edited by Qazi Hussain and JI shoura

    Presented by Imran Khan

  • ROFL .... netengr's love affair with JI continues...

  • lol ..

    gher ka bahidi lanka dhayeh

    I am desperately waiting to see that taliban would capture Monsora and eliminate JI completely ...

    Jin pay takiya tha wohi patay hawa dainay lagay

    Lazim hay kay hab bhi daikhain gay ,ham daikhain gay

  • LetsDoIt,

    What does secularim have to do with this?

  • great article, hitting the nail in the head, all those criticizing this article answer one of his question with logic

  • Too vague, too many vague comparisons, too many assumptions.

    eg. there was no hardline theocrat govt. in 1400 years of islamic history.

    1. This is factually incorrect.

    2. Just because it didnt happen before, doesnt mean it will not happen again.

  • I like the idea about cutting spending and raising revenue instead of relying on the begging bowl.

  • I dont know how blind Imran Khan is.

    His assumption that the mess will be cleared once we withdraw from the "war on terror" is not completely correct.

    The Taliban have their agenda now, and, they will not stop until they achieve.

    We went against America and cut a deal with them in Swat with the Nizam-e-Adl law but did that stop them? No, they further increased their agenda and made it bolder.

  • Well written response posted on a deiffrent thread.

    Jutt kharak said:

    Imran Khan is an intelligent man. No doubt. And lots of respect for all the other great qualities he has. The one Hospital he built in Lahore is enough to never ever disrespect him,ever.

    His integrity and honesty is legendary. Our country is better because of this great citizen.

    I wish he had mentioned Jinnah -Quaid-e-Azam- somewhere in his line of argument , he chose not to. Perhaps he did not find him relevent enough. Not a big problem.

    The problem with his line of argument is this:

    If the state is not functioning the way it should , and there is a movement to replace the unjust system ,and that appears in the shape of Taliban, Is not it incumbent upon the leaders of this nation to warn its people that a more REPRESSIVE REGIME IS GOING TO REPLACE THE ONE IN PLACE,if ever?

    Imaran Khan never addressed that core problem. This is what happened in Iran.

    Repressive Shah was replaced by another equally repressive regime.

    A genuine desire for freedom and democracy was hijacked by Mullahs who presented themselves as the alternative. Which they absolutely are not.

    Imran Khan never would warn you against that. That is the crux of the matter.

    He has no fight with the Taliban. He is more interested in narrating their history and how they came about. That does not justify Taliban. That does not justify suicide bombings,closing down or bombing girls schools,barber shops or music shops and various other criminal acts carried out by this so called movement born out of a resistence to an unjust system.

    This Taliban movement is purely based on religion. Their sense of justice is same as of the present day governance in place. The biggest myth spread about Taliban is that they brought law and order uder control in Afghanistan. The myth makers narrate this ad nauseum , they did not do that at all. THEY won the WAR. How many opponents and political rivals they murdered? Does anybody care to know? There are myths about Stalin and Hitler too. No movement born out of a rigid belief system can ever be just. If you do not conform they will obliterate you. Democracy has been declared Un-Islamic by our great mind Sufi mohammed. He is clever enough to know that in a democracy his ideas can not take root. Where there is dissent allowed and protected,dictators and petty misguided despots can not prosper.

    24 April 2009 at 12:39 am

  • I have a scheme for imran khan that he should tie the knot of his fourth

    sister(motee walee) to an arab terrorist refugee in wazirsitan so that

    his family's tie to pure islam be strengthened. And also couple should move to iraq to carry out their holy struggle land of the real arabs not in imrans beloved pakhtunistan. At least West would have one less reason to attack pakhtunistan.Tu imran bhai,

    Motee ke shadi karao and get the peace back, not a bad deal.

    Also suggest imran should get his own trial under shariah

    summary courts of swat for having on going contacts with an apostate ex-wife, only then his knowledge to Mullahs rage in swat might become full circle.

  • Sawat,Lal masjid ,taliban shariat is nothing to do with USA in afghanistan but we have taliban support lobby who has been working since long time in media and always twist and confuse the situation which always goes in favor of the militant .bombing in shia mosqe by taliban is nothing to do with the USA policy ,Even if USA leaves from Afghanistan the situation will not change even these militant will become more strong .

    how come tey same Imran khan 5 year ago saying that there is no alqaida no taliban in fata because of the missile attack tribals are fighting but what we see later that tribal leaders got killed or flee and taliban took over .

    In sawat case there was no US attack no drons ,it was peaceful area and Fazlullah started to make his own state and FM station which become taliban state now .

    Imran khan neer live with the people ,he was from elite class ,he does not see the ground realities ,and so jazbati and stubid guy .

    Now he is the spokesman of the hidden Zia ul haq baqiyat .

  • good article. he knows about the problem but missing a genuine solutions.

  • Brilliant asusal IK is..We need to follow him period.Can you imagine Zardari harami or Altaf Kalia can evem write or put a decent thought togather on future of Pakistan?May allah give him a long long life.

  • knowing the problem is not enough to have a right solution.

  • Migel9 time by time u u pose to be a dedicated Muslim and die hard follower of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) but ur words appears appear differently....u use the bad words and abusive language time by time ......dont u know our Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)never use the bad words/abusive for His worst enemies....shame on u

  • Just Pakistani Guilty as charge, Only when I am confronted by Secular fraud and his deputy netgere. These Two resident Evils I do not show mercy..Any enemy of Pakistan must face wrath of all Patriotic Pakistanis period.I will refrain from using abusive words in future.I am a proud Pakistani Muslim not a perfect one ofcourse. Just, don`t be judgemental about my language concerning these two Evils.

  • I am no fan of Altaf Hussain; but many times I see this word 'Altaf Kalia' and interesting if it is coming from those who passionately love Islam then I have an extract for them from last sermon of Prophet.

    'No arab is superior than non-arab and no white is superior than black unless they are better in character'

    Altaf Hussain didn't choose his color of skin, but yes he choose to be a fascist.