Why Qazi ,JI ,Fazlurehman do not go to Taliban Areas

  • QAzi Munawwar and his team living in Mansura Lahore

    Fazlurehman in ISlamabad

    There are the one who are either quite or supporter of taliban ,Munawer hasan has said that we support taliban ,NWFP and those areas where talibans are strong like sawar ,bunair ,malakand are used to be strong hold of Jamat islami ,JUI .These JI and other groups are doing their politics in lahore ,karachi and islababad on Taliban issue but do not go there themselves ,

    They used to say that that are not afraid of any thing then why they do now visit there and perform "3 days ijtema "

  • Munnawer Hasan Said that Taliban and JI have same goal

    Now People of Lahore perform a "dharna" at Mansura and ask Jamaaati leadership to move their Head quarter to Sawat as they said there is Islamic nizam established in Sawat .

    Leave Masura for poor people and make their new "markaz " in Sawat

  • Islamic law and shira is goal of every single pakistani.... is taht right? they why the hell worry about Taliban

  • I think Islam isn't big issue when it comes to the life of Pakistanis as a whole, as most of them are Muslims anyway. It is more economy, illetracy, nepotism, ill health, stinking cities and villages, lack of toilets, Open sewerage etc which effect everyone all the time. Poor Pakistanis are victim of so called neo Islam, which wants them to become either a suicide bombers or submit to the whim of Talibans, can't be more lucky, can they? Well what about victims of suicide bombing, well I have to stop now.

  • Osama ,Aiman Zawahri and others are rich but become terrorist .this is the ideology and new Islam and it is nothing to do with rich or poor

  • All Mullas are directly and indirectly INVOLVED what is going on. They often do not condemn the situation and remain silent, or very careful to comment. They are of same type and have same thinkings, so EVERYONE of them should be SUSPECTED and secret services should have an eye on their movements. They all are hard liners and for their "self-made" islam they are capable to do anything. So NO molvi including Jamat-a-Islami should be under total observation.