Tony Blaire the War Criminal says war on Islam.

  • War criminal says: Force must be an option - Blair: Tony Blair has said the case for using military force to topple oppressive regimes is as strong as it ever was - despite events in Iraq and Afghanistan..

    Mr Blair the zionist pimp was speaking almost ten years to the day since he gave an address in Chicago at the height of the Kosovo crisis when he set out what he described as a "doctrine of international community" He means white christian jewish that sought to justify intervention, including military intervention, not only when a nation's interests are directly engaged but also where there exists a humanitarian crisis or gross oppression of a civilian population.

    IK should issue warrants for his arrest and bring him islamic justice in Pakistan.

  • Wasnt that when the UK helped the Muslims of Kosovo?

    The biggest problem with Blair and even more so with Bush was that tehse people set out to change the world, but, to change the world, you need to first understand the world and the countries properly. That is too much to ask from a guy who didnt even know the difference between Shia and Sunni in 2003 (Bush).

  • Regimes in countries like Pakistan collude with western governments in their war on terror and so endanger the lives of Muslims and damage the image of Islam

  • Wonder who is endangering the lives of Muslims Talibans or Pak army?