Sulayman Taseer the KUNNJAARR

  • There is no question of imposing religious values on Salman Taseer. There is the question of two classes in the country. The underdog oppressed victims and the blood sucking, filthy rich thugs. Salman is not drinking alcohol in public. This is the blood of the poor nation, half of which goes to sleep hungry. See the rulers (sorry, looters) enjoying life here and see the masses suffering in misery here. Salman Taseer is not alone. This is just a rare glimpse in the life of Ali Baba - Zardari and his 400 thieves.

    Let them drink a sea of alcohol. Let them be liberal of any kind they may want. Let them dance every night of their life. Let their daughters and sisters dance in bikinis on satellite TV. Who cares about their personal life. No one is going to be accountable for their moral or immoral deeds. Let them even renounce Islam. No one cares about their faith and personal life. Let them enjoy life as much as they could.

    The issue is bigger and public. All we want is that their enjoyment and liberalism shouldn’t be at the cost to this nation. Dig record of Zardri and his 400 thieve, what they were and where do they stand today. The billions in looted resouces are still in foreign accounts while the nation goes begging before the IMF.