Islam & Democracy

  • Indeed the British legacy of the Capitalist system, its judiciary and democracy, all are Kufr. Democracy is kufr because the right to legislate belongs to man instead of the Creator.

    "It is not fitting for a believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision: if any one disobeys Allah and His Messenger, He is indeed on a clearly wrong path." [TMQ 31:36]

  • "So govern between the people by that which God has revealed , and follow not their vain desires, beware of them in case they seduce you from just some part of that which Allah has revealed to you"[TMQ 4:49]

  • One can get a copy of the Constitution of Pakistan, copy of the Pakistan Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, copy of the Taxation Laws in a documented and formulated form at a book store.

    Is there any universally accepted, endorsed and acknowledged copy of the Islamic Laws, available in the market?

    I expect the answer to my query:

    'Read Quran',

    what is not an answer but escapism.

  • wat if i provide u?

  • So only power to to Govern through is Allah, accepted. And who is going to tell us the will of Allah? An illiterate Baitullas Masud or semi illiterate Sufi Mohammad from Swat?

    Quran encourage many times to use human intelligence, Quran never said that intelligence belong to Muslims only. Whole mankind posses this ability, there is nothing wrong to learn and replicate achievement from western nations. Like they replicated from us to come out of dark ages. Actually this is not about Allah or Quran, this is about false ego of Muslims which isn't letting them move ahead. This is also about getting the power through back door in the name of religion or Khilafa. All those so-called Khilafa's were dynaties where one Khlifah transfers his throne to his son. Only exception was first four.

  • "...An illiterate Baitullas Masud or semi illiterate Sufi Mohammad from Swat?" would u also put here also life of Prophat(saw) and his followers.

  • Prophet Mohammad wasn't cutting throats of people and neither he was sending brain wash children to kill innocent civilians. Neither he preached through sword, he was a symbol of forgiveness to the extent of forgiving his enemies who abused him. He was very clear in his thoughts that there is no compulsion in Islam. And also the frist message he got from God is to read. About his illiterate followers; Hazrat Ali was in a battle and he overpowered his enemy. Seconds before ending the life of that enemy, spit on Hazrat Ali's face. Hazrat Ali immediately withdrew his sword and let him go because now it become personal and didn't wanted his personal anger to overlape a just cause.

    Baitullah Masud and Sufi Mohammad have no coparison with our Prophet and his companion. In fact activities of Masud and Sufi are very similar to Gangez and Halagu Khan.

  • bro Rafi very nice one sir....Allah bless u for such a nice reply...

  • @ Rafi,

    What a comprehensive response?

    There is nothing to add on my side, but to request the supporters of Taliban and their affiliated School of Thought, not to defame, and insult the Holy Prophet.

    Holy Prophet would have advised to put all such people in jail, had he been here today to see all such nonsense in the name of Islam.

  • Talibani Law

    every one commit sin "gunah " should be killed

  • The Prophet Muhammad limited his struggle for the establishment of the Islamic State to intellectual and political work. He established this Islamic state without resorting to violence. He worked to mobilise public opinion in favour of Islam and endeavoured to sway the political and intellectual elites of the time. Despite the persecution and boycott of the Prophet Muhammad and the early Muslims, they never resorted to violence.

    Extremist groups exploit people’s fears and present disingenuous arguments that are based upon weak and erroneous thoughts.

  • Democratic Legislation has severed disbelievers [kufar] having guardianship [wilaya] over Muslims.

    Allah Most High says: Allah will not give the disbelievers [kafirin] any way [sabil] against the believers'' (Qur'an, 4:141).