PTI condemns Sindh govt for banning rallies

  • PAKISTAN Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has strongly condemned Sindh government for banning rallies, processions and demonstrations in the province by imposing Section 144, and vowed to defy the ban by holding all of its planned political activities, including the visit of its chairman Imran Khan to Karachi on May 3.

    Addressing a press conference on Friday, PTI information secretary Omar Sarfraz Cheema said the ban was directed only against PTI but party activists would defy the ban to receive Imran Khan at Karachi Airport and move him with a motorcade through city.

    He said PTI peace rally in Karachi scheduled for Saturday (today) would be carried out as scheduled.

    He warned Sindh government against using force against PTI activists in violation of their democratic and fundamental rights, and said only Sindh rulers should be held responsible in case of any eventual situation or damage caused to PTI activists. Cheema said Imran Khan had already been barred twice from entering Sindh since he filed a criminal case against self-exiled MQM chief Altaf Hussain with the Scotland Yard regarding the charges of extortion, corruption and elimination of political opponents. He said MQM was accusing Taliban of being cruel and intolerant but doing much worse than that in Karachi.

    He also criticized Washington and London for committing terrorism against Pakistani citizens in shape of drone attacks but on the other hand providing protection to “one of the biggest terrorists” of Pakistan.

    Speaking on the occasion, PTI vice-president Admiral Retd Javed Iqbal appealed to the Karachiites to rise up for protecting their rights and shun being hostage to a bunch of thugs. PTI Woman Wing information secretary Talat Naqvi was also present on the occasion.

  • Why aer these people so scared of Imran? Every time he tries to go to SINDH they start panicking and do everything possible to not let it happen. He's already been expelled twice before.

    Are we gonna be required a visa soon to visit Karachi? MQM must stop this badmashi..........

  • Becasue it was in Karachi ,Never Condemn Baitullah ,Talian .

    PTI only exist in forums

  • PTI isn't a singnificant political party. who will run arty once Imran Khan retires from politics? I think PTI is Imran Khan party.

  • the ban has been imposed to restrict Imran Khan visit in karachi.

    whenever, Imran Khan visits karachi, there is section 144 there in karachi to wel come Imran Khan.

    this has become tradition of karachi administration.

  • Every thing is ban in sawat but This joker Imran and his chalay PTI do not condemn this .

    Altaf and Imran has personal fight now ,what altaf opposes Imran Supports both crazy joker should be out from politics

  • netengr

    you are calling some one joker lolz yea din bhi dekhna likha tha

  • kia 4 admion ke rally per bhi banned laga dia? yeah IK ko kia hogia hey.... he should be doing something in FATA and PATA area..... Karachi waley just hate this guy he never gona be HERO in Karachi.........( i am the exceptional case )

  • There is ban for all parties in Sawat

    there is ban for all activities by all parties in sawat since 3 years

    there is no writ of the government

    28th may happens every day in Sawat


    Imran does not say anything against his cousin's

    Imran is a member of underworld "islamist zia group " headed by Hameed gul .Talibans are the just militant wing but these underworld islamist are working in all field to remove hurdles for their so called "islami inqilab " imran is one of this group .his assignment focused on elite class and create confusions ,divert the realities ,divert the people thinking against the government and state ,they are trying to make taliban's war to Muslim's war .

    all popular political parties are become united against these militant but JI and Imran khan always try to twist the situation just because they belong to Underworld "islamist " which may be headed by hameed gul or other zia baqiyat .

    On media they are using ex jamati to support taliban cause .

    You may be anti government but some thing called "loyalty with the state " which imran does not have it .

    If Taliban do not belong to Pakhtoons then Imran's reaction would be different .

  • IK is the worst of all pathetic traitors of Pakistan. This piece of filth was given everything by this country and now he has become an enemy of the same country.

    Such traitors must be slaughtered at once. I recommend that his children, sisters and other relatives be killed in gas chambers before executing this piece of crap.


    Altaf and Imran have a fight because Imran Khan started it. It is very clear and evident how Imran Khan was badmouthing everything that belonged to MQM. Imran was also trying to run a case in court against Altaf.

    If Imran Khan is a man of principles, why does he get personal!? Imran Khan is like all other politicians who stoops down to personal politics and whines.

  • IK speaks nothing against Taliban but he considers MQM a terrorist organization.

    This is his PRINIPLED stand. This stupid cricketer having less than 10 brain-cells must die for his hypocricy.

    A few artillery and airstrikes on PTI offices is the need of the hour. Anyone supporting him is a TRAITOR and must be exterminated.

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  • at least he has a courage to say so...

    other parties are quiet as they have got nothing to do with Karachi and karachties .

  • But he don't IK or all others don't have the courage to file a case in SC to ban MQM in Pakistan? As he claim he got all the evidences and SC is not partial what stopping him now? all his words to make MQM & Altaf accountable were just the publicity stund?.........

  • @justapakistani,

    MQM kay haath buhat lambay hain...

    one in London..another in Washington....

    u know how long are they?

  • "MQM kay haath buhat lambay hain" what a crappy justification but in front of awami power nothing last if IK beleiev awam with him , so IK need to show some dignity of his word.....

  • yaar agar awami taqat IK k sath nahi tu phir kia masla hay? aney do us ko, dood ka dood pani ka pani hojay ga, ye ban lagna kia matlab rakhta hay>? just Symptoms of phobia? jab koi bechara zara sa popular admi karachi ane ka irda karta hay mqm walo ko paseene aney lagtey hen aur wo har bara kar ban (urdu aur English both) par lag jatey hen :)

  • thats the funny part of MQM ...

    on one hand they are the chudris of karachi.

    and on another hand

    they are the rats of karachi

    and afraid of imran khan who has no political backing in karachi as such....

    chucuh chuch

    they have any psychiatrist in MQM ?

  • no they don’t have psychiatrist they believe in physical treatment only:)