Musharraf willing to return to the helm of power? NO WAY!

  • April, 25 2009

    LAHORE: Former president General (retired) Pervez Musharraf has said he will be willing to take the president’s office once again if the country’s political and economic affairs continue their downward spiral. Interviewed by the Al-Jazeera television channel, he said that he would mull over the chance of returning to his previous position if he thought he could play a meaningful role for the country. Musharraf told Al-Jazeera that he had resigned because if he had continued he would have become ‘kind of an impotent president.’ He said he did not like sitting around uselessly and therefore chose to depart. However, Musharraf said that since relinquishing his position, he was increasingly becoming ‘despondent’ about the country’s state of affairs, especially the situation in Swat, where the Taliban had been allowed by the government to introduce sharia law. The former president said the Taliban were now a far greater threat to Pakistan than Al Qaeda. He slammed the US for the ‘trust deficit’ between the two countries. Musharraf said President Barack Obama was not very different from his predecessor and had not helped change the US mind-set towards Pakistan.

  • I have not problem with Mush as long as

    • First he has to kill NS, SS, AZ and whole bunch of losers in National Assemblies

    -Second he must respect and restore 73 constitution ( Only after 1st step)

  • We will welcome a stagnant economy, We will welcome an uprising in Balochistan, We will welcome a heavily armed insurgency in our North West Frontier Province, We will welcome our sporting guests to be brutally attacked, we will welcome our police headquarters becoming a grave yard, we will welcome killing of our paramilitary, but we will not welcome Musharraf...

    Pakistan needs a look in the mirror, now more than ever.

  • Yupppppppppppp^

    totally agreed.

  • i want him to be tried in court for 93 people he killed in lal masjid

  • Fcuk all mullas!

  • IJay,

    those 93 people could have been 200 people if the women and children were allowed to be starved under the kidnappers.

    AND WHY THE HECK WOULD you allow your family members to be with Ghazi with his track record of violence. It is mistake of blind Ghazi followers also.

    So too bad, MUsharraf will not be held accountable, it was a group decision, also Kayani made decision.

  • what Mush has done with our country ...

    we are paying the price of that .........

    and he wanna make a come back...

    great .....

    first he needs to get a ladder out of that he can raech into the president house again like he did last time with army ladder he has lost that ladder too.

    he has zero political grounds .....

    how he can make a come back to eat out rest of the Pakistan?

  • o yaro bhayio behno keo parsheeshan hotey ho ? ye tu bus yun hay k

    Dil dhundta hay phir wahi fursat k shab-o- roz

    bethey rahen tasawar-e- jana keye hoye

    so plz look Mush's statement like this ..

    USA has better servants, why he will bother to make rearrangements for Mush? now he is a used tissue paper and will never use again.....

  • if mush is a tissue paper...

    he should not be thrown up in US waste basket.

    it should be stamped with the shoes of 1.6 million Pakistanis.

  • ahan actually he should be thrown away to Indian waste basket,

    why dont you say that,

    but still he will emerge as patriotic no matter how much you put him down and go to conclaves and fight for Pakistan.

  • beenai

    US produced this tissue paper and used it so they have also right to thrown it in his own basket… see what happened to Bhutto, Zia, Saddam, Shah Iran and every servant of USA..

  • @Aristotle,

    right ...

    coz they wanna RECYCLE our dictators to produce new ones.

  • Yes they don’t believe in recycling process becoz they always get raw material very conveniently.. Pakistan is a mandi of this sort of raw material and fresh maal is always available on very cheap cost…

  • but why Mush has some qualities of Zia, some of Yahya and some of Ayubs?

    i was in the impression that he has made out of recycling of these 3 dictators.

  • beenai

    The reason of this impression is that seeds are same; u can get chili from chili seeds always… colour could be different but base is same. So this is not recycling, similarity just becoz of same raw material /seeds. we are sufficient in dictator’s crop.:)

  • Salam to All..

    Specially @ aristotle, beenai.

    Please make it clear that Pakistan is still a colony of America n oter western countries in terms of Ploicy making. we should realize and accept it with no ambiguity.

    now in a colony like this, every rular whosoever will the servant of their lords in a sence. keeping this sphere in mind, we should see who have performed better.

    I am not a supporter of Musharraf in his personal capacity, but I suuport his policies. His approach of regional cooperation, is the basic of all.

    Undoubtedly, he may have worked for western's interest but keeping the sphere i have mentioned above, he has worked a lot for Pakistan also.

    An for those who reject Musharraf on the grounds of dictatorship, "JAB TAK AWAM MAIN HAQ PASAND, HAQ TALAB OR HAQ AAGAH LOGON KI KASRAT NA HO, JAMHORIAT AIK KHATERNAK KHEL HY..."

  • @Revolutionist,

    if Mush policies was so good ...

    then why Pakistan is passing through worst phase of its history ?

    our foreign policy is a disaster...

    our friends turned out our foes ...

    our foes are getting nasty with us ...

    weakest country of the world can threat us....


    our reserves are getting less ...

    our balance of payment is getting out ...

    our currency is going down...

    our markets are crashing....

    what is this?

    dont tell me that its becoz of PPP...

    as PPP is following the same policies of Mush ..

    as they have come in the power with the deal of US

    and only term is to


  • Can u give us a single example of good doings of Musharraf that he did for Pakistan and Pakistani awam?

    I m 100% agree with u and clear abt it that unfortunately we always get our policies from abroad. Even the education policy is foreign made. This is a bitter reality but we cant get rid off to this situation unless we would not have select Right People to rule over this country.

  • @ aristotole, beenai..

    well beenai the picture u outlined is absolutely rite bt let me ask u how far we control our economy ourselves????

    our economy, like politics is controlled by foreign hands, giant bsinessmen, MNCs n the picture u portayed is not just in pak, its all over the globe. if America has to buy 700b debts of their inst, then whr lies the pak?

    nevertheless till the time mush step down, dollar was constant at 67 (i guess) our economy growth rate was 7.1, 3rd in the region, our reserves all time high.

    still i wana remind u my point that i admire his policies in comparison n nt in absolute manner. mush was playing dual game with america as he use to play with us. The biggest strength which i see in mush policies is his approach of regional cooperation. today is the time of regionalism. till the time we dont hve warm relations with our neighbours (including india) we cant come out of ths western trap. try to evaluate the ground we r standing at!!

    n "aristotle" even a cobbler needs training b4 start working. ours prob is the most illiterate, inexperienced, or decendants of (political) illiterate families come to politics who dont knw wat r the prob of a commom man. to me its time for the middle class (in particular, however every patriot can be part of it) community to create awareness in them, aquire skills n play their role in the society. till the time our politics is controlled by these businessmen, feudals, family politicians, we cant portray a better shape.