Under the Growing Washington-Tel Aviv-New Delhi Axis:

  • Sir Allama Muhammed Iqbal, one of the greatest poets and thinkers of the last century, once said that “ there would be no peace in the world if there was no peace in Afghanistan”- a deeply entrenched tribal society known for sacrificing precious lives to preserve their rights and dignity.

    Those in and around Afghanistan understand the extremely complex nature of this society which even the British Empire failed to conquer as shown by their numerous graveyards. Instead they entered into a peace treaty with Afghans.

    Almost a year after Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, when Mujahidin leader Gulbuddin Hikmatyar told me in Dubai that Afghans would wipe out Soviet Union from the world map, I did not believe him. True to his predictions, ten years later, Afghans got Soviet Empire to bleed to death. Thus, mighty Russia also learnt a lesson.

    Nevertheless, in the case of United States, neither neo con warmongers of disgraced President George Bush nor the newly elected US President Barak Hussein Obama seems to have learnt any lesson despite US-NATO military set backs in the face of fierce resistance from Taliban who now control 93 percent of Afghanistan.

    President Obama’s Afghan-Pakistan strategy to fight the so called war on terrorism that includes more troops, new legislation, improved troop training and added civilian expertise, seems to be same as that of the doomed policy of his predecessor George Bush who falsely accused Al Qaeda of masterminding the attacks on the World Trade Centre, invaded Afghanistan within 27 days, toppled the Taliban regime and installed a puppet regime under Ahmed Karzai only to set up military bases all over the country.

    Global War on Terror

    Almost all independent studies into the WTC events have exonerated Muslims, including Al Qaeda, stating that they suspect the demolition as an inside job. The Al Qaeda threat was magnified to suit the US designs.

    Yet eight years later today President Obama blaming Al Qaeda of killing of around 3000 people in the WTC indicates that, though the phrase “Global War on Terror” was removed, the attempt at selling the Al Qaeda myth continues and the US designs on the region remain unchanged.

    Lesson from history

    Perhaps the Americans and their European collaborators have not learnt any lesson from the legendary ability of the Afghans to drive out foreign invaders - from Alexander the Great to the Persians, the Mongolians, the Indians, the British and the Russians. However they would be sure to understand why they call mountainous Afghanistan the “graveyard of empires.”

    Afghans, Pashtuns, live on either side of the Afghan-Pakistan border regions. They share the same religious, economic, social values, customs and traditions in their vast, rugged, harsh and hostile mountainous areas.

    What happens to people in one side inevitably has its impact on the people on other side of the border. It is almost impossible to differentiate or isolate them. Governed by tribal laws and traditions, Pakistani laws do not apply in some of these areas.

    This is the reason why Pakistan had to accommodate Afghan refugees in Pakistan’s border areas with great caution. Therefore, when the Americans send drones inside Pakistan to kill what they describe as suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda members certainly Pakistan is placed in a very difficult situation.

    So far, there have been around 80 American drone attacks killing more than 500, perhaps almost all of them innocent civilians, turning border regions into killing fields for Americans. In their traditional dress, they all look alike and how could the American and NATO forces differentiate between civilians and terrorists?

    Foreign elements

    In the midst of this massacre, comes the vicious suicide bomber blowing up a mosque in Jamrud near Afghan border, killing more than 50 people who gathered for Friday noon prayers. Jamrud is a town located in the semi autonomous Khyber tribal region through which trucks carry supplies to NATO and US forces in Afghanistan. Who is the Muslim who would bomb a mosque and commit such a dastardly crime? Obviously, the suspicion falls on foreign elements.

    In its wake came the attack on the police academy in Lahore killing many. This was followed on Sunday April 5 by another suicide bomb that killed at least 20 people and injured scores of others at a Shia mosque in the Chakwal area of Punjab Province.

    It appears the same old game of promoting Shia- Sunni conflict has begun as it was done in Iraq after the US led invasion. Some describe this as the dress rehearsal for the horrors to come under the America’s proxy “war on Terrorism “in Pakistan.

    Pakistanis are confused as they find it difficult to understand the logic behind these bomb attacks. For example, Pakistan has very cordial relations with Sri Lanka for decades and the two countries are bound by many common interests.

    Under such circumstances, why would Pakistanis bomb Sri Lanka cricket team to the detriment of the two countries? The question is who is behind these mysterious bombings which many Pakistanis suspect as the work of foreign elements.

    Crisis in Pakistan

    This is the reason why many analysts point out that current crisis in Pakistan needs to be viewed in the context of the growing Washington-Tel Aviv -New Delhi axis with their common hatred towards Muslims and designs on the region.

    Ever since its creation in 1948 Israel, hand in glove initially with Britain and France and now with United States, waged war after war and caused untold misery and destabilized the Middle East. Israel now found a strong foothold in the Kurdish region north of occupied Iraq.

    The Jewish grip on the political, economic, financial, media and almost every other establishment in US, UK and Europe is a open secret.

    Open secret

    There is also growing feeling that the US led west, is now trying to destabilize Pakistan, after Iraq and Afghanistan, so that the entire region between Israel and India could be brought under Washington-Tel Aviv-New Delhi umbrella.

    Meanwhile, it has been an open secret that India, keen on destabilizing Pakistan from the day the nation was born, played the decisive role in the invasion and the break up of Pakistan and creating the state of Bangladesh in Pakistan’s eastern wing.

    Over the years, Indian political parties, administration, armed forces and even the country’s economy have been systematically communalized and infiltrated by the Hindu extremists, Rastriya Swayam Sevak, RSS and its front organizations, known for their extreme hostility towards Muslims. Varun Gandhi’s shameful anti-Muslim racist rhetoric and its subsequent disgraceful drama demonstrate the lowest ebb to which Indian politics has descended.


    On the other hand, India has its own designs on both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Throughout the past 30 years of occupation, Soviet Union followed by US-NATO troops, India has always supported the puppet regimes and failed to stand by the people of Afghanistan.

    According to reports, India maintains five consulates in Afghanistan and dispatched 10,000 troops to buttress the US-.NATO occupation forces. There were numerous reports of its plan to have a foothold in the mineral rich Baluchistan province bordering Afghanistan with its warm water port of Gwador in the Gulf.

    The hostility towards Islam and Muslim has been the common binding factor in the flourishing Washington, Tel Aviv and New Delhi ties. There was a time when the Arab rulers resisted India-Israeli ties. Now the Arab rulers themselves have become collaborators with US and Israel as shown during the Israeli genocide in Gaza such obstacles are no more.

    Plight of Muslims

    There are 22 Arab countries, with a population of around 325 million, billions of dollar worth of modern weapons and immense wealth; yet when Israel started slaughtering the starving Palestinians, no one lifted a finger. Instead, the so-called Arab heavy weights facilitated the genocide. The Arab front has collapsed despite fruitless and ridiculous summits.

    Therefore, it is a field day for Indian- Israeli ties to the detriment of the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and even the suffocated and sidelined Indian Muslims whose plight, after 60 years of independence, is worse than that of scheduled caste as disclosed by the report of Sachar Commission appointed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to probe the plight of Indian Muslims.

    Some consider President Obama’s new year friendly overtures to Iran as a move to rope in Iran to facilitate his Afghan Pakistan strategy in the same way President George Bush Sr bribed, blackmailed and silenced Arab rulers when he evicted Iraqi troops from Kuwait and his son George Bush Jr blackmailed the world when he said “you are either with us or with the terrorists” to invade Afghanistan in the immediate aftermath of September 11 events.

    Regime change

    Perhaps the policy of regime change and installing puppet regimes and establish military bases continue unabated under President Obama too while the pro-Jewish western media continues to sell its lies to brainwash and prepare the people all over.

    The neo cons openly claim that they are not worried about the death, devastation and misery they cause to innocent people in implementing their designs as shown in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Somalia.

    It appears India has taken the lead in manufacturing lies to destabilize Afghanistan and Pakistan in the same way George Bush and Tony Blair manufactured lies to invade Afghanistan and Iraq .

    This is the clear message of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when he, describing Pakistan as the “epicentre” of world terrorism, ahead of his meeting with US President Barak Obama in London at G20, urged powerful countries in the world to rid Pakistan and Afghanistan of terrorism.

    Few days later Pak Alert Press stated under the title “Pakistan: The Final Game Begins” that stage has been set for a false flag attack on America soon that will allow USA to start military operations inside Pakistan, partition the country and get its Nuclear capabilities neutralized! Another 9/11 is inevitable for Zionist Pentagon to win the final game and impose New World Order but may be they are not realizing that this time they are going to ignite the first and last Nuclear World War.

    Indications are that more Afghan, Pakistan and even innocent American blood is likely to flow to the benefit of weapons industry, corporate conglomerates, Jewish lobbies and Hindu racism that threatens to destabilize India more than any other perceived threat..

    Dictatorship Watch..