MQM Altaf's terrorists restart targeted killing of Pashtuns and Baluchis

  • Like i had predicted just before Eid(Nov-Dec2008) when NROfied absconding grand terrorist Altaf’s MQMized terrorists were busy killing and torching Pathan lpg shop owners,truck,taxi,minibus,rickshaw drivers, Baluchi Quetta tea shop owners/Tandoor walas/peanut/dry fruit sellers(on pushcart)/ragpickers/mochis(cobblers), that this issue would crop up again and as expected now Altaf’s MQMized terrorists have yet again restarted their killing spree during the week that just ended which saw major surge in targeted killing of Pashtuns by (un)known armed motor cyclists.

    3 Dead 16 injured,shops,hotels,transport,pushcarts burnt down.. (ExpressNews 26 Apr 2009)

  • This time they are going to use "Sunni Tehreek" as a toilet paper too! USE AND FLUSH"

  • these deadly weapons in the hands of illiterate young and old mqm workers will bring nothing but death and destruction for all people of karachi.

    the time is not far from now when dead bodies will fall like dry lives and karachi will turn into rwanda.

    this will be a last gift for all people of karachi from terrorists of mqm.

    then people of karachi will realize that what they have done.

    then people of karachi will realize that deadly weapons can produce nothing except death and destruction.

    it will be too late to realize then perhaps,

    then this will be only mqm, that will be cursed by the same people.

    it will be a tragedy for the people of karachi without any positive out-put.

  • MQM has again made the life of karacties a hell disturbing the law & order of karachi with killings of a particular ethnic community.

    our hate to MQM is getting POPULAR day by day .

  • shut the HELL UPPP all of you!!

    stop trying to act as if you guys care about Karachi more than us.

    Tell your lovely pukhtoons to not encroach and bring in arms in Sohrab Goth otherwise they will be kicked out.

    understand???? stop saying shit atleast when you have not lived in Karachi.

  • MQM has strong roots in Karachi and its middleclass...

    it is the true peoples party of Karachi ;)

    you can support your ANP, PML-N, but let MQM do its work.

  • @Beenai

    I am sure your hate to MQM is getting POPULAR minute by miute

    but i am not sure about other people in karachi LOL

    lets wait for next Elections ...

    Last year when i was in karachi.... people was not so Anti-MQM, in fact people were really happy due to work done by city Govts must be hi tech propaganda is working....

    Is it possible that not MQM but someone else is doing all this kiling..... I remember back in 85-86 after SOharab Goth operation 1000s of urdu speaking people were killed by

    pashtoon drug dealers and Gohas Ali Shah's Govt end up blaming poor " Afghani/U S S R agenices..

  • almost no one is anti MQM in its homeground.

    its just a propaganda.

    people are mostly proud of MQM.

    I am proud of MQM.

    I am proud of Mustafa Kamal.

    Infact, If all you mqmhaters if really believed in spirit and unity of Pakistan, you would also be proud of Mustafa Kamal and MQM.

    but no, most of you are racist.

    what a cheap mentality!

  • there was a man belonging to a poor family in 70s, someone i know very well.

    he used to live a struggling life and do parttime work typing on a typewriter in Empress Market KArachi. he became good at typing. he applied for a job in a govt institution as typist. After typing tests of all candidates, he had the highest speed and was #1 candidate.

    but he did not get the job, why? because he was told to bring an "INTERIOR SINDH" domicile!

    that man did not take up arms with mqm after this, he kept struggling smartly so and found some success.

    but if it was me, I would have joined MQM and struggled for urduspeakers rights. Next time when most of you criticize MQM, also understand the reality of MQM and where these people are coming from. then this movement changed into what is the struggle of 98% of Pakistanis.

  • @almost no one is anti MQM in its homeground.

    why are u so sure about it>?

    any specific reason or its just ur emotional attachment ?

  • hahaha no brother, its just that it is soooo EASY TO seee.

    if you go to Karachi it is clear that MQM has full support.

    but then people STILL like to lie and say things.....

  • have u been to karachi in recent days?

    its not easy to get it ...........

    i have been here for the past many many years since i have born ,and have seen peak of MQM and now downfall of MQM ,

    as urdu speaking are done with their ghunda policies and wanna get rid off them.

  • This is just a game of perception management brother… in 90ees the party had a real support of Urdu speaking community but now its just a claim not reality. Don’t go on vote ratio… I tell u what happen on election day in this city… mqm workers sit there booths and pressurize people to give a vote to mqm… they snatch their paper and stamp on mqm’ sign (kite) and put it in vote box. This is what happened to my colleagues during 18 February 2008 election... Plus, they pressurize/threatened old age people and women to go back at home and on their names they cast vote in favour of mqm. a lot exercises were made on the day to get good results. so plz forget that mqm still has majority’ s favour...

  • Cancer also has very strong root in a sick human body. so, if terrorist mqm has strong roots then it makes no difference.

    those groups, who are killing each other in rwanda, also have strong roots there.

    extremists in nwfp also have very strong roots there.

    so, the mantra of strong roots will not work in terrorist mqm's case.

    why,those one thousand mohajirs killed in 1985-86 by pashtoon drug dealers, are not caught and arrested now ???

    after all, this is mqm's govt in karachi continuously for last several years, so, why killers of mohajirs are not caught and arrested???

    mqm threatens fedearl govt several times, why mqm do not threaten federal and provincial govt for the matter of mohajir killers now ???

    what is important for mqm now ???

    govt or arrest of mohajir killers ???

    very sadly, mqm chose govt, and ignored the arrest of mohajir killers.

    this is mqm's honesty and sincerity with innocent mohajir blood.

  • mullah omer claimed that he represnts people,

    saddam claimed that he represents people,

    shah of iran claimed that he represents people,

    zia claimed that he represents people,

    they all claimed that they represent "98%" people.

    today, they are vanished as they were never there,

    mqm terrorists are not the exception.

  • even saddam in the worst situation did not left the country,

    but both altaf and shah of iran ranaway from country,

    a 'runaway goof' cannot be called as having 'strong roots'.

    this is a foolish claim.

    what is your strong root ???

    deadly weapons ???

    5000 or more illiterate young and old terrorist gunmen ???

    is this your strong root ???

    what a foolish and destructive root.


  • hahahahaha

    all MQM haters cannot digest a fact,

    that with one phone call thousands and thousands of people still listen to speaches of Dr. Farooq Sattar in front of Jinnah Maoseleum.

    Is that through force also?

    i cant believe people are so blind to not see MQM's support.

    its to the extent that on one 14th august, i was out on a motorcycle and was amazed to see more MQM flags than Pakistan flags!!!!! now im not supporting unpatriotism but thats the kind of support MQM has. get it!????

  • MQM has made its mistakes,

    but I dont know if you can digest that

    MQM is the most mature and most democratic party of Pakistan right now.

    every party has its downsides, but despite its downsides, MQM lives up to the sentence above.

  • and many of you trying to send MQM to India is not a new phenomenon unfortunately,

    This sentiment existed pre-MQM also so MQM and its movement that stood up for rights are used to it and have grown stronger to get over it!

    Karachi is going in right direction thanks to CDGK,

    if all of you were unbiased, I think we would see encouragment because a part of Pakistan is moving ahead,

    BUT NO... same old GO back to INDIA. BULLSH**