Molana Sufi and his motorcade?!

  • You all must have noticed the convoy of Sufi saheb includes some sparking gas guzzeling SUV's (unless hybrid) followed by many trucks loaded with armed gunmen (guards).

    Now my question is where does the money come from to purchase some fancy vehicles that are overly priced especially in Pakistan as most of them are imported? Sufi saheb doesn't have a job nor was he born in a well off family to inherit such lavish lifestyle.

    If they are stolen vehicles then what does it say about his character? Does he have the moral grounds to be advocating for implementation of sharia?

    Second mindboggling question is that he's playing a mediator b/w the govt and his son in law to bring peace and he has succeeded for most part. If he's so influential then why didn't he stop Fazlullah when he was spilling blood on the streets of SWAT.

    Does he tacitly approve of violence?

    PS: I'm a supporter of implementing sharia thru non violent means. We have some scholars that can guide us and try to build a consensus that can later be promulgated throughout the country as a prime law.