Israel will attack iran and Pakistan.

  • Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran and Pakistan: Israel Must Pull a 'King David' “Israel must act as King David did, felling the Goliath of Iran – and then U.S. will follow suit and prevent Taliban from snatching Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.” So says MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh).

    As the world learns that Taliban/Al-Qaeda is nearing Pakistan’s capital Islamabad and control of Pakistan’s nuclear bombs, and as Iran nears completion of its nuclear weapons program, MK Katz says that Israel must provide an example in solving these twin threats.

    Speaking on Sunday with Arutz-7’s Hebrew newsmagazine, the leader of the National Union party said he sees many parallels between the situation today

    Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad is in danger of being taken over by the Moslem Taliban, with Al-Qaeda playing a major role. jewish fantasy heheh..If they get control of the nuclear weapons there, what about jewish weapons? we know that they will freely bomb their enemies all over the world. no only israel..They have no god, they fear no one, and they have shown their ability often in the past. Iran, too, is coming close to a nuclear weapon, and has stated its desire to see Israel wiped off the map.Thank god I call on our Prime Minister, a mass murdering kike Binyamin Netanyahu, to take action, just like King David did.

    “Yes, there are many millions of them, but just like King David and his handful of rocks, we must not be afraid. He saw Goliath mocking and scorning Israel and G-d, and he saw the ministers of King Saul’s government allowing it to continue – but with a well-aimed rock to the giant’s forehead, he put an end to the story named Goliath. Today as well, the Moslem extremists mock and scorn and threaten us – the US believes in G-d, and they admire King David and the Psalms he wrote, and their beliefs are being mocked as well. Netanyahu must arise right now, today, this week – the week of Independence Day – and put an end to the Iranian threat. And then, Obama and the American people will arise as well to put an end to the Taliban threats on the world.”

    Asked if he truly believes that Israel could carry out a strike against Iran without American permission, Ketzaleh said,