Killing for the sake of few Dollar

  • Yesterday, the brave air force of Pakistan has attacked the innocent people of the village Odigram, Lower Dir and starting shelling on the innocent children and women. There is no single Talib exists or belong to this village. There is was no reason to just start shoting civilian people. As result, the people of the Village (comprising of round about 500 houses) left the village in a very poor condition carrying only their cloths.

    However on the other hand, just 8 Kilometer from Chakdara Post, so called Taliban the illegitimate children of Pak Army was checking people on the main road and advising them to leave the area as soon as possible. They were creating panic in the area while the army has closed their eye from them and let them free to create panic. This show that so called Taliban the illegitimate children of Pak Army, are providing excuse for Pak army to kill innocent children and women and earn few dollars.

  • This post is deleted!