Fascist Army are killing children in Dir

  • Fascist Army

    Nations take great pride in their armed forces. Nations cherish them and protected by them. In contrast to this general phenomenon, people of Pakistan have only suffered hardships and traumas by its own army. The dream of Pakistan that was visioned by Allama Iqbal and turned into a reality by the hard work and democratic struggle of Mr. Jinnah has gone sour because of all the mafia hood generals of Pakistan’s fascist and rogue Army. The country suffered a great loss in 1971 when its own Army surrendered in shame after committing one of the worst human right crimes in history under the title of “Sear Light Operation” and perpetrating the holocaust of three million people who were the citizens of Pakistan.

    Today, this Fascist Army is repeating the history again by attacking Dir and killing civilian people there.

  • What the hell taliban are doing in Dir ???? every pakistani area should be controled by the government ,army and police . this is old tactics of militant they use human shield when the army attack them they try to use this evil tactics

  • There is not Taliban. Taliban is just the creation of Pakistan Army, all the weapon are supplied by them. Plus Army are not killing any talib, rother give them the safe way. Army is just killing civilian people. Bombin the villiges which do not have any single talib. Yesturday, the Army has shoot our village where no Talib Exist, rother no single bulit was fired from our villige. Hellicopters just cam in the after noon started shelling on civiling people. are we paid the heavy tax just feed these aremy to kill us?

  • netengr do u evere feel any shame. no1 is allowed to kill inocents at any cost.

  • Usman ,

    people have become hostage by taliban ,and our army is our rescuer .

    Talibans are growing and making people hostage just because of the supporter like you ,

    Still the killers are the taliban no the army .

  • Also see theses taliban leader Imran Khan ,Molvi umer and others views


  • ASHI333

    I have to agree with you.. i have met so many swat migrant and they have same stroy ARMY not doing any thing against Taliban evev they were claiming they saw Mullah fazlulah sitting with Army commander and enjoying cup of tea during curfew hours in SWAT.. :O)

  • People used to say about Ghazi brothers that they are army agent when Gazi got killed then they were crying that army killed

  • neteng they were army agent NO DOUBT! they were recruiters for AFGHAN WAR man you have no knowledge come and say blah blah

  • Terrorists are supposed to die. Regardless of their age, sex and gender. A 12 yr suicide bomber is just as dangerous as a 72 year old. I fully support our brave army in the Dir operation. Kill the mofos and make halaal aloo chaat our of them.

  • shashewani how many people from this area you met in your whole life? have you ever been to this war zone..even GEO is posting fake video from buner and Dir.

    what ashi333 is saying is absolutely true..i met so many people from swat who ran away becuase of death threat they said to me ARMY IS NOT ATTACKINGH TALIBAN!

    MY 1 driver is from mangore he has same eyewitness acount he just came back from swat after holidays but other driver is from deer he is saying the same story taliban still control..

    Now you tell me should i believe what GEO TV is telling me or eyeswitness account of those people who belong to this war zone.so if you have no sources and your only confirmed source is GEO TV then please shut up and listen what people are telling you.

    We are pakistanis and we have friends who live in swat deer and buner we are not discussing iraq or any NO GO AREA !

  • I dont believe in Geo TV. I strongly believe its a propoganda channel owned by the elite politicians who use the channel for their personal motives. May it be the removal of Musharraf, may it be the lawyer's movement or may it be hero-fying or zero-fying the Talibans (Geo did have a soft corner for the lal masjid roaches and now its bashing the talibans because their Quaid is asking it to). I do not get my news from Geo. I watch the channel maybe once or twice a month. As for Talibans in Dir, its a fact. Jazeera news showed a very nice piece on the Dir talibans. Two of their leaders too got killed yesterday (Yipee!) during the operations. I am sure a couple of innocent ppl too died during the operation and I feel for them. As for your driver, hope he a had a great vacation. I can hire him as my driver but he will NEVER be my news source.

    By the way Geo, ARY, Aaj, Express etc might be bogus news channels but how can you deny whipping of girls, or your Muslim Khan declaring war against the state of Pakistan?

    And no i will not shut up Laddu until the bloody talibans are kicked out of my country Pakistan.. a country which was made for progressive and zinda dil Pakistanis not fundoos like .... Ladduz

  • thanks all of you.

    My brothers, you are giving your opinion setting in the fron of cumputer, hundred percent safe and sound. think about this situation: you are setting in the front of your computor, playing with your two year son, and suddenly you hear sound of helicoptors, when you come out of your room, the helocoptor has started shelling of builts which kills. Your young son of two years runs after you, and he is shut down by ten buils, his head is blown by Pakistan grat and Brave Army. What will be your response?

    Think about it. Do not support the Bloody Army who has already broken this country. They are working for their Master just serving their interest not of Pakistan.

    There is not Talib exist on the earth, Taliban are just creation of the Great Pakistan Army.

  • Who created Taliban?

    This proposition has become irrelevant.

    Now it is not possible to punish the creator of Taliban.

    All the actors have left the stage.

    We are facing the second generation of Taliban, which is generating and causing the real trouble.

    They are 100% Taliban.

    By any standard, it is ridiculous to defend them.

  • your source is AL JAZEERA...lol

    world famous propaganda channel

    who always showed palestinian children dead and injured no adult so i always termed as propaganda channel who is taking is revenge what pakistan did against arabs after 9/11

  • Dear javedsheikh

    We are not defending Taliban. All I want to say is that Pakistani Army are killing our children. My Dear, I setting in the front of my computer, while the heavy artillery shells are flying over my head, fired by this Bloody Army. I am trapped in the war zone. Army are just bombing on innocent people of the villages while giving safe passages to their illegitimate children called Taliban. How many Taliban are killed.? Non.

    While how many houses are destroyed? Thousands. Why.

    There is no single house in our village which did not hit by Army. Are every house has a Talib? Not at all.

    If this is the case, then what happened yesterday in Layari, Karachi, criminal people (MQM great Workers) were shooting innocent shopkeepers who denied to pay them Batta, for 24 hours, while the bloody rangers having post just within three kilometers did not move for help. All the people were calling them for help but the Army did not move as Dollar were not promised for the killing of criminal in Karachi while in Dir, Army are getting Dollars for the killing of innocent people in the name of Taliban.

    What is the difference between Karachi criminals and Dir? If army is attacking on dir for the sake of few criminal, why should not they attack in Karachi where there was a continuous fight using freely Racket Launchers, for more than 24 hours killed more than 10 people and 25 wounded.

    This is just war for US which want a war her in this region just to separate it from Pakistan. Please see the real voice of the people of Dir. There was big gathering including all political parties, calling for stopping the operation else, the common people were start fighting back. If, we, the people of Dir took our gun in hands, then remember, this Bloody Army which for fight for Dallars, can not stand in the front of the people who have are willing to die for the sake of their children and women. Just read our history, this bloody Army has attacked before, in 1970s, how many soldiers were went back alive. Non.

    Army is serving the interest of US and western countries. Please see yesterday Times Newspaper published from London which states that the operation of Dir was conducted due to US pressurs. ?

    These are the words of Times:

    “Pakistan faced intense pressure from Washington to stop the Taleban advance and scrap a peace deal with the militants in Swat that the US said had provided the Islamists with a base. Initial inaction on the part of the Government drew intense criticism from the Obama Administration.”

    And here is the link to the full story: