What is the Definiton of a Shaheed?

  • The word shaheed is being bandied about every where without any regard for it's real meaning and definition. i think this is a good time to ask this question.

    as far a we are aware, to be a shaheed:

    1. one's intention has to be pure for the sake of allah.

    2. one's action has to be in compliance of sunnah and shariah.

    even after that the final judgement belongs to allah. because he alone knows the intentions of our hearts.

    so if you find that a person died doing any positive action according to islam. then the most you can say is that he or she is shaheed, insha,allah. otherwise you would be preempting the judgment of allah.

    the word shaheed should be used sparingly if at all.

    here in our country every tom,dick and henrietta who gets killed doing whatever is labeled a shaheed ad nauseum. this is misinformation and abuse of the term "shaheed". and it gives the ordinary person the wrong impression about the quality of the deeds of the person who has died.

  • my dear this is already discussed in detail in a thread of Media, Murder and BB?? so please look there first.

  • can u tell me if i become shaheed what will i win?

    any link to know?

    how many ppls know what u win if u become shaheed?

  • mr islamic ppls i am still waiting for answer?

    again what happens to shaeed ppl when they die

    what will happen in jannat if i am a man and if i am a woman?

  • Shaheed is never dead. He/she is alive.

    We should not offer Namaz-i-Janaza for a Shaheed?

    (I guess as a male, you will be kept with the ladies like Marlyn Monroe or Madhubala and as a female you could stay with Zia-ul-Haq, or Z.A. Bhutto in the Jennah.)

  • AOA

    Well,,,with my little knowledge Shahadat in strict islamic sense means "being witness of Almighty ALLAH"

    Anyone who spends (anything from Life, time and wealth etc) in the name of Almighty ALLAH and in other words be a witness of Almighty ALLAH is known to be Shaheed!


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  • in pakistan there is a belief that anyone that dies from "unnatural" causes is somehow a shaheed.

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  • Whoever is killed or murdered in Pakistan is a shaheed

    if sunni is killed by shia , he is Shaheed

    If shia is killed by a sunni, he is Shaheed.

    Deobandi, Barelvi, Ahle Hadees, Agha Khawni, Qadiani, Hari Pagri, Lal Pagri,

    They are all Shaheed,if they are killed by one or the other sect.

  • @ munnabhaiMBBS

    Yes. This is the most reasonable and logical formula.

    One maulvi sahib got annoyed and started shouting LA HOL-A-WALA, when I delcared Sultan Rahi as a SHAHEED.

  • but nobody is still telling me what do u win by becoming shaheed

    what does a woman win and what does a man win.

    ppl say men will get 72 virgins

    what will the women get? 72 men?

    i am lesbian i dont need man i need women

    can anyone pls pls tell me where are all big mouth ppl who know so much about religion huh?

    pls come out from under the rocks and stones and caves.

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  • And what do you mean when you say, what does a shaheed 'win'? It is not a matter of winning and losing. But of course, in this world, people may win the respect and admiration of other people. I don't know what they may 'win' in the other world. I haven't been there.

    Can you also elucidate your philosophy on insisting to call yourself larki?

    Hey, no good this is. I reply in answer to your call and you refuse to reply. And I am not even religious like other Muslims. What will happen if someone with a huge big beard comes here to reply to your questions. We'll probably never see you again. Tsk tsk!

  • After reading all the 14 postings on this thread, I have reached a conclusion that Mohtaram Benazir Bhutto is a Shaheed.

    By accepting her as a Shaheed, you are not going to loose anyhting.

    End of the Debate.

    Please take care when you go to get a Bag of Atta.

  • Javed Shiekh Sahib,

    my hats of to u ...

    only u can take any conclusion out of this off tracked debate .

    i am still looking out for the sense in many of the posts here .

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  • This is a real disgrace for us being a Muslim that the only temptaion left in our life is having sex with 72 virgins...sick

    Why Martyr is not called Martyr and called Shaheed instead in Islam because Islam presents the most delightful reward for a Shaheed. What is the meaning of Shaheed??? A person who bears wittness on Allah....What kind of wittness????? It is told to us by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH that he is so blessed that he gets a chance to see Allah swt and this is the biggest reward one could get.

    The only and primary reward for a momin to see Allah swt and all the other rewards like variety of food, drinks, very nice atmosphere and "HOOR" are secondary. These all secondary rewards have no importance at all when you compare them with the primary reward and this is the only thing for which a "SHAHEED" would be willing to die 1000 times in the way of Allah swt. This is what makes the concept of "SHAHEED" different from the concept of "Martyr" in other religons.

    Calling someone shaheed or not has to do nothing with the rest. If someone calls someone shaheed let him/her call this and if someone dont want to call, let him do what he wants. Its not you or me who have to declare this. We dont have any authority

  • @Larki

    simply, the shaheed attains the pleasure of allah. in urdu the "raza'a" of allah that is the highest attainment.