Pakistan has Long, Bloody History

  • The United States' choice of Pakistan as an ally in its "war on terrorism" provides the spectacle of the two leading terrorist states on Earth "fighting terrorism." The U.S. has killed more than eight million people in the Third World since 1945, while Pakistan slaughtered almost three million Bengalis in the Eastern wing of the country in 1971. This caused the break-up of the state, with East Pakistan separating and becoming Bangladesh.

    Pakistan became a U.S.-financed garrison state, spending 80% of its budget on the military, which are massacring thousands of people in NWFP and Baluchistan. The blood thirsty Army is now killing innocent children in Dir for the quench of their thirst and hunger of US Dollars, However, they have forgotten the result of this blood thirsty army ‘s attack on the holy land of Dir in 70s.