• Dear All pkpolictics READERS

    I am extremly sorry for the SIN i did in past. I am ashamed and embarassed.i have posted this FAKE TALIBAN FLOGGING VIDEO without confirmation and blamed it on pukhtoon talibans.

    As a Muslim,pakistani and Human being please forgive me.

    I am promising you that i will not publish any video

    or article without proper knowledge or confirmation about its authenticty in future.

    May ALLAH also FORGIVE me.



  • IJAY

    This is ur greatness that u r feeling shame and requested for pardon for a wrong doing. the spirit must be appreciated behind ur this statement of sorry. As I have said in my post under any other thread that media (and pkpolitics members) should be more careful, responsible and mature in this regard becoz this is very serious, sensitive matter and country is facing very alarming situation so without any confirmation /verification this sort of video/audio /text should not be placed or spared all over the country thru TV or web page. No matter it was real or fake, plz avoid to highlight these videos. if we r spreading then we r supporting and helping them in their cruel aims/plans. Talibanz gets free of cost publicity/coverage and other enemies gets so called proofs for blame game and more attacks. So I m requested to plz stop this practice and avoid to place this sort of videos.

    ijay I would like to appreciate u again.

  • @Ijay ,

    it is so nice of you to feel sorry for putting a video link without confirmation .....

    i really appreciate your gesture of accepting your mistake .

    we all should be very careful...

    what we are making public ?

    and if v dont see any kind of authenticity in the link,video or clip ...

    we should not put it at a public forum or blog.


  • When was the flogging video proven fake?

  • Interesting apology for a twist, so the videos are fake. Then proabably 9/11 wake fake too. Then obviously Talibans are champians of civil rights too. TTP also bought all the vehicles from their own money. The money and resources they have were all generated through generous donations given to them from people of Swat and Malaknad didivsion who love them so much. Also they never cut throat of people, it is just an imagination of few graphic designers who twisted the pictures of dead corpes in such a manner that the head look separated from lower body.

    And last but not the least, Talibans never dishonor dead people, they never pulled the body out of the grave and hanged it in the cowk.

    These are all propoganda against our hereos; the brave and ferless Talibans. The few good men who will rescue us from evils of material world. We need some spirituality and nobody else but learned Taliban scholars from FATA will enlighten us with their wisdom.

  • IJay..

    you are a beghairat insaan! and you should not post anymore. what is the gurantee that you will not make such a mistake again..

    you are an islami jamatiya beghairat tabqa who always do fitna and then ask for forgiveness like amir liaquat who cursed sahaba and then asked for forgiveness, baniya style politics...

    you should self ban yourself for this shamefull act!


    I love being strict, lol

  • Ijay Ja beta maaf kara....... Hum Sayyed log Allah se sefarish kareen ge ke woh bhi tujhe maaf ker dey.........

    shame on admin without Beenai and Mulla fasad ke Jar

    they always come up with stories about MQM without source... tum log kab awam se maffi mango gey....

  • expakistani!

    MQM khud apni dushman hai, hum kiya karain!


  • tum logon ney Anti-MQM solgan band na kara to pher Peer Sahib of Londonshrif ke bad dua lagey gi or " Attey ke bori" tum ko meley gi.......


  • is londoni peer ka ilaaj bhi taliban ke paas hai...

    lagta hai karachi ke mazloom or shareef awam ko taliban ho sakta hai is kabza group se nijaat dila hi dain....


  • Thanks for the video IJay. I got it tested from the labs in Pentagon and then lateron from Scotland Yard. Unfortunately the video is original. The ppl in it are your chacha's friends called the Talibans. The girl in it is your mamu's neighbor called Salma Agha. If you want the evidence in hard copy, please contact me at


  • @all,

    please dont use this forum to abuse some one.

    u can differ with anyone and everyone but with grace.

    throat cutting with bad lingu is not allowed here ....


    MQM kay saboot tu aik hi baar samany ayein gay.

    jo IBLESS jama kar raha hay.

  • Video is original or fake, this is not my point but I just want to say again and again that all kind of video related to this not to be posted /released / on aired thru any medium, thru this practice we r giving mileage to them. anti Pakistan forces (national and international) are getting support and advantages from our own irresponsible practice.. So plz be careful and responsible for sake of Pakistan. That’s the only request…

  • aristotle

    but if we dont give mileage to such videos, does that mean we are hiding the crimes of Taliban which do exist its clear!?