Can media save Pakistan ?

  • Can media save Pakistan ?

    can we trust paid employees of such institues who surrender in front of every govt order...can the media save Pakistan ?

    for sure army cannot save it as we all know that...

    so should we get ready for another crash ?


  • Media is not supposed to defend any State.

    It is a mirror of the society which reflects the image from different angles.

    A mirror cannot be requested to perform shave or trim the eyebrows, moustache or to apply the lipstick.

  • exactly!

    so lets take the steps towards de-fending!


  • I am not sure what you mean by saving Pakistan. I think the real matter is safety of Pakistani citizens. IF the right to live peacefully is taken away from poor denizens then God protect poor souls. Taliban factor is destablizing Pakistan and making lives insecure for poor Pakistanis who struggle with day to day life anyway. If we are talking about security of Pakistan then there are apparatus in place to deal with any scenario. Army needs to do it's job of upholding constitution and crush the elemets which are trying to undermine Pakistani society and are having a state with in a state.

  • poto-hari

    pakistan is an idol, which drinks the blood of its people!

    army is the protector of an idol now....


  • Hey Mulla!

    You have become Ijay as well! How do you come up with such silly topics?


    Pakistani Media?

    Save Pakistan?

    Each and every anchor of your media takes dictation from ISI, Political Parties or foreign Countries. I recently met a Pakistani Army general in a social party in Washington DC. He was accompanying General Kiyani and the guy after realizing my interest in Pakistani Politics, sarcastically told me that I should not listen to these (Takey Takey K Anchor….. I had to ask the meaning of Takey Takey from a friend.. LOL) anchor because pretty much all of them take dictation from ISI or someone along the line including political parties.

    Recently a friend of mine went to Pakistan and after listening to his version of events, I feel as we are fighting a lost battle. I see you guys discussing various issues but till now we have failed to do any thing collective. I did read some good suggestions from Khan Sahib and some thought provocating discussions from few members, (especially Oriel who seems to lost interest in pkpolitics) but we have not done anything together as a team. Media can not and will not save Pakistan. It will be people like us who can and will save Pakistan by winning this battle and so forth.

  • ok! you are our new leader!

    lets listen to you!



  • si sinorita!


  • Media is a watch dog...

    some of the channels are performing as only latter part of the title .LOL

    on a serious note

    some of the media persons are very responsible in REPORTING,QUOTING & GRILLING .

    but most of them are getting over smart and over confident to cross all limits and are least bothered about country interest.

    that's why media cant be a savior but for sure it could be the one ,who can WAKE UP THE SAVIOR.

  • Sorry friend for entrering withour knocking

    Friends as u know (in my opinion) there are two basic piller we need to save our country first, media and second judiciousery. these two both not only one because when our govt. give pressure on the media then judiciousery help and when they give pressure on judiciousery then media help.

    this is the only way.

  • Media is the 4th pillar of a democratic state and its duty is to play watchdog role in the society. it can bring awareness and give a positive/constructive approach of thinking and create a civilized society but I think we as Pakistani have more expectations from media and looks up them as idol or leader. Here we can slip in wrong corridors.. Media persons dose not come from heaven .. they are from us.. from the same society where we live in .. they might be good or bad with all human weaknesses or strengths, so we should not idealize him like a idol .. we should give him margins of mistakes, here r black sheep also like the other professions …. so we have to be careful ..

    Personally I feel that the major part of our media is doing well ….. on the other hand no doubt that There are paid journalists and institutions who r doing their jobs on agencies payroll for a certain agenda .. but we have to identify them and reject their voices…

    I am very much optimistic abt this theory that media can play a vital constructive positive role to bring awareness in this society and awareness always leads the people to move in right direction.

  • obviously, u right media paly a vital role in the society but i see from four to five year this media also create awerness in the poeple of pakistan who decide who is right and who is wrong.

    but do more

  • media is powerful ...


    thats the basic problem i am looking in media expansion and growth in Pakistan.

    they are getting more adventurous,yet not careful in reporting.

    they are getting more curious yet more personal.

    they are getting over confident yet irresponsible .

    i am not talking about over all media .

    but most of the new news channels are selling hot cakes .

    its more like a bakery than a news channel.

    and in doing so ,unfortunately a BIG MEDIA GIANT is the role model of these irresponsible channels.

  • Breaking news phobia is also dangerous, plus I am deadly against to show Taliban’ real or fake both video on TV channels/web pages.

  • we should not be a part of Taliban’s publicity campaign.


    today media is playing a destructive roll.. they have no education, no sense of responsibility, just earned a few degerees in max or collection of words..

  • In my opinion Media could save pakistan by exposing anti-state elements within us. We dont have problems with the outside enemy, the inside enemy is more dangerous and without its help we could not be divided.

    It is the first time that media is highlighting swat, and Baluchistan and for swat and malakand i could assure that Talibans are getting unpopular. Their existence could only be eliminated, Once their ground support is damaged. It was a fault of Musharraf that they have not used media in those areas to lift up the state support but today you see even our BLIND civil society is condemning the actions of Taliban and supporting our Govt. (they only see what media shows them). They were not supporting our Govt when people were hanged after every other day in QATIL CHOWK.

    Although there are lot of problems in Media as correctly pointed out by Beena, aristotle and others but i think its teething problem, give them some time to behave as matured media. They still are not following any state-defending policy so they give equal coverage to those news which are anti-state.

    Also they have to get rid of their main problem which is the existence of Black sheep in them like Nazir Naji, Najam Sethi etc

  • Media is a tool by which we can access the "information". And that characteristic of media makes it extremely powerful, especially when its recipients are able to convert that information into knowledge. I believe that Media can become a tool of awakening and renaissance. It can also be used to build our image. Not everything is bad not everything is good. But in the media they believe that only negative things, conflicts and confrontations attract viewerships.

    Like any tool it has the tendencies to be used as positively or negatively.

    Current state of Pakistani Talk Shows.

    Overall there current role has been destructive. They are creating psychological disorders in the nations and seeding the sense of despondency in common people. The fact that many people have left Star plus dramas for our political shows is because the anchors conducting these programs have included Chaska, larayee, jhagra and masala in the recipee of a programs which are supposed to be very serious and focused (that means dull obviously).

    You'll often find GEO News channel and some of the anchors of its programs like Hamid Mir and Kamran khan, actually trying to instigate the rifts between two parties or individuals just for the sack of "commercial chaska". When asked why do they do that: their reply is "It's what people want to see". I think the problem lies here. They forget that people also like Porn, Vulgarity and indian/punjabi/pushto movies. The journalists or any educated person should not sink him/herself low on the people's demand. They must maintain the standards of descency and objectiveness which our political talk shows specially lack.


    I don't think Media is "merely a mirror". Even if good does not exist in society it can show what good is and what are the consequences of bad are. Through media we can see our past and our future and can learn from that. Mirror don't show us our past or future! Media certainly does have potential to contribute towards the welfare and strength of society.

  • @ Fahim23,

    You are one of those few scholars at the forum who talk sense.

    Most of your postings are informative, logical and realistic.

    The curiosity of human nature demands information.

    The carriers of information keep on changing and improving with the advent of resources and technology.

    Modern Media is a combination of Print, Radio, TV, Movies, Internet and Opinion Forums.

    It has been evolved into an industry.

    The Government controlled and Independent media enjoy the popularity among the people of their kind.

    The policy and philosophy of each channel cannot be 100% uniform.

    To reach a consensus, one needs a comparative research through different sources of information.

    Let every flower and fruit maintain and carry its taste and flavor.

    I won't expect the taste of mango out of water melon.

    It will reflect the liberal, secular, democratic and informative point of view, where I decide to initiate a new TV channel or Newspaper in any part of the World. I will hire the staff and anchors close to my philosophy and thinking.

    The basic principle of modern journalism is,

    I report

    You decide to differ or defend.