Role of Dr. Abdual Qadir Khan

  • Dr. AQ Khan is our national hero but he helped the Pakistani Government is selling the the Nuclear Technology to other countries.He made good money out of it....

  • I don’t think that the issue should be discussed on this or any other web page forum. this is my sincere suggestion to all members on this forum.

  • No one should be holy cow and above the law. There should be an independent investigation into this nuclear saga and all involved should be brought to justice. Dr. Qadeer Khan is being sacrificed to protect big fish who made billions in this trade. Even if he is involved he must also be put in Dock

  • The hold cow in this case is our army and Dr. Khan has to sacrifice himself to save them.

    BTW i am an engineer and i always think that how many countries in this world have developed their nuclear program entirely ON THEIR OWN.

  • @letsdoit,

    i agree is the holy cow in our country ...

    which is not accountable to anybody at any level.

    AQ Khan has been badly misused by Mush as a scape goat.

  • No body is holy cow.. I just want to say that we should not discuss these issues with irresponsibility just for sake a discussion. This topic is highly sensitive and world is anxiously searching something fishy fishy in this. so we have to be careful. That’s all… plus, I do agree with LetsDoIt comments.. That Army is holy cow who provided shelter to MR AQK for their own protection. No one man can sell this technology alone like aalo piaz or mobile phone

  • thats what we are saying that AQ Khan should not be hold sole responsible of selling out nuclear tech.

    as they pose he was.

  • Those who know about the security circles around people like Dr. AQ Khan will immediately reject the idea of Dr. Khan's selling of Nuclear tech to other countries. That was merely a bullshit against Dr. Khan. The original culprits were kept free and Dr. Khan was sacrificed to protect them.