Lets think now

  • I am very much upset since i came to know these politicians.

    Every election comes with promises and deception for out politicians.

    Let me introduce my self , i am physician from USA, my whole family all their life including me loyal to PPP.

    However i was never satisfied with their porogress for country, and every time i went to poling station , i vote same politicians whom i dont like.

    Q-Why we keep giving them vote.?

    Q- Do we have other options.

    Q-can we bring awareness in our public,if yes How.?

  • well too bad your party didnt come up to your expectations.... i vote for mqm and my party has never disappointed me and all of us... so hell yeah i ll keep voting for mqm....

    but i dont know what is stopping you from not voting someone who has betrayed your trust of vote....

    regarding your public awareness.... in public.... you are part of public and qatra qatra darya bunta hey..... why dont you throw the first stone and try not to vote someone whom you think is not advantageous for this country...

  • shahzag,

    you have the capablity to re-assess what you are doing with your vote. thats great.

    the only way to bring awareness and change in public is to follow a new sort of revolutionary politics in Pakistan:

    *Where same old leaders dont come and go come and go.

    *Where family politics are destroyed.

    If you vote for PPP, you should think long and hard about Bilawal Bhutto becoming so powerful with no political experience. does he even deserve that? Pakistan is not the name of some family raj brother.

    We the real citizens of Pakistan who dont keep our assets in Swiss Banks should think long and hard what will work for Pakistan's benefit in the long run.

    That would be middle class stepping up to the plate and defying age old traditions.

  • Ok, let me answer first to my brother who belong to MQM.

    No doubt MQM has bring and bringing big change in karachi, and i wish every leader can do like altaf hussain did in karachi.

    But only thing i didnot like is the way you answer, i tis not about Altaf hussain or MQM , topic i have started is for pakistan, please if u get chance just think one time for pakistan.

    Now allow me to answer to my other brother.

    Regarding Bilawal bhutto, i wish pepole dont vote bilwal, they should vote who can lead pakistan effectively and respectfuly.

    Basic problem is we have >60% population, who live in rural areas and 100% are virtualy illitrate , not aware of their vote power.

    I am going to pakistan this month,one thing atleast i will do tell my friends, vote some one who realy protect you and pakistan, not to protect any politician.

  • @shahzag bhai.... thanks 4 the reply..... my point of mentioning my party was...why people in other parts of pakistan keep voting for same leaders again and again....which they have tried so many times and they have failed....other point i wanted to say was..... the change has to come from people itself.... no leaders can bring inqilab... i agree people for the most are not educated and mostly under vadera aur chaudhary system...

    i think this jagirdarana mentality has to be crushed and be eliminated from pakistan.. (which i dont see any soon happening )like india did after independence or what ne[pal is doing now.. otherwise like musical chair.. these so called leaders will keep coming to power...and slaves under these jagirdars vaderas and chaudharies will keep voting for them...

  • and i apologize if you think my reply was misleading :) sincere apologies

  • We can bring change and we will, inshallah.

  • Shahzag,

    and to continue on KarachiLover's points,

    .... and the biggest threat to Jagirdarana system is MQM because no one openly opposes feudalism like MQM.

    do consider it shahzag. dont let the musical chair continue if you really care for Pakistan that much. bring a revolution to political hierarchy of Pakistan.

    When a taxi driver can get into parliament from MQM you should atleast give it a thought, no one should force you.

  • no yar no apologies, i am living out of pakistan, and i know the pain, my thinking was same like we have these days.

    Sinhi, muhajir,pathan punjabi or baluchi,this is kiling us.

    If karachi is geting great, it is good for pakistan ( whoever is doing it, doing just great work).

  • Only reason , i have open this discussion, if you can teach one pakistani to vote one who realy sincere with pakistan and want to change luck of pakistan.

  • Shahzag,

    I wish everyone could think like you and be sincere for betterment of Pakistan, but what we usually hear is same old ethnic garbage specially against one party.

  • Everyone will think one day, atleast if we 3 start thinking.

  • hopefully and inshallah...

  • so ...guys

    lets think about it ........

    first of all ..

    we need to decide .

    what should be the starting point?

    and what should be the target ?

    we need to set the goal .

    only one point agenda

    as our ancestors does back in 1947 and got it with single mindedness ,focus and DEVOTION.

    we are all including myself,

    scattered mind...

    we are all confused about what to do?

    from where to start ?

    but the good part of it ,is that

    our intentions are good.

    we all wanna do something for our beloved country.

  • Beenai,

    I think step one would be to think past ethnocentric views, unfortunately, when it comes to MQM i myself am guilty of this but I feel many of the insults on MQM are unfair and biased specially when people make comments without full understanding of past or even present. anywayssss,

    so the goal is one: PAKISTAN's success

    It is clear Pakistan is going down the gutter right now, we need CHANGE.... reminds me of Obama who brought a very dumb change with bringing more troops into Afghanistan as if that will solve something. offtopic again,

    so we need CHANGE.... but even before this change we need to spiritually cleanse ourselves "ruhaani tabdeeli". the youth of Pakistan has really lost their roots and the philosphy of Pakistan movement. Its time we go back to Allama Iqbal and Jinnah and really study them. That is the X Factor that will unite us all.

    only after knowing real cause and ideology of Pakistan, the change will possible, not before that. it would be like a headless chicken who does not need to go otherwise.

    So here is my take,

    step 1: forget racist Pakistani ethnic garbage history and

    learn lessons from it (EAST PAKISTAN =( )

    step 2: find out core philosophy of Pakistan

    step 3: be the change towards accomplishing that Pakistan

    and might seem very stereotypical of me to say, but Pakistan right now is in the hands of 37 odd families many of which are the same families that betrayed muslims and took land from Brits.

    This change in my view will come when power and control goes back to the aam aadmi and when leaders would be held accountable for their actions.

    So eradicate waderashahi and watch Pakistan prosper.

  • •PPP: I don’t like becoz of inheritance politics and now due to head of party Mr 10%, party has been unaffordable.

    •PML-N : Family politics and NS in person is not reliable.

    •PML-Q: Lota party who has no worth just bikao maal and due to support of Musharraf I don’ like them.

    •JI, JUI, JUI, MMA, etc, I don’t like them due to their hypocrisy and double standards.

    •MQM: I don’t like due to their Terrorist wing

    • ANP: ethnic based politics..

    So what I should do? I think there are two options for us :

    1.We have to explore new parties/persons to give a vote

    2.We have to try to modify above mentioned parties’ for betterment in their attitudes, thinking, approach and actions through media and civil society initiatives

  • i think...

    we should make our own party ....

    young minds..young hearts..young thoughts........

    zero inheritance .........

    40s leaders inspiration.......

    what do u ppl think about it>?

  • Hello Beenai

    i think it is not possible the shortest way is that we start strugle for the change of behaviour of our politician because the new party idea is completely fial such as thariq-e-insaf

  • there have to be new parties,

    new parties are the only solution really. continuation of age old family politics will not help.


    could u plz tell us how we can change the behavior of existing political parties?

    as i dont find it easy or possible either.

    if they have to change .

    they would have changed .

    as long as PTI is concerned.

    it needs sometime to overcome its policy flaws.