Tablighi killed by Taliban

  • These talibaqn will kill who ever oppose them ,Tablighi jamaat rejected the taliban ideology not they are under attack .These Evil Talibans are against our religion and humanity ,should be eliminate

  • let see how our Taliban lovers & supporters like IK & Hammed Gull will justify this.......... ;)

  • These Alqida ,anbd Taliban created in CIA "LAB" .and Hameed gul ,Qazi and IK is the part of the Jewish/CIA plan .

  • Dear actually CIA and hammed gul create taliban in afganistan and now they are not in orignal form as perivious.

    and i think u neglict the role of india who say its the best time to take the badla from pakistan.

    i think u better know this

  • CIA funded Hameed gul not to creat Taliban but he was born with this dream so he went opposite.

  • Just balme taliban for everything if somebody wears shlawar qameez wear black amama and carries ak-47 he became taliban! Mashallah!

    some examples of these false claims!

    killing of young boy in peshawar due to love affairs and killers blamed in on taliban

    suicide attack in bhakar responsible Taliban after investigation personal rivalary.

    I don't know without any confirmation we just believe what media is telling us for last 1 week GEO became FOXNEWS #2

    check its reporting

    please i am not supporting talibans but i need proof i want authentic reporting! plz!

  • talibans r easy target :) we may be dont need proof.

  • O meri bhans chori hoage...Taliban ne churai hai.. o mera mobile chori hogeya taliban ne churaaya hai..o jee ek aurat par tezaab phenk diya ..taliabn ne dala hoga.. o jee mere ghar chori hoage taliban nai ki hogi..o jee mera bacha kidnapp hogeya...taliban ne kiya hoga.o jee mere bhai ko goli mar di.. taliban ne mari hogi..o jee ek aurat ek mard ko qatl kurdiya..o jee taliban ne mara hai..

    in this country they only criminal element remaining is Taliban those people who are filling jails of pakistan are not criminals they have no done any crime...right! Pakistan is purified from all criminals ! well done!

  • people are defending taliban just like a ladla bachay of a mother who try to protect her shrarti ladlay bacha and does accept any mistake

  • neteng! when you can't reply you label your critics extremist,taliban supporter...blah blah pitty on you!

    you secular extremist and a victim of taliban phobia!

  • Well the least we could do is chop off taliban's.. ahem..stuff so our kids dont witness such brutality in the future.

    Bastards are now killing tableeghis. Why dont put a clause in our passport that all Talibans are nonmuslims and should be kicked back to Afghanistan.

  • Ssasherwani

    they killed my puppy too. :O)

  • Tabligi jamat ki hifazat subhanAllah khud kartay hain!

    Tabligi jamat apna muqadama Allah ke haan likhwayi gi or nahaq qatal ka badla aap dekh lena in badmashoon se kis tarah liya jay ga!

    just watch!


  • Ijay

    com on for god sake, how come you are defending these jerks. they are kharouj, you know such mentality has created difference in muslims in the era of hazrat Ali ( RA ) as well. so it is history repeating itself, but they will never be successful. and pls dont give illogical justification to their acts. trying to prove them innocent and angels is rubbish. they have themselves claimed thousand times thier murders.

    god helps you.

  • waqartaurus...

    Dont waste time on Ijay babu! He is beyond repair!

    Screw gir gaya hay beccharey ka...

    Kabee Talibaan ko galeeyan daita hay

    Kabhee talibaan ko support karta hay

    Becchara bohoat confuse hay, beashtur pakistaniyoun kee tara!

  • Oye Taliban mera kutta mar diya!

  • Ijay,

    Oye if you love the Taliban so much, why dont you take them to Vermount and get married to them. I heard they are legalizing samesex marriage up there!

  • sasherwani

    You called yourself muslim but in fact you are not~

    how can even say this word from your mouth.Qoum loth

    was killed by ALLAH .100 of references are available on this topic in Quran

    Subhanallah i am not disappointed! this is what Messanger of Allah(pbuh) had predicted in his hadith 1400 years back that those who called themselves muslim would talk about samesex marriages!

    You have chosen your path but i guess you still have some time to change it otherwise ALLAH knows best to what to do with people like you..

  • Satire, sarcasm, taunts? Ever heard of these words Karailay? Saying Subhanallah at the beginning of every sentence and excessive irrelevant use of hadiths/ayats might get you a clap clap from your molvi braadraan but will just make a lalluPanju of yourself among the intelligencia.

    By the way, what do you personally think of the following three personalities:

    1. Mulla Umar

    2. Maulana Abdul Aziz

    3. Muslim Khan