What happened to 18th ammendment?

  • Zardari pledged twice in his speeches to combined session of both houses of forming a committee to repeal 17th ammendment. All the media focus in recent weeks has been shifted to situation of Balochistan and rise of Taliban.

    I bet he must be happy sitting in Aiwan-e-sadar that nobody is paying attention while he goes on foregin trips which should be made by Gilani instead.

    Have the forgotten about it completely?

  • Nothing to happen... Taey Taey fish..u know this?

    gatjor of political parties zinda bad.. ye nawaz and zardari awam ko yunhi laray lappey detey rahen gay, karna karana kuch nahi siway zati mufad k...

    Anyways, personally I feel that 18th amendment is not more important in this crucial time when country is facing very alarming situation internally and internationally.

  • @aristotle

    Agreed - Security issue is more importand but...

    Do you realize that we have like 300-odd parliamentarians that are sitting IDLE, driving nice vehicles, escorted out by ISB Warden police, and are NON-productive.

    A committee should have been formed to start working on a draft to take care of this matter. These guys have nothing to do with security btw. Do you not agree?

  • Very much agreed but the problem is that all these parliamentarians are burden on us .. we have to search and select right ppl.. First and secondly the security issue has grasped all the other national and constitutional issues. i suppose that PML-N should take care of constitutional issue and take up the matter of 18 amendment as they have committed to resolve this issues forever thru parliament. they have to raise their voices on this but the problem is that all are Bikao Maal ..u know they chanting slogans but whenever they gets personal benefits under the table they forgets all problems of country and theirown promises to sort out issues. as far as committee is concerned … this is sort of employment scheme .. u know Roti Kapra aur makan…. to every unemployed ::::))))))

  • @aristotle

    You're right about the burden part. Not to mention the "Juma bazaar" of WAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER log ;)

    You very rightly pointed out how their slogans change time to time. Nawaz is nowadays busy consolidating and aligning himself for next election, which might be held sooner than expected! All the backdoor channel 'mazaaakrat' with westerners are clear signs of it.

    He hijacked the restoration movement just cuz he wanted somebody impartial who can give a judgement that he desires. With IMC back in office, Nawaz can concentrate on other issues that I mentioned above. Everything else that has to do with peoepl is on the backburner once again.

    Afterall, he's has to allow the govt. to fail miserablly to cash in on sympathies. This is so pathetic given the state of our country. Lust for power is killing my country. These guys can to any extent!

    I think after taking all 'magharib' on board Nawaz will come back roaring about the issues that he chose to simply ignore for now.

    As if we already didn't have enough people in the parliament, Mushy introduced special seats for women that are usually awarded to the saas,bahu,behen,ami of the crooks.

    What can I say.........

  • Lets hope that a day will come when ur sass would be a part of the parliament:) but what abt the other seats? These seats are also captured by father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, father in law and son in law?

  • meri saaas in politics....hahahaha

    Hey, I'm open for social works any day but not for politics. My saaas will be apolitical. Rest assured ;-)

    Problem with other seats is that atleast they go to their people to earn votes. It's our awam's responsibility to vote wisely!

  • Every saas is political, mind it:)

    ppl when go to select a woman, usually lost their brain cells

    Ok back to topic, what really you think that 18 amendments issue can resolve our constitutional problems and is it really belongs to common man life?

  • all the Zardari commitments were false and fake.

    and this is just one of them.

    it has to face the same fate as other commitments of zardaris were faced.

  • why Mr NS is sleeping?

  • he maybe getting a good investment in return of taking sleeping pills.

  • sure ... NS is in dream ... he is getting something good against his duty.. to be quite

  • maybe he has set an alarm on his bedside clock...to wake him up ,whenever there is his turn to RULE .

  • Well Well Well,

    At Last you guys have come to that conclusion that Nawaz may be sleeping! or perhaps he had a Deal with Zardari who highjacked Long march and betrayed IK and Qazi as usual.

    When I pointed out tha NS only wants to protect his punjab govt and has abandon the role of a national leader, most of you took my statement with a pinch of salt. Now so many weeks, months down the line you can see that NS is no one but a coward, self centered Traitor who betrayed this nation in the past and now recently again by deling with corrupt Zardari!

    If you guys continue to RE TRY these blank bullets then , ALLAH HEE HAFFIZ HAY ISS QOUM KA!