Does MQM Plan an New Province?

  • I think MQM wants a separate province and that is KARACHI. They are following the same track as Sufi Muhammad of Sawat to hijack the city.

    MQM is truly a mafia type gang.........

  • well most of the people from urban sindh like to divide

    sindh into urban and ruler administrative area.... just like people for southern Punjab like to have administrative division

    wts wrong with this....

  • @MF KHAN

    and u r still in doubt?

  • I don’t think that there is any problem in running urban administration in the Karachi.. There is no justification of division of a province.

  • MQM did not hijack the city, it is all of you who have not lived much in Karachi who think that way.

    The perception that I find of MQM amazes me here, fine dont call them the best party, but new province??? looool

    sounds like "jinnahpur" which came when a random military general came out with drew a map and did a press conference for military operation. and look at the name he chose "jinnah"pur... lol urdudesh would have been better than disrespecting QuaidEAzam

  • think about Sheikh Mujib, if you alienate them to that extent, i would not rule this possibility out. just the fact that you are doubting the patriotism of voters of MQM which make up large part of Karachi means something.

    But right now, Karachites are patriotic and their whole identity lies in Pakistan.

  • Mr. quaidkamazaar i like mqm but only mqm not iltaf hussain because he think our nation are mind such as i listen iltaf bhi say he can't eat for four days due to pakistan current situation. :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;)

    But i like the rule of polictics of mqm and they care of their city. i attend lots of phone call jalsay.

    ok tell me one question why ilfat hussain can't come pakistan. obiviouly they love their county

  • Sheikh Amir,

    I disagree with Altaf Hussain on some things, but when it comes to MQM philosphy that is what attracts me.

    Altaf should come to Pakistans technically, but he has made his life harder by calling out open dushmani with Taliban even though he is correct in doing so.

    now dont say Taliban is not a threat to Altaf, Baitullah's closest associate was arrested in Karachi few weeks ago i can give proof of that. So Taliban threat exists.

    And we have model of what happened to Benazir.

    If someone who is loved by the nation can get killed, then Altaf who has haters will get killed the second he lands.

    Altaf should come to Pakistan but he has said many things too bluntly in his speeches of the past and has made enemies.

    You can say he should die like a sher cheetah and come to Karachi but that does not serve purpose.

  • @quaidkamazaar

    Pretty pathetic justification dude! You guys must be happy that baitullah is there and now u can say Altaf doesn't retrun cuz of him.

    let me remind u friend he's been out for almost 2 decades. Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP) only came to existance two yrs ago and Altaf has only started opposing them openly few months ago...

    come bak with a good reason next time.

  • first of all quidkamazar taliban are the enemy of whole the nation every politician and govt. servent are under atack of taliban so, we are all go to abroad. i think it is the last soluation. what do u say

    through my relative in karachi and also in mqm they say iltaf hussain fell fear from its own party.

  • he is afraid of every single specie in the world.

  • Leaders are not to be afraid of their DEATH, if they are they are simply pussy leaders.

    Obama took extreme risks of assasination by white supermacists. He was attending public rallies all over the country before election. Mind you he wasn't even using a bullet proof glass to protect himself.

    What do u make of it?

  • @msohial,

    dont compare oranges with apples.

    DON is a very coward man ..

  • haha no Sohail i am not trying to make excuse. Altaf Hussain should come to Karachi I dont know wth he is upto.

    i was only pointing out Taliban's recent threat to Altaf.

    for past 2 decades why he isnt coming to Pakistan is because he has fear of many things like his relatives got killed ect i guess.

    and the stereotypical "my party workers dont think it is safe".

  • may be workers are self willing/desperate to kill him:)))))ha ha

  • Sohail,

    Obama never made statements against Corrupt Feudal Nizaam of Pakistan. you are maybe not aware how people dissappear in Pakistan when they speak against almighty feudals.

    You are so ignorant to compare Obama's situation to Altafs. United States is a different animal.

  • he knows his workers are well organized and well trained in killing.that's why he is afraid of coming back.

  • @quaidkamazaar

    Keep on rambling...

    You're so thick headed to extract the message out of my statements. Just focus on the words literally!

  • okay you are saying Obama took Risks,

    so should Altaf,

    I am arguing Altaf's risk is far far far much much greater considering how much people have been made to and genuinely hate him.

  • @quaidkamazaar

    Since you seem so well informed. Let me shake your brain a bit.

    Do you remember when BB was returning she was making statements against Taliban left and right on all the western media. There was even a threat issued against BB attributed to Talibs.

    Did that stop her????????????? Hell she went ahead with public rallies even after a failed attempt on her life in Karachi....Now compare that with your Aqa.