30 hrs gun battle in Karachi

  • Aaj TV reporting the gun battle b/w gangs lasted for 30 hrs in Liyari.

    Local interviewed said they were collecting 'Bhatta' and threatening to kill if you dont meet their demands.

    Where is MQM? Where are human rights activists? Where are they all who raise hell for all other issues?

    Bhatta khori gotta stop! Altaf needs to get back in the taxi that he used to drive to make a living instead of stealing money from Karachi to pay his bills. What a loser!

  • Oh yeah where is champion IK? and his tanga party PTI ;)

    Well by this post atleast this is very clear u dont know about Karachi atleast. Liyari's most population comparised of balock and sindhi....a true PPPP's area since ZA Bhutho and Nabil Qabool is the MNA from that area....MQM don't exist in that area atleast....the whole mess is btw drug mafia group over there...Well i know u r the die hard hater of MQM but accusing MQM for for each and every thing is a gross jahalat...

  • @justpakistani

    Ohh I forgot PTI controls the administration of Karachi...

    Or wait Liyari is prolly NOT part of Karachi...

    ummmm silly me!

  • lolz man Police not under city govt.....;) and u were draging MQM in this...whereas MQM don't exist in liyari..aaab yee tanagaa party yar cheese mian MQM laayati hai. 12 May paay kafi shoor thaa lakin aab CJ bhaal hoo gai gain and courts azad hain tu MQM kooo ban karnay liyee SC mian koi case bhi nahi kartaay .....serif batain aur batain.....

  • hooow sillllly exacctly...

    MQM does not have control of Liyari,

    get your facts right pls sir.

    spend your energies against Taliban rather than MQM it would help Pakistan more.

  • wow MQM brigade is pretty active in DISCUSSION area.. nice to know!

    MQM controls the city of Karachi, therefore they'd be held responsible for any mishaps. How on earth can you eliminate certain areas just coz they are not part of ur vote bank? Are you guys really that dumb?

    Southern Punjab traditionally votes for PPP but they haven't had govt in Punjab for past 30 years. Shahbaz's home base is central Punjab but that doesn't mean he's not responsible for security matters just cuz thats not his vote bank.

    Seriously guys, grow up!!!!!!

  • you know Sohail, none of my relatives on either side have ever been part of MQM,

    but what Infuriates me is when most people play blame game on MQM without proper knowledge just for the hell of it. Pure case of Alienating a section of Pakistan. this will prove to be deadly unless it is stopped now.

    In Layari, people who are not part of MQM are fighting each other, if MQM went to stop the fight you would be first when to blame MQM for everything.

    Then if MQM stays patient and doesnt mess around, you still blame MQM.

    Just get out of this complex brother.

    And the MQM brigade is as a result of constant alienation and propaganda trust me it is not working you guys should come up with something new if you want MQM to dissappear.

  • you're not getting my point. Who is responsible for law and order? Aren't we seeing the same in Swat area? Are ANP guys running away from it? NO, they aren't!(Swat btw is strong JI area). By your logic they could simply absolve themselves.

    I have family and friends that are die hard fans of MQM, so I may not be as much informed as you are but i'm not totally ignorant of ground realities.

  • Well Mr. shohail,the die hard fan of tanga party ....opposing ur tangaa party don't mean the person has to do anything with MQM and ur simply posting something which is beyond the reality...SS is the chief minister responsible for security of the province........City govt nothing to do with security control....seems u r a really big dumb yourself.....

    On top of this if u and ur tanga party thing MQM is the epee center of all evil then why don't to file a case in SC to ban them? now courts are free and CJ is restored......12 May paay kafi shoor thaa lakin aab choop kar kaay bhaathay hain...

  • who is responsible for law and order?

    well Sohail, The police is... they should be the ones to stop. I mean fine mannnn... MQM is baaaddddd, okay to that point i am okay with MQM haters.

    But when they cross the line and look for anything unrelated to put bad name of MQM, then thats not good unfortunately it has happened too much in history with "go to India" mixed in it which has made me see MQM in its context of history and bias.

  • @Justapakistani

    I'm all for investigation into heinous crimes of MQM. I'm also disappointed the CJ hasn't taken a suo moto notice of the situation.

    But then I have to look at the reality. He can't really do it cuz he's a party in that case, so he can't be impartial.

    Your focus has been calling me names...igrant, jahil, tanga party etc. Friend, advice is to not seek refuge in this. Talks about matters with substance. Some congent arguments! Please!

    Let me also remind you that 12th may is not the only case, the other major one was NRO. If those cases are taken to court we'll only be moving backward when there is dire need of burying the past and moving on for good. Country needs some stability and those matters will further destabalize things! Hope you agree.

  • whyyy Sohail,,,

    take 12 May to court, Altaf Hussain has called for it already. If MQM has to be blamed, let the verdict decide.

  • @quaidkamazaar

    I said I personally don't oppose it mister! you missed my point again lol

  • i thought you said taking it to court would be moving backwards.... anywaysss ;)


  • @mazar

    Right, for the country's sake we should move on! Sorry if I couldn't make my point clear enough

  • Well your point is correct,

    it would be a step backwards!

    so if its a step backwards then lets just not argue on 12 May for no reason which happens too much. if there cant be a verdict in court, then we can keep blabbering all we want there wont be any point to it.

  • @mazar

    You're the one who brought it up. I think you couldn't help it since you tied me up with PTI and all.

  • hainnnn! ohhh okay you are talking about some other guy!

    I never mentioned PTI, that was justapakistani


  • Ohh sorry mate. lol

  • Well man u posted something which is beyond the reality so obviously....need to correct ur fact sheet. Plus i found u and many others giving judgments against MQM although there is no verdict against them still now....Whoever opposes them still not moving any case against them in SC, not just 12th May and all other allegations as well...CJ is not just the only judge in SC, other judge can handle the case in SC.

    Moreover CJ is may be the party only in 12th May not others cases.....So i hope all the die hard haters like IK and his party drag MQM & Altaf in the court now.....just talking this and that won't help......;) I am sorry u mind calling calling PTI a tanga party..which is the correct name the party...