Ratings of news channels

  • while checking out an advertising related site ...

    i have come across News tv ratings page.

    plz check out


    and see the fact that from the past one year Ary one world popularity is declining .

    from the past one year ,amazingly Geo popularity is declining.

    Aaj Tv is the only news channel...which popularity graph is going up....

    interesting statics graph for all of u .

  • Beenai i think geo has this serious misuderstanding that they are voice of people of pakistan.They can motivate people against any thing.movement of free judiciary was a different case but building case against extremisim in a country which created in the name islam is nearly impossible.

  • @Ijay,

    actually GEO has a proud attitude as the biggest media organization in Pakistan ,that they can do everything and anything under the sun ,and nobody can point fingers against them ...they are so cool and so perfect.

  • @Beenai

    Is it an independent body/entity who is rating the channels? They are totally unknown people. They don't provide information on how they gathered the data to reach this conclusion.

    Personally my news source is Aaj TV. Geo is too arrogant and sensationalizes things too much!

    Their edge is that they already had a big network of Jang group that they now use to collect info and report on GEO. Compartively, Aaj owned by the Zuberis, ower of the financial observer, have achieved a lot with a much smaller group and thourough professionalism. I have a lot more respect for these guys compared to Shakil ur Rehman group.

    I dont even get started on ARY (Adbul Razaq Yakoob) network.

  • @msohail,

    here i am copying and pasting what they have written in their ratings justification...........

    There have been complaints from many circles about the non availability of detailed researches on TV channels viewership ratings, programme/presenter loyalty and day time viewership trends. This data can aid the media planners in making the most effective media strategies for their respective brands. People Meter, the latest research data gathering tool, has become recently available in the market and generally the watchers are optimistic about the possibilities it has opened for them. Although quite expensive, it provides minute to minute ratings for easy reference of planners. Below is an analysis of some of the latest data provided by the meter.

    Source: Media Logic (People Meter)

    Analysis by: Synchronize Media

    u can go to page one and cehck it out yourself.thanks


    by the way ...

    its a site i usually refer for recent local ads and comments there on.....

    i dono..how reliable their data is.

  • Beena

    Its a good site for comparison. I dont know the authenticity of this data also if you analyze the grpahs, i agree that the graphs of Aaj is getting better but the main thing is its still way way behind Geo TV.

    If you see the Y-axis of the graph, i am not sure what does it represent, may be percentage of viewers or whatever. The X-axis is definitely time. The maximum of Geo Tv is touching the figure 3, while the maximum of Aaj is 0.6, express is also 0.6 Ary is around 0.5 and dawn is 0.08 which shows how many english listeners we are having in our country.

    From this graph it is also evident that the viewership of Geo is around 500% or 5 times more than any other channel. So despite of its childish behavior you could not neglect the effectiveness of Geo TV.

  • Aryoneworld has loose further their viewer ship during recent period (after March21, 2009- last program hosted by kashif abbasi) becoz off the record program was the one and only program of this channel that had to be watched by the audience in a large number. Otherwise ary has nothing to grasp the audience, no worth full discussion, no reliable sources of information, no journalistic approach, no investigative reporting, no bold and straightforward anchorperson. They have just crap like Faeza Dawood, PJ Pir, Javed Malik, Asma Shirazi, and Dr Danish with their meaningless talks.

    As far as GEO is concerned, yes personally I feel that GEO is playing irresponsibly in certain areas.. This channel is also addicted by breaking news phobia. This is another reckless practice being a largest news channel and organization, which should be condemned by all of us.

    AAJ TV definitely has grace of profession in this field and credit goes to those persons/management who is running this channel.

    I feel that a few other channels r good like Dawn News and Duniya channel.. Express is presenting a few good programs like Siasi Log and Kal Tak (javed ch)

    I saw a program on waqt tv abt missing persons that was a good effort and need of hour. Otherwise WAQT is not a worth full channel. Saama was good in early days of its beginning but not now.

  • @Letsdoit,

    you are right...

    Geo is loosing its viewership...

    but still comparatively its still high then others.

    actually GEO has a First Mover Advantage ...(FMA)

    what is a term in marketing ...

    that if u r the first one to launch a particular thing in the market ...u always get the mileage of being FIRST.

    it was a boring ,Govt approved Khabarnama of PTV.

    and they came up with a dramatic ,interesting ,flashy ,fast and furious kind of breaking news and updates phenomena in the market....tickers,news updates ,scrolls,surveys,slides ,news flash,just in and chatpattay current affairs shows.

    so they obviously get the attention of masses .

    2.i have noticed that Geo has a PUNAJBI MOVIE APPROACH towards news breaking ...everything has to be Bold,Loud ,Flashy,exaggerated and sensationalized .

    which is been appreciated by majority of the masses as housewives ,students,teachers,clerks,fruit sellers ,mazdoors and milkmen.

    on the other hand serious and well educated ppl always like more serious tone of the news channel and expect maturity from a news channel .

    thats why Aaj Tv is getting popular in those ppl.

    unfortunatelly GEO is the channel of masses .

    less educated ppl enjoy GEO sensationalism like a punjabi movie...

    and nobody can help it.