Secular Extremism?

  • Dear all, u better the term of extremist (known as taliban, mulla etc) ok. but in my view there is a group newly invented in our society who show his views as a secular extremist these people oppose each and every think which is relate to our islam. they oppose and only oppose the islam.

  • Sheikh Amir saahab,

    I think people have grown sick of Mullah stereotype of Pakistan, one who calls for everything in the name of Islam without even proper knowledge. as a rejection to this, some people get too extreme and become against Islam itself, it is wrong.

  • well i am not suprised at ALL if you read hadith AND QURAN you would find OUT its filled with people like them so just chill we have to worry about those things which are hidden from us.Allah has aLready informed us what is going to happen in future in Holy quran and through his Messanger(PBUH).

  • Its a good topic, these fundos are equally dangerous, there are people who want to see pakistan as a secular state. Its their point of view which could be debated BUT there are also secular physcos which are like unguided weapons. Who criticize even every good thing which is presented with the label of islam and support even every bad thing if it is presented with the label of secularism or anti-islam. They are only anti-mullah and equally dangerous as mullahs.

  • Agreed. Seculars r brain washed people.

  • These guys dont even make up 2% of the population so don't give them this much attention. They get noticed juts cuz they belong to elite class, have access to internet, and have presence in media. Hogwash!

  • Extremes are easy to be with

    but dangerous to be with.

    its very easy to be an extremist .

    its equally hard to be a balance person.

    if u r extremely fundo.

    you are at one extreme...

    if u r extremely liberal and know no boundaries..

    than again u r at another extreme.

    we need to find out balance ppl in our society .

    who is not a hard liner kuttar mulla.

    nor a Madar Padar azad liberal.

  • balance is only inside Islam as u go away u start loosing balance.