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    Last week the world was shocked, and my life was shattered, by the murder of my beloved wife, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Benazir was willing to lay down her life for what she believed in -for the future of a democratic, moderate, progressive Pakistan. She stood up to dictators and fanatics, those who would distort and defy our Constitution and those who would defame Quran, the Islamic holy book, by violence and terrorism. My pain and the pain of our children are unimaginable. But I feel even worse for a world that will have to move forward without this extraordinary bridge between cultures, religions and traditions. I married Benazir in 1987 but spent less than five years living with her in the Prime Minister's house over her two terms in office, which were interrupted by military interventions. I spent more than 11 years in Pakistani jails, imprisoned without a conviction on false charges that former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf(who brought and pursued the charges) have now publicly acknowledged were politically motivated. Even before Benazir was first elected Prime Minister, in 1988, Pakistan's intelligence agencies began working to discredit her, targeting me and several of her friends. I was maliciously called "Mr. Ten Percent" by their hired guns in public relations, and the names of her friends abroad were besmirched with ridiculous charges that they headed the non-existent "Indo-Zionist “lobby. This campaign of character assassination was possibly the first institutional application of the politics of personal destruction. Benazir was the target, and her husband and friends were the instruments. The purpose was to weaken the case for a democratic government. It is perhaps easier to block the path of democracy by discrediting democratic politicians. During the years of my wife's governments, she was constrained by hostile Establishment - an interventionist military leadership, a treacherous intelligence network, a fragile coalition government and a presidential sword of Damocles - constantly threatening to dismiss Parliament. Despite all of this, she was able to introduce free media, make Pakistan one of the 10 most important emerging capital markets in the world, build over 46,000 schools and bring electricity to many villages in our large country. She changed the lives of women in Pakistan and drew attention to the cause of women's rights in the Muslim World. It was a record that she was rightly proud of. Her murder does not end her vision and must not be allowed to empower her assassins. Those responsible - within and outside of the Pakistan Government - must be held accountable. I call on the United Nations to commence a thorough investigation of the circumstances, facts and cover up of my wife's murder, modeled on the investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri. I also call on the friends of democracy in the West, in particular the United States and Britain, to endorse the call for such an international, independent investigation. An investigation conducted by the Government of Pakistan will have no credibility in my country or anywhere else. One does not put the fox in charge of the henhouse. But it is also time to look forward. In profound sadness, the torch of leadership in the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) has been passed to a new generation, to our son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. I will work with him and support him and protect him to the extent possible in the trying times ahead. The Bhutto family has given more than anyone can imagine to the service of our nation, and in these difficult days it’s critical that the party remain unified and focused. My wife, always prescient and wise, understood that. Knowing that the future was unpredictable, she recommended that the family keep the party together for the sake of Pakistan. This is what we aim to do. The Musharraf regime has postponed the parliamentary elections scheduled for 8 January 2008, not because of any logistical problems but because Musharraf and his "King's Party" (PML-Q) know that they were going to be thoroughly rejected at the polls and that the PPP another pro-democracy parties would win a majority. Real civilian democracy in Pakistan can be established, and extremism and fanaticism contained, only if the elections, when they are held, are free, fair and credible. To that end, the people of Pakistan must be guaranteed elections that are (1) conducted under new, neutral caretaker cabinets, free of cronies from Musharraf's party; (2) supervised by an independent and autonomous election commission formed in consultation with the major political parties; (3) monitored by trained international observers who have unfettered access to all polling stations as well as the right to conduct exit polling to verify results; (4) covered by electronic and print media who must be granted all new, internationally recognized press freedoms, which the Pakistani media needs after illegal Martial Law was once again imposed on 3 November2007; and (5) arbitrated by an independent judiciary as provided for in the Constitution. The new independent judiciary must consist of Pakistan Supreme Court Chief Justice Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, all deposed justices of the Supreme Court and all dismissed judges of the provincial high courts of Pakistan, who must be reinstated immediately by the Government of Pakistan. In addition, all political activists, lawyers and judges being detained must be released. The enemies of democracy and tolerance - who took the life of my wife and killed many other innocent Pakistanis on Thursday, 27 December2007 in Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and murdered a great leader of the world - can and must be exposed and brought to justice. Dictatorship and fanaticism have always been rejected by the people of Pakistan. If free and fair elections are held, then those evil forces will be defeated again on 18 February 2008. On that day, the vision and indefatigable spirit of Ms. Benazir Bhutto will burn brightly, and, in the words of John F. Kennedy, "the glow from that fire can truly light the world."

  • ok mr zardari good luck

    the ppl of pakistan know what is going on

    they read both sides of the coin they will decide

    we shall see.

  • good to see him talk about the real judiciary. but only time will tell if mr zardari will tolerate a free judiciary and media

  • The late BIBI was also saying Justice Iftikhar is our Chief Justice but all of a sudden Mr. Negroponte came to Pakistan. Now lets see when Mr. Zardari meets such a person.

  • Give him the benefit of the doubt guys. I am no supporter of PPP and was totally opposed to Bibi's policies. But even these handicapped and crooked politicians are better than any dictarorship. In my view, Zardari has been unable (or unwilling) to clarify his position vis-a-vis the corruption charges against him in this article. And his lament about being constrained by the faujis, the bureaucracy and the president, even though correct, does not hold water since his party had the option of agitation after the election when they were told they would have a conditional power transfer. Just for the sake of being declared the first elected Muslim woman prime minister, and in her impatience, she agreed.

    But one good thing is that at least he has deemed Iftikhar Chaudhry as the Chief Justice of Pakistan. He may go back on his word but at least, we will have some sort of accountability process for him, meaning the next elections. The faujis are only accountable to the US, since the US provides them the means to continue ruling us, and to Allah, in the hereafter!

  • Zardari has zero credibility ....

    not only his opponents but his own party workers adn leaders hardly tolerate him.

    many ppl just put off with PPP and draw thier support when she choose Zardari as a hubby .

    his only claim of afme is Mr.10%......

    international community and international media doesnt give him 10 percent of importance ,what they use to give BB.

  • in a nation of blind fools the one who has one eye will be the king

    asif is fine with me

  • karachi sorry to say your id is sick that shows your mentality even im not from karachi but i still feel you should be ashamed of your conduct of going down that level .

    i ask the admin to stop people who has these kind of ids .

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  • I am not a supporter of PPP or Zardari and personally i dont have a good opinion about Mr. 10%s personality. But one thing i admit that Unfortunately PPP is the only party which has its roots in all of the 4 provinces.

    So even if you agree or not, PPP can play a vital role for the Unity of Pakistan. In my opinion Zardari, no matter he is a good person or not, is the best choice available for PPP.

    If you notice, establishment is again playing its dirty part. They are forcing PPP to confine within the bounds of SINDH and if they succeed in this, this is horrible for Pakistan

  • This is a Crooked Website run by the Crooks! They behave here, just the way GEO used to behave. This website has removed my writing from here after 2 days. Why? Only because it was moderately pro-government.

    They are so intolerant. They talk about changes. These idiots propagate changes for Pakistan. They give their formulae how this country should be run. What rubbish?

    Ask me? They are just a bunch of creeps who will forever and forever keep this country backward. It is very sad because they make us suffer too. We being in the same boat naturally get affected.

    The best way we can help ourselves is by strengthening the hands of our patriotic President Musharraf, otherwise these guys who flock on this website will eat us alive.

    Remove this write-up too, you intolerant despondent creeps!!!!!!

  • would you please stop talking foolish things about wsnt a kid..when she got married she chose the right you think would she make wrong decision about her marriage...come on....and zardari proved himself as her husband...the brave person....who spent 8 yeears in jail and no case proven...your attorney general....malik you remember his recorded audio tape talking about zardari cases....saif ur rehman and shahbaz sharif asking him to give decision against him...and gor your kind information saif ur rehman appologised in jail by touching zardari's was totally media trial and that brave man proved he is real man....and even nawai waqt owner hamid nizami or whoever,the ever rival of ppp called him HUR the Mujahid....and on other side nawaz sharif and company packed to saudia are educated persons but your people's minds have been hijacked....please see every side of picture....and be neutral at least

  • dear political analyst ,

    u should stay away from this website .

    would be better for u ....

    if u so dislike it ................


  • AOA

    If there is any political democratic party in this unfortunate country which has roots in all four provinces and Azad Kashmir is PPP. It is the only party whose history is full of constant sacrifices for the country’s poor people. The Pakistani establishment which is the sole reason for the demise of this nation’s has always been against PPP only because it is the only channel through which people of Pakistan gets some power in their own country. The establishment has done everything it can do destroy the PPP and name of ZA Bhutto from the hearts and minds of Pakistan, but they have never succeeded and nor they will ever. The poor of Pakistan has tasted the sincerity ZA Bhutto, BB and PPP has offered to its people and they will never forget it.

    Yes, there has been some elements in the party who are involved in corruption and other ill deeds like Mr. Zardari, but his corruption charges are exaggerated. He may not be as corrupt as the Pakistani establishment has made him look. It is proven fact that the most corrupt regimes of Pakistan in its history are the military regimes. The examples of such regimes are the Sharif and Choudhry families who created industrial empires from the scratch mostly in the Zia’s dictatorship. Not to forget their father’s were a simple lohar and a thanedar of gujrat respectively. But they have never been blamed Mr. 10% or 100000000000 %!

    @Letsdo it

    why do you think it is “Unfortunate” that PPP is the only party with its roots in all over Pakistan?

  • @Fahim23

    i will explain now why i said Unfortunate.

    Its always better for the stability of the country that their should be atleast 2 major parties which have their roots in all over the country. Because if only one is having its roots in whole of the country, its very easy to attack it and confine it in only one province and this is what establishment is doing at the moment and you know the after math.

    If this party is no more, then all will be ethinic groups. and you even dont need to provoke ethnic violence.

    "I am not a supporter of PPP and i hate them personaly but what i wrote is also true"