World Cup 2011 Matches shifted from Pakistan

  • A serious actions to be taken against concerned whose responsible for it .

  • Serious Action?? Dude, you want somebody dead in the streats of Lahore and get banned forever? Thank GOD the worst didn't happen.

    Being a big cricket fan myself i'm very disappointed but we have to consider the groud reality.

    It's in our own interest to not invite anybody for some time. They are gonnna be soft targets for these groups to hold them hostage for the release of their men held in prison and stuff.

    Hope you got my point.

  • I salute GEO TV for still covering IPL2009! well done !

  • We can not Blame ICC due to the fact that when the attack on Srilankan team happen there will be no action from the Pakistan Government , neither to brought criminals into justice nor any action against officials from Punjab Govt (responsible for the security etc) taken .

  • GOOD!


  • dont worry mulla imran Khan will be the sports minister in the new shria government and we will have our own tournaments ,and the teams like mehsoud eleven ,Mulla tigers ,wana eleven etc will be playing each others

  • All sort of sports initiated by the West will be banned under the Sharia Law.

    Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volley Ball, Tennis and other outdoor games would be declared Haram under Sharia.

    Only a few indoor games would be allowed what could be played with the permission and Fatwa of Majlis-i-Shoora.

    A few games would be allowed only in the Hujra of a Masjid.

  • @netgrr and JS,

    Your hatred for "Shariah" is self evident from your previous postings so no point of showing your below par Sarcasim on matters which has nothing to do with Shariah!

    Pakistan should not participate in the world cup as a protest! But for that you need "Honour" and "Dignity" which our nation lacks!

  • It is not hatred but reality that Sharia and the concept of sharia is a Utopian Illusion, what sounds very attractive but cannot be put into practice.

    It is not easy to bypass and overrule the achievements made by the humanity to upgrade the civilization.

    Actually Sharia is still within the process of development.

    The learned Scholars and those who are respected as authority on Islamic Jurisprudence, have not reached a uniform consensus to put the Sharia Law into a universally acknowledged and accepted Document.

    The Muslim Ummah is left in confusion without a solution.

  • All this was due to Indian Game. Samjhota Express/ Mumbai Firing and attack on Sri Lankan Team all programmed directly or indirectly provocked by India.

  • This is really a sad moment for Pakistani cricket lovers. I request all the members please stick to this topic not to discuss shariah etc. and blame each other please be tolerate. The situation is not in our favour but this is the time as a nation we should have to prove our selves. We have lost to host the world cup matches but lets suppose if we win the world cup in India beating India or Aussies that would be a great and never forgettable moment for us.... our problem is we have lost the hope and trying to blame each other please be patient and try to think positive its not easy but its possible...

  • scratching the balls in public is forbidden .

  • netgr....

    tou buree adatain choar doe na ;)