Do you count Achakzai a Pakistani Politician????

  • Looking at the politics of Pakistan I have observed one person who neither involved in corruption nor have ever supported Dicatorship. He was in exile during Zia regime and he was the first and only person who opposed the Dictatorship of Mussharaf.

    He was the first person who organised the first public meeting in Quetta to oppose the dismissal of Cheif Justice Ifthikhar. Even before the lawyers his party Pukhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party organized the protest meeting in Quetta.

    This is his last speech in the assembly in 2007.

  • Do you count Achakzai a Pakistani Politician????

    He's just as patriotic and loyal to Pakistan as anybody else. I'm missing your point here buddy.

  • My point is whenever I watch Pakistani Television Chennels, or Newspapers he or his party is been totally excluded. As I know he is now resting in his village and saying that I have told them what I was knowing.

  • fail to understand...

    what u wanna say?

  • I think watanpal wants to say that:

    A person like Sheikh Rasheed comes to media almost every day on every channel only because he belongs to Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

    And persons like Achakzai or Palijo are rarely seen on the national media because they don't belong to Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

    I hope I have correctly pointed out his message.

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  • You are very right.

    Pakistani Media have made a group of ISI feeded analysts and journalists and they are in fact misguiding the nation and building their own terminology.

    If you here this Speech of Achakzai you will see the black face of our analysts.

    In this speech Achakzai has pointed his finger to Hamid Mir sitting in the press gallary of the parliment and has delared him an ISI worker.Have a look at this video.

  • watanpal...i agree with you that a person like Mr. Achakzai should be given fair time on media. I have also watched him many a times in judiciary movement and other occasions. He is a very good, wise and rational leader. I personally respect him a lot and wished that he become the president of Pakistan but Mr. Zardari chose this chair for himself.

    Anyhow Mr. Achakzai should not sit behind and try to participate in national activities as we need him.

  • You won't find people like Achakzai in main streamline politics for simple reason that they belong to smaller provinces. Most of the so called "Loyal" and "Honest" politicians comes from Punjab and Sindh as these are the provinces of Angels. People in Pukhtoonkhwa and baluchistan are Terrorists and should be eliminated by Military Operations or else complete Isolation by our establishment (And you all very well know who makes the major part of establishment!!) and respected ISI.