Secular Taliban in Karachi

  • Secular Taliban in Karachi

    The whole Pakistani intelligences agencies are reporting the existence of Parallel Military in Dir and Bunir. All our TV channel are showing people with big beards having guns (remember not firing any bullets). As a result the Army attacks Dir and Bunir, killed hundreds of the civilian, thousand of children lost their parents, and hundred percent houses are demolished. On the top of it, this action might secure 1.5 billion US dollar which has to be shifted into banks in UAE or Switzerland by the Army generals and the famous Cow Buy Thief, the president of Pakistan as happened in the past.

    However, Rehman Milk was not given any information by Pakistani intelligences agencies about the real fight of 30 hours actually killing innocent citizen of this country. Non of the TV channel are holding any debates about the existence of Parallel Military in Karachi. Army did not move from their barracks in spite of the thousand calls of the people to come and rescue them.

    Why? Think about it and recognise the duel face of our Army and Rehman Malik who is serving for CIA and mossad to destroy this country.

  • Rehman Malik is closely working for CIA ...

    so as modern Talibaan are ...

    they would destroy us and we would keep considering these Taliban ,liberal.

  • Dear Beenai

    I hundred percent agree with you. I belong to Dir. last week I spoke to some of the taliban in Arbic Language about some issues of Islam. To my surprise, they were illiterate and were not able to discuss any issue of Islam. Modern Taliban are the illegitimate children of CIA mirrage with Pakistani Army.

  • Talibaan with a RED N BLUE flag in their hands will capture us ...if we never wake up and smell the coffee now!

  • beenai where is my post abou civil society ?

    did u delete it WHY?