Political commentators vs Newsreaders

  • We have close to 10 news channels in Pakistan and all have adopted the age old technique of newsreading that we all used to watch on our beloved PTV at 9 o clock.

    It was fine back then because they weren't feeding news 24/7 but scenario has changed now. It's quite annoying to watch newsanchors reading the script all the time tirelessly.

    I haven't seen even a single channel deviate a bit to introduce expert commentators instead like the western media. I faild to undersatnd why they don't try it?

    I mean some of guys like Farid of Aaj TV is a software engineer who is reading the news for us. They are only hiring people for their eloquency in urdu language and their looks.

    How do you guys like this newsreading stuff? It's quite difficult for me to absorb at times!

  • @msohail,

    u r right ...that news reading is the segment needs to be evolve as other things in media are evolving.

    we should have news casters with political know how so they not only read but take comments too...

    i guess they don't feel this need right now .

    as there are too many current affair discussion shows are on air at every news channel.