Karachi ATM Robbery Latest Video (Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd.)

  • The guy had the balls to confront them. I would piss my pants if anybody drew his gun at me.

    It was depressing to see him cry in the end though. Man, I felt so sorry for him. God knows what his financial siution is. :-(

  • Look at those two criminals......... they are not " typical Karachiwala bhiya"

    they are outsider ..... but if we go by admin Beenai MQM will get credit for this crime....

  • @expakistani,

    assumptions cant help to resolve any problematic situation.

    can i ask u a simple question

    why are u an ex pakistani?

    if your favorite party is ruling in karachi and has made it a heaven ?

  • a simple way to prevent this kind of thing from happening is that banks can provide a second fake pin for the ATM card which when entered can alert the police and show very little money in the account.

    also citizens should be allowed to carry firearms for self defense. police has its limits even if its not corrupt everyone should be able to defend themselves.

  • I never said karachi is haven, karachi is like " Bhati Ganga"

    jes ka jab dil howa hath dho lia.....

    so just dont blame on MQM & Ast for all the mess...

    I am an exceptional Pakistani bcz i dont try to blame 1 person or 1 party for all the mess in pakistan.........

  • expakistani,

    yes,,u cant blame one party for all the mess.

    but if one party is claiming that it is THE PARTY.

    it is the champion of karachi rights.(riots)


    and it wont allow any one else to win here .

    do the jalsa here .

    come here .

    it will kick out Sunni tehreek.

    it will kick out imran .

    then its ok to take the WHOLE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of each n everything happening in the city..no matter who was involved and got to be blamed but that party has to be equally blamed for his administration and possessiveness .

  • Pakistan's becoming a sad sad place. Robberies happen everywhere, US, UK no place is safe from them. But robberies, murders, corruption and terrorism is getting way too common in Pakistan.

  • log soch rahe honge,

    kaash yeh log kaale bhaiyyya hote,

    MQM ka naam toh lagjaata haha

  • codefreaq good solution but it requires good police

    and if we have good police then such kind of things will never happen.

    No one could do anything wrong in the Bahi-log area without prior information/approval.

  • quaidkamazaar and expakistani

    dont feel low here are karachiwala bahis doing the same