What is the logic behind Adam's arrival on earth?

  • why ALLAH sent US to this world?

  • When I read some of your posts Ijay I also ask what is the logic and why Allah sent you.... you are a son of Adam ;-)

  • seriously oriel please think! and give me answer oriel ...you can write 3000 lines on any topic but can't write a single on this ..you know why...because you never spend time on this question..you have no idea...blank..clueless

  • Ijay

    Very interesting question/topic. My limited knowledge brought following answers.

    Shia Doctrine

    Hadees-e-Qudsi; 'God say; I was a hidden treasure so I decided to create this universe and creatures to discover me'

    Words may be here and there but central point is pretty much same.


    World is stage, that mean scripts are written in advance

    Athiest, Bengali Scholar Tajore & Darwin

    There is no God, this whole universe was created through a choreogrpahed energy system.

    Will write more late.

  • ijay,

    u r constipated and need some relief! I would suggest some rigid colonoscopy with colonic lavage!

    Our Country is on fire!

    People are dying!

    Muslims are fighting each other on name,creed,language,ethnicity.

    We have been ruled by corrupt leaders

    and people like you can talk SHIT and RUBBISH to DIVERT the attention from more IMPORTANT and VITAL to our SURVIVAL topics/Issues!

    No wonder why people think that u are an immature kid who just want more and more postings to his name! What is the purpose of posting these 2 liners? I can fill the whole PKpolitics dicuss page with random stupid questions in next 15 min but wat will I achieve? nothing but stupidity like u!

    GROW UP!

  • have you ever see a immature kid like ever ask this question to you?

    khan you come here as human you will go as human and as a human you must know this answer before you leave...give some time on this too..i am sure ALLAH had not sent adam to this world to kill and abuse other humans...lets find out

  • You will be surprise t know that the present era kids ask more sensible questions then your hypothetical questions. They are honest,non bias and straightforward kids!

    You need to come out of ur self "shell" and discover the modern world.

    As regards to reply to your question, read my reply to the similar questions posted by u on this forum!

    Question is not wrong! Timing is Wrong!

    People who cannot make their priorities rite, lose in the end! And I am sure u dont want to stand among losers!

  • !

  • IJay... I see a sufi in you....


    try to visit some baba log or dargha, people on pkpolitics dont have answer of ur question...

  • expakistani

    if they would be able to answer this question do you think they would sit there at dargha ?

  • no some charsi movali also sit around dargha..... btw

    bachey ur questions are out of this world, thats why i said

    visit someone who know about about ishq e haqiqi....

  • ishq e haqiqi? No.. i am not in love with god!

    Don't you agree its not my job as a human to find out why i was sent here?

    Man i am not sufi or fan of sufism..i am against sufiism!

    i never believe on this dargha,peer faqeer

  • Every single thing in this universe has a purpose ,a path that ensures all is in balance…..

    ‘The sun and the moon are to a reckoning

    and the stars and the trees prostrate themselves.

    And the heaven, He raised it high and set the Balance,

    that you may not exceed the Balance.(54:6-8)

    To each is a goal to which Allah turns him,then vie with one another toward all that is good .wheresoever you are ,Allah will bring you together.For Allah has power over all things’(Surah Baqarah:147)

    The universe is like a perfect work of art with all the elements in harmony. Human beings are the only beings that create disharmony .We are constantly taking destructive paths in our quest to find our piece .By not using the tools that Allah has provided us with we are more than likely creating a misalignment in the universe. The Angels voiced their apprehension to Allah about our creation but Allah calls us Ashraf ul Maqlooqat. He gave us a greater responsibility of finding the tools that could lead us to our destined piece. He gave us intellect and cautioned us to use it wisely.

    However our state of awareness is so low that we are not even using a fraction of what our mind is capable of doing. May Allah assist us to find his positive energy .May he open our hearts and minds and wake us up from our state of Ghafalaah.

    ‘Who receives guidance, received it for his own benefit; who go astray do so to his own loss’(15:14)

  • Meraa dard naghma-e-besada Meri zaat zarra-e-bay nishaan Mere dard ko jo zubaan mile Mujhe apanaa naam-o-nishaan mile Merii zaat ko jo nishaan mile Mujhe raaz-e-nazm-e-jahaan mile Jo mujhe ye raaz-e-nihaan mile Merii khaamoshii ko bayaan mile Mujhe kaayanaat kii saravarii Mujhe daulat-e-do-jahaan mile

  • Ijay:

    Try not to assume a person knows or does not know about a topic.... unless you can prove it. The more you speak the more it becomes obvious you are nothing more than a part of the status quo of so-called Pak 'scholars'.... if you want to discuss or debate any philosophical debate you are more than welcome, but Khan's assertion stands true, that you're timing stinks.

    But if you like, I would personally like to invite you to a gathering that would happily discuss the logic behind our creation and why we are on this Earth.... although my intuition and common-sense tells me you would not be able to hack the discussion..... perhaps my arrogance also tells me so.

    I do request though that you stick to Pak politics though.... be arrogant if you must but have some stuffing behind it.... because unfortuneately you do come across as arrogant.... just full of hot air instead of substance.

    I hope that clears things up.

  • oriel

    i guess you are right i am trying to sell mirror in a bazar where all locals are blind!

  • No Ijay Sahb,

    You are trying to sell boondi to people that want haleem!

    And by the way, the answer to your question of our purpose on the planet: Ibadat... in all its forms. Haquq-ul Ibaad and Haquq-Allah.... one after the other or simultaneously even. This includes the rituals as well as the good deeds to others as well as the striving to control the nafs that is present in each of us. All done in the method as shown by the Prophet (pbuh) in any which way we can.... ie to do the above within our life-times to the best of our ability using our God-given talents, fot the betterment of the rest of humanity whilst for the pleasure of our Creator.


    Your title is a little confused. WHAT IS THE LOGIC BEHIND ADAM'S ARRIVAL ON EARTH. If you word the title in this way you are inferring there was logic behind Hazrat Adam's arrival. There was not. Hazrat's Adam's arrival was the beggining of a long line of faulty yet amazing human beings in order to begin the human race upon the Earth, as narrated by the holy books. Logic rarely comes into it. By logic if you mean purpose I think both this post and the above post has answered that one. Logic hints at scientific theory and understanding..... so what would you like? A logical answer or one that is based on faith?

  • can you answer this? oriel

    why prophet companions were more faithful than current Muslims?

  • Read iqbal you will find why Allah swt created Human. every one could have his view for the same problem but i am inspired by Iqbal. This place is too small to write down the whole philosphie iqbal presented in his poetry.

  • misaligned i have no issue with creation! i am in search of departure! was it planned...was there any logic!