Muslim student group, Universities linked to possible terrorism (virginia)

  • RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Members of a VCU student group, were stunned to find out Monday night, that a branch of the Virginia State Police singled them out for possible terrorist activity.

    The Muslim Student Association is one of the school's largest on-campus organizations. A spokesman said the allegations are a "total surprise".

    It's more than two hundred pages thick, and was never meant to go public. But somehow, the 2009 "Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment" was leaked online.

    And on page 41, it reads quote "There are indications the VCU chapter of the Muslim Student Association is a front organization for the Muslim brotherhood, and is possibly involved with terrorism financing and recruitment."

    The students and school leaders, were blind sided when we broke the news.

    "Not even close to anything we've been contacted either by law enforcement or anybody outside the VCU community as being a problem with this student organization," said Dr. Reuban Rodriguez, VCU Dean of Students.

    There's also an apparent reference to Virginia State and Virginia Union Universities.

    It says the Richmond region's two historically black colleges contribute to the presence of race-based extremist groups.

    A claim that drew the ire, of the ACLU.

    "In essence, this is a report that uses both demographic and racial and religious stereotypes to assume that terrorism exists but then backs it up with no information," said Kent Willis of the American Civil Liberties Union.

    VCU now intends to fix any misperceptions saying the only "financing" done by the Muslim Student Association, is for those, less fortunate.

    "They raise donations so that people do not have to go hungry not only in the Richmond community but around the world as well," said Rodriguez.

    No indication where the claims originated. But they do carry the weight of the Virginia State Police, which won't comment on what was supposed to be a classified document.