Pakistan Army - A well organized but corrupted gang

  • I think Pakistan Army is the largest mafia/group is Pakistan that is well organized , well established and highly corrupted.

    There is no check and balance on the Pakistan Armed Forces. And I don’t see that our armed forces are adding any value to the growth of the country despite eating a very portion of the budget since 1947.

    All the military dictators sacked the elected governments for their personal interest or own rift.

    I would like to bring the case of Japan, one of the developed countries and does not own any army.

    I also believe if we cut down the Armed forces budget spending by 50% and use these funds for the development of local law enforcement agencies like Police , FC, ASF and FIA will bring more value for the nation and local community well being and safety.

  • Well i dont think the whole army but only the top ranks generals & officers...

    These days army forces having multi-business....well for more info we can look into the book "Military Incorporated"....

    I agree armed forces budget should be cut and they need to free the hold of the business lines......

  • yesss

    top ranks and generals are corrupt!!!

    Rashid Minhas and Sipahi Maqbool Hussain were not Gangsters... DONT U DARE SAY SO... dont generalize Pak Army.

  • muslim killing muslim in pakistan, then who is shaheed?