Intebah for pkpolitics users

  • If you write anything about taliban on this forum you must go to swat and confirm it first, If you are lucky the "mujahedeen" would have captured a lot of "maal e ganeemat" that day and you won't be beheaded. If your intended message is deemed worthy of positing on pkpolitics, Haji muslim khan himself will write the message for you using his excellent skills in urdu language. I know this may seem a bit too much trouble for just posting a message but this is the only "sherai" way according to Prophet haji muslim khan.

  • ha ha codefreq

  • I haven't seen any political talk show host confronting Haji Muslim Khan. Only exception is Asma Shirazi; she bluntly asked question to this guy.

  • codefreaq..majority of us opposes the methodology of taliban but please you should seek forgiveness from Allah for calling muslim khan as prophet. I know you in fact criticized him but such style is not acceptable and looks blasphemous.

  • Rafi you could confront some one who accepts logic