Pakistani Talibaan! Their Reality... Link behind Swat+FATA=ISI

  • I have been reading some interesting topics and reviews about Talibaan and Swat kee soorathaal for last few weeks on PKPolitics.

    It amazes me that how people can come to conclusion about a certain group without knowing the ground reality. You may very well see some of our very confused scholar’s (Dare I name them!) who in one posting criticise Talibaan and in other they support or try to defend them. I think these scholars are a biggest threat to our intellect then any salman Rushdie!

    Recently I visited Pakistan (Land of Pure) during that trip I visited Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Mohmand Agency and Swat.

    I met dozens of local people obviously and did manage to meet some of the young men who either were supporter of Talibaan or were members of that group.

    As regards to that Video, All of them claimed that it was real and this did happen in swat though they were too scared to tell more details. The Video was made by a Talib supporter and later forwarded to others.

    I even got a guy on a mobile phone video who confessed that he was with Talibaan cuz they give them money and protection. Once you join the rank, you can progress upwards very quickly if you become a brutal Talib!

    Most of the people were very angry and complained that people who fled from FATA and SWAT were not looked after by Govt and the Drone Attacks are making young local Pukhtoons very angry, resulting in a big increase in number of Talibaan. They were also very angry to the fact that media shows every dog's death in Punjab but if a Pashtun get killed by Drone or by Talibaan does not get that big of media projection. There was this old guy whose family fled to Karachi to their uncle in Banaras chowk area who was later killed by unidentified men while he was in a rickshaw near Ayesha Manzil chowrangi (Alleged MQM MEN) So his family later moved back to Swat as if this is what is going to happen to them then it’s better that they get killed in their home.

    I met 2 quite rich and influential families who have to leave Swat as Talibaan threatened to kill them They Left their homes with all valuables on a very short notice, their homes were taken over by local Talibs. Their only crime was that they were rich and educated and won’t join them or follow their “Shariah”

    Almost every one laughed at my remark when I said that Moulana Sufi may be the right person towards Shariah! Every one supports “Shariah” even people who are against Talibaan but no one wants Shariah to be imposed by a Gun to their head and all of them agreed that if this Present Govt n Army didn’t do sum thing soon, they will very soon move towards other regions.

    In fact in mid and northern Punjab they already have a strong hold and during recent Drone attacks most of the bodies were taken to Punjab as they were all Punjabis.

    In the end, recently there was a curfew imposed in Mohmand Agency by Army from 8 pm to 8 am... During these hours (after midnight) their were these heavy Military trucks were transporting local Talibaan with their arms and ammunitions (The main road travels between a dense population of houses towards Bajuar and local Afghan Border) as allegedly Talibaan offered (Guess they have good working relationship) them to protect the Afghan Border and suggested the army to move to Indian border. I think this is a SLAP on those people faces who thinks that ISI is not involved in supporting this Pakistani Talibaan!

    I condemn the behaviour of ISI who are actively sabotaging all the efforts of peace in this land. For God Sake! Go and make your Plans work for the betterment of this country! GO and Plan against Israel who is killing innocent civilians…. If ISI is so loyal to Pakistan then how come NAWAZ got back with no charges? How come Zardari got NRO? How come Altaf through his party, killing innocent civilians in Karachi, especially Pukhtoons but nothing has been done by ISI? IF ISI is loyal, honest and do feel the pain for Pakistanis then get rid of all the present political setup as all of them are corrupt and disloyal to this country and Islam!

  • seems like you enjoyed your trip sir, but let me tell you ISI is the only institution left in this country that actually cares for the nation.

    problem is that civilian govt is failing and does not know how to handle Taliban. Making friendship with people who do not understand shariah itself will not help. just a thought.

  • I have no doubt that ISI does care about Pakistan. BUT with the assumption that they are the only who cares about Pakistan and rest of us are against is wrong. It’s like Musshraf who went through this thought process that whatever he will do as a president will be in the best interest of Pakistan!

    Just tell me one thing!

    If you need a bypass operation, will you go to an army General?

    If you need a car Mechanic, Will you go to an army General?

    If you need to learn Quran, Will you go to an Army General?

    If you need to learn to fly an aeroplane, will you go to an army General?

    If you want to build a house, Will you go to an Army General?

    If you want to fight against an enemy country, will you then go to a Doctor?

    Then how come ISI or any General can decide about every aspect of Pakistan? It’s Politics, its economy, its Education system, its road network, its health system, its foreign policies???? Pray tell me if you think that the job of an army man is to protect his country and secure its border! Not to kill its own citizens and facilitate other countries to launch attack against its own citizens!

    I rest my Case!

  • because the person doing bypass operation actually wants to kill the patient.

    the mechanic plants a bomb in the car.

    fake mullahs preach Quran.

    the intention of many people in Pakistan is not correct and they just want to cheat.

    thats where ISI comes in to play its hand as the last check in the system. ISI zindabad.

    Pakistanis should never be anti-ISI, thats what India USA want... and Rehman Malik also makes antiISI comments sometimes he is a looser.

    Hum par operation hua, theek hai,

    Infact we fought the army at one point,

    but urduspeakers are not Anti Pak Army... they knew the decision lied with few corrupt generals not the ordinary brave fauji. Its always the top decision maker of most institutions that is corrupt and that is what we have to fix.

    the map of Jinnahpur was drawn by an armyman general also and did a pressconference just for excuse of operation, the name he came up with "jinnah"pur is very poor indeed.

  • or may be cuz General Musshraf was an Urdu speaker himself!

  • So you think, that all pakistanis are corrupt and ISI is the only people who are honest and loyal to pakistan.

    Let me remind you that ISI is made of Pakistanis! Do you know the education standard of people working for ISI? LOL

    Have a Wild Guess!

  • no no no

    not all Pakistanis are corrupt, cmon man i never said that. ISI keeps a check on those corrupt elements, that is its job.

    And ISI around the world is known as one of the few extremely important agency with a big reach, I dont know many ISI people but I know its role little bit.

  • whats wrong in Musharraf being urduspeaking?

    he went back to his city of birth Dehli recently and told all of Indian press and intellectuals that argued with him in a conclave to basically "shut up and mind your own business" in very kind words. he had to tackle harsh questions on ISI and Army but he took them, for who? for Pakistan.

    A man kicked out by his own people still feels its his duty to defend Pakistan... he is an example.

    You can say whatever about Musharraf, but should never doubt Musharraf's patriotism. He is all about Pakistan you can see it in him.

    and My support to him is because of that only, not because he is urduspeaking. we need more people like him with clear intentions.

    I am big fan of Kayani also if you ask me!

  • If you can defend Mussharaf patriotism then he or to that matter, no one has a right to judge any pakistani!

    I remember Imran Khan who went to India during a cricket series and when an anchor asked him about Mussharaf and their differences, His reply was that it doesn't matter if I oppose Mussharaf in pakistan. Outside pakistan, i will defend him as our fight or differences is within pakistan.

    Even better when that anchor asked him about the soorathaal of Mehella (Women) rights! He went like.. wat? wat is a mehella? and when the anchor said that its a hindi word, he bluntly said, I don't know Hindi and only know urdu and then he defended pakistani social setup. The same man is not patriotic according to MQM and Mussharaf!

    Choroo yaar, tum bhee .. Meehta meetha hup hup,

    karwa karwa thoo thooo.. lol ( I think Altaf is not fuuny but hilarious and that cuz of his low IQ)

  • nahin yaar Imran Khan is patriotic, I admire him,

    he has charimatic voice, charm, great motivator, but all what he does not have is brains. he appears to speak intellectually but he needs to find better ways to accomplish what he wants.

    His method of achieving what he wants is not right, He did same thing that I am against... says "MQM is terrorist"... how can a sane man just generalize like that as if most Karachites are fools to vote for MQM?

    then he gets into personal rivalry with altaf goes to court,,, if he was really smart, he would stand above personal petty politics.

    he can call MQM terrorist but feels shame in calling Taliban terrorist. that is why most MQMrs have such a view of him i dont blame them.

    But he is a great guy i love his patriotism and he has some support of youth in Karachi also but his softness on Taliban just destroys his potential fan base.

    outside Pakistan or inside Pakistan, Imran Khan will be my hero but in politics maybe not.

  • follow the word of ALLAH ...

    if u think that taliban r not right and the way they impose islam by guns on as is not right then why not mqm is doing and speak for islam and start working for sharia and ask goverment to implement sharia in " WHOLE PAKISTAN BY PEACE!!! ??? "


    How can MQM ask for Shariah! LOL

    If they ask for Shariah then 90% OF ITS OFFICE BEARER'S and Altaf will have a capital punishment..

    Altaf ko tou Uk ka passport mil gaya, Baqi logoun ko thoree milay ga! wasey faji ka passport howa kay nahee?

  • MQM has already said it is not against Shariah,

    it is against "TALIBAN" shariah.

    I can quote you Altaf Hussain said that!

  • my brother in my knowledge shariah is one

    its not mine or taliban or altaf's

    shariah is only of ALLAH AND HIS PROPHET SAW.

    if he dont like talibn then ask goverment to implement a shariah which is of ALLAH in whole PAKISTAN

  • Chamkana Khan brother,

    Shariah is one, but which one will you apply in Pakistan when you see the diversity of branches within the muslim faith in Pakistan itself!

    mullahs fight each other over Islam in Pakistan... first let them unite atleast.

  • They will unite only if we stop following these fake mullas like maulana Diseal (Fazal ur rehaman), people who are corrupt like zardari, people who uses race card like altaf and asfandyar, people who are proven corrupt and who value their life then their people like nawaz and Altaf, People who uses Islam for their political motives like Jamat Islami and DICTATORS like Musharaf... then no one will ever dare to implement their type of "Shariah" but true Islamic Shariah which is according to QURAN and SUNNAH not according to Maulana Sufi, Hazrat Zardari, Ameer ul Momennen Nawaz shareef or Peer Altaf hussain's Shariah!

  • if shariha is one then speak for it.its bnot just upto mullah its also upto us.

    apni qaber main hum ko jawab daayna hay mullah nahe aahay gaa.