The Divide is Clear and so is the End

  • I have had a short stint at this website. I am not really surprised, but every topic has to be on MQM and putting it in bad limelight. You people cannot tolerate someone showing double standards with regards to MQM or someon

    having a strikingly different view from you.

    When Taliban is threatening to take over Pakistan and challenges govt writ, most of you never call for an operation, then when it comes to a party like MQM

    which has done much for change of Karachi in past 3 and half years, you people call for an operation!

    The divide is clear ladies and gentlemen. You are alienating this urduspeaking ethnicity in Pakistan day by day and I am telling you situation will become alarmingly

    dangerous if you continue this propaganda.

    Pehle kisi aik nasl ki kamar todi, quota system lagaaya aur operation karwaaya, phir jab woh cheekhey chillaaaye toh aik aur operation ki dhamki! koi dard ya ehsaas hai?

    Kya yeh log tumhaare Pakistani bhaai nahin hai?

    Karachi is already overcrowded and has taken more than its fair share of Northern Pukhtoons, why is it that you expect Karachi to give royal treatment to Pukhtoons when no other

    city is stepping up to the plate and doing their job. Do you guys even know how many Northerners come to Karachi everyday, it is past the toleration point and beyond overcrowded.

    This was definitely not the Pakistan Jinnah and Allama Iqbal foresaw. Maybe Pakistan was too much for you people too understand.

    I have always been a true Pakistani patriot I dont care if my forefathers came from Dehli or wherever! hamesha dil Pakistani hona chaahiye hai. but now you guys have broken my resolve.

    Pakistan a grand golden idea has failed to implement itself because of you all. The sons of soil will always see themselves as true owners of this land, and MQM will be told

    to go to India again and again and again and again.

    Although I have loved Pakistan from the heart all my life, the divide is clear, and this divide has made Altaf Hussain bitter and say what he said in India. Kya woh mithaayiaan

    baantey apne rishtidaaron ki maut ke baad?

    Pakistan koi Quran ka likha hua lafz nahin hai, we have to take care of it and all of us have failed to treat minorities in Pakistan with respect.

    Today, the same urduspeaking people who worked hard to build Karachi being big contributor towards Pakistan with their khoon paseena are being seen as hypocrites just because they are proud supporters of MQM?

    No one wants to see Pakistan break, but the fine line was crossed in East Pakistan, it made a once All India Muslim League member fan of QuaideAzam called Sheikh Mujib turn against state. Then fine line is being crossed in Balochistan, where Brahamdagh Bugti is leading their

    liberation being against Punjab, a time will come if we keep going like this when these sour grapes in Karachi will explode!

    Shun your arrogance, understand reality of MQM movement, and if you hate it, hate it with proper reasons and not with unproven racist accusations. I think some of you do not even know the harsh crimes Taliban commits in name of Islam and disrgraces Islam and Pakistan. And the fact that MQM is seen as bigger threat than Taliban just makes me say I QUIT.

    if more and more of you call for operation of Karachi, I call for breaking of Pakistan because both things are equivalent. Our patriotism for this nation is being misused. If you guys are okay with supporting

    feudals that rebelled against muslims with British, then the divide is clear.

    "Pakistan ka matlab kya laa-ilaahaillallah", aur "but ke raheyga hindustan, banke raheyga Pakistan" ke naarey humne bhi lagaaye the sirf itna yaad rakhna.

    aaj mera zameer toda hai, kal kisi aur ka na todna... Pakistan ko qaayim aur daayim rakhna hai toh urduspeakers ki ehsaas-e-kamtari aur mehroomi khatam karni hai.

    The divide is clear and the end is near unless most of you mature. sirf MQM ke khilaaf news achchi lagti hai aur MQM ki taareef nahin.

    I depart with a nervous PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

    but the future looks bleak with your mentality and Pakistan will be bound to break yet again!











  • jab nasli taasuuub nahin chahte ho toh kyun aankh band karke MQM ki burai karte ho!

    main toh Imran Khan ki nahin karta neither do most people in khi hate him its because he is blind MQM hater like you all.

    bohut khel khellliyyya boss


  • Pakistan's division ? Dude why dont you go back to Delhi and live in the same smelly colonies where your grandparents did.

  • back to Dehli???

    thats not where my grandparents lived, and i wont tell you where they lived.

    East Pakistan se sabaq haasil karlo bhaijaaan. Alienation ka koi faayida nahin aur wohi ho raha hai.

    Aankhein band karke Sheikh Mujeeb pe bhi ilzaam lagaate the, ab MQM pe bhi lagaate hain.

  • Yeah because many of us have witnessed either on television or personally the corruption, loot and violence performed by the MQM in the last two decades. Remember those torture cells? Were they too "planted" by the ISI or the govt or the army?

    Its you who is in denial!

    P.S. I was born in Karachi!

  • i should ask you that question, you remember those torture cells?

    where many urduspeakers were whipped to death. and people still support another operation but not an operation against Taliban, THE DIVIDE IS CLEAR

  • There wont be a divide. We shall probably kick all the Muhajirs (from Altafs MQM)out of the country. 60 yrs since independance and u still call urself a Muhajir. You guys were never a Pakistani anyway. Now go back to Delhi.

  • All urduspeakers were not from Dehli, you are not saying it correctly. Say go back to "India" like all your friends.

    Anyways, its clear who is the enemy of Pakistan. Just think about it what you are suggesting deeply, my humble request.

    PS. I have almost never used the term Muhajir myself in all my talks in pkpolitics till now. unless when the subject came itself.

    if you want MQM to go back to India and Mustafa Kamal also who works diligenty for Pakistan, then you should be embarrassed at your racism.

    Because of such open racism, we feel alienated, because of such open racism, there is fasaad. you have broken the back of ideology of Pakistan with you suggestion. how patriotic of you.

    the divide becomes more and more clear with every comment. people have trouble understanding Pakistan itself.

  • I never said anything against "muhajirs". The real muhajirs sacrificed their lives when migrating to Pakistan. They are the brave people of our nation who have given up a lot to taste freedom.

    Read again.. i said Muhajirs (from Altafs MQM). These are the muhajirs who have no clue about what it felt being a muhajir in 1947. They just join the party to enjoy money or fame or power or whatever personal motives they have that forced them to support the terrorist altaf bhai. Rest assured, these mofos shall be kicked back to their original homeland soon!

  • Can you kick back 20 milion people ??? We are reality accept us/MQM from heart... We are moderate enough. Pls take out from your mind that I'm only faithful to the country.

  • MQM has no clue what it feels to migrate in 1947 sasherwani? I think you have not followed MQM as much, that is where they started off, feeling that people who sacrificed so much do not deserve such unfair treatment in Pakistan. they know the pains just like everyone else.

    what about their voters who vote with pride for MQM? unko bhi India bhejo ge ya nahin jo MQM ko support karte hain khuley dil se? ;)

  • usm look at the double standard brother,

    A person like Mustafa Kamal who works his heart out mentioning Pakistan and Karachi again and again is still being told to go to India because he is from MQM?

    something is definitely wrong here. it is not for any ordinary folk to decide who is true Pakistani who is not!

    this is where the divide is. and Pakistan should not go on like this.

  • Yeah dekhi hay TV par voting kaisay hoti hay karachi may. Suna bhi hay "eyewitnesses" say. Even people who've died twelve years ago had voted for MQM ;) Bunch of lowlife trash-mouthing scum of the world.

  • baassssss aagaye waapis apni asliyat pe? MQM ko India bhejne ka kya hua? main aapko PPP ke bhi poll dikhaooon rigging huay we?

    militant wing sab ke hain, rigging sab parties karti hain thori bohut.... lekin sirf MQM India kyun jaaye,

    RACISM, continue this and Pakistan will break.

  • I still stand on sending all the Altaf Bhai MQM low life pathetic excuse for a humans to India. And I wish them the best of luck and success in their acts of violence and greed.

  • i hope you can reasses what you are saying, if not,

    then again Pakistan is bound to break. It just will you can not stop it then. no one gives you right to single out one party and tell all of them to go to India.

    you are missing the point of Pakistan which is not based on racism... but no you want to be a blind hater thats all.

    What the heck was the point of Pakistan if we had to see this day thanks to your racism.

  • I belong to a family who migrated from India in 1947. My grand parents came from India to Pakistan. But the day they entered into Pakistan, they had just one identity i.e. Pakistani and nothing else. Secondly I personally do not belong to any party hence do not have special corner for any political party to favor or not. I also believe that Pakistan was actually conceived on an ideology which was that the Muslims should have a separate state where they can live their lives as per their religious beliefs. This was the prime motive which led the independence movement otherwise what was the problem in living with Hindus in a greater India.But we should also not forget that Red Cliff award was a mixture of conspiracies to destabilize the new born Pakistan from the beginning. This is the background.

    Now I come to the topic. Our brother in Karachi despite of settling in Pakistan, remained Muhajirs and i fear that may be they felt proud to use their separate identity as Muhajir.If they say that they were discriminated then i will ask them to just look at other provinces where always bureaucratic and establishment only ruled.If it was the case it was every where not especially in Karachi and certainly was not a good act.

    I have come to know about some thing from the people who personally knew Mr. Altaf from the time he was student of B. Pharmacy. As per a batch mate lady "Altaf Hussein aik ghaleez insaan tha". Allah knows that i heard the same words. Mr. Altaf urged the "Muhajirs" to sell their VCRs and purchase AK-47.Mr. Altaf said in India that Pakistan was a blunder.Mr. Altaf belonged to a middle class but lives in UK on whose expense? People of Karachi are forced to pay "tickets" every month failing to which they may face sever consequences. I personally know people who have had such problems. People of certain areas are "ordered" to keep their door open all the times because "Gorillas" may need to use the open doors to flee after "certain actions". There is a long list my dears...whom should i blame?

  • Please don't say that other parties are also doing the similar crimes. Whoever commits a crime is punishable but does not give a right to anyone to do the same crime.