Sufi Altaf and his Sharia

  • more than 30 killed and hundreds lost their buisness. Our buisness hub is closed and not working for couple of days striking our ailing economy.

    Army should be used to covert karachi a weapon free city.

  • Unfortunately the political parties /government and armed forces do not have interest in complete cleaning of city. This massacre/carnage is in favour of political parties and other forces to get their personal /group benefits. These so called political parties and groups are working on hidden agenda for completion of foreign plan. Karachi is most suitable place and can be an ideal free port that may serve foreign forces interests in this region. So their local managers are working on this project according to instructions from abroad. On initial stage they want to get rid of from all forces that can resist on occupying …. So there is an action plan is going on……

  • almost every topic on pkpolitics is on Karachi and MQM.

    is there really nothing else you to talk about? im sure there are far bigger threats to Pakistan but thats all what you like, making biased comments about Karachi and mudslinging.

  • Why u r worried abt it? I am a Pakistani from Karachi and have right to discuss /share my observation or view point on any political, social or country related matter on this site, nobody should be bother in this regard. u have also the same right so plz come up with ur thoughts and initiate new topics… u r most welcome.

    Whereas my memory does work, you do post mostly MQM related topics? “is there really nothing else you to talk about?

    So don’t waste ur energies in defending/protecting MQM, and do big jobs.. I mean focus on bigger problems of Pakistan….

    Moreover, if the opinion does not match to ur opinion or not in favour of ur favorites, you gets offensive and paste a label on others that they r biased… but the other hand u do blindly defend each and every action of mqm without any logic… but I understand that Love is always Blind :) thanks God, I am neither in love of any political party… nor blind… :)

    keep smiling

  • Aristotle ..i feel your words are harsh about Mufti-e-Azam Pakistan Janab Altaf Bhai london waalay...u see how much "hard work" he is doing for our country. He belonged to middle class and now even without a job he is working for the country on constant basis.Just think how hard it is to live without job but meeting all expenses of living in British, making long conference calls and telephonic addresses, writing imbalanced poetry, controlling and acting of dynamic emotions while talking to media person (on Benazir assassination he was weeping and suddenly gave a laugh and then again started weeping),although at the times to sleep in Britain but issuing condemnation statements on channels, etc. Do you think it is an easy job? I think you have not watched his videos on youtube. You guys should be thankful that in his shape you have a person to cheer up you guys in the times of sadness.

    So ... :) just chill brother and don't mind "quaidkamazar"..

  • zingaro

    O dear u made me scared.. I m shivering … Bachaooooooooo bachaoooooo

    Apology..Actually I did not know abt Peer sahib’s great services for the country … I don’t see Tafo films on you tube… :)

    Thanks to u u enlightened me on this important subject :) can u shed the light on his night activities? Ionhhun don’t smile dirty mentality... I think the great leader is working day and night for the nation.. for the country (but not in the country )

  • ohhh cmon, aisi bhi koi baat nahin hai.

    aap log lite guftugoo karte hi nahin ho baat darasal yeh hai. jab dekho "MQM Terrorist, Behead them, Go BACK to India", then when i give equally strict reply on the big game that exists of danger of alienation that is deepening the divide in Pakistan, then there you go hum mulq ghaddar ho jaate hain.

  • Aristotle bhai.. Janab-e-Maulana Altaf Bhai..ko neend hi nahi aati Pakistan kay gham mein .. yaqeen karerin aisa hamdard kahein nahi hoga.. hamarey country mein sirf 2 leader hein jo baazameer aur mukhlis hein .. aik maulana Fazal and aik maulana altaf..buss...apna ikhlaas show karnay kay liay donon maulana nay qareeban har jamaat kay sath government mein hissa lia hay lakin "asooli muaqqaf" say dastbardaar nahi hovey...

    Quaidkamazar bhai..sirf aik request hay..this is 2009 and now people have a strong media and access to information related with present but past also ...isliay please please ab awaam ko bewaqoof na samja jaey ...

    I don't say MQM to go back to India because Pakistan is a country for all..but kia MQM (Haqeeqi) ka bhi hay ??? Zara thanday dil say bataaein kay agar aaj Aamir Khan aur us ki party ko bhi wohi haqooq diay jaein jo aap ko hein to phir ...................................?????

  • MQM H ne army ka saath diya tha ustaad, jab hum waise hi pIt rahe the unhone ne aur pitwaadiya tha. haan history of MQMAltaf and MQMH is very very very cruel, main maanta hoon.

    aap yeh dekhiye ke MQM mature hochuki hai... much much mature than it used to be, they are winning confidence of the people now. they used to be immature now they arent but are very organized.

  • Mature ho gayee hay to iski shaadi kara do. May koi acha sa londa dekhta hoon India may. MQM ko rukhsat karkay India bhaij detay hein.

  • my dear ..MQM is not different from other parties... you have accepted that past of this party was cruel ( i will say callous)..and not it has become mature.. but give me an honest answer..don't you think that the people who were cruel and now organized should be changed and a true and real representative of the territory should come ahead now? We blame other parties for possessive leadership why can't we get rid of same situation from MQM? Is there way we can get rid of the cruel people?

  • not all of the past of MQM is cruel, I said only with MQMH it is cruel.

    MQM has a past of resentment against subjugation. something that is hard for many to forget even today.

    And MQM does not have possesive leadership, it has new people come up normal people like us from all over the place. its just the top of the party with Altaf Hussain who stays in place always and those who fought for MQMs existance who stay in place and why not they risked their lives to fight the army operation.

  • brother...i give a suggestion.. ask your party to change the leadership and you will get good results...

    similarly other parties should do the same for a good change in Pakistan....

  • haan i agree, i am not a worker of MQM

    I am a supporter of MQM

    I cant really make a difference by talking to MQm.

    I became sympathetic to MQM only after racism.

    At the end of the day I am just a supporter and nothing else.

  • as i said in other post..please be a pakistani only .. give up other will feel a better change..decide for the real good people in elections setting aside any affiliation...this will help us to construct a better home country for us.

  • i used to be like that.

    Main aaj bhi deewaana hoon Pakistan ka,

    Allama Iqbal ki phalsaphy ka bhi deewaana hoon.

    lekin boss, when one ethnicity of Pakistan was let down and on top of that an operation was forced on them, that was not patriotic.

  • where was this patriotism when Pakistan was being broken,

    I mean we can all live in an allusion of being patriotic.... it has to be pragmatic to be achieved. REalism is what I learn.

  • quaidkamazaar your MQM is working to make mazaar of every pakistani living in karachi there. Instead of defending them raise your voice so it could reach to the decision making group.

  • for blind lovers of any party

    blind following is really really dangerous .

    u always ended up at a hell hole.

  • zingaro

    Thanks for ur intellectual input...i hope it will continue (takay muj jase jahil aur bekhabar bhi Allam Fazlo and Altaf associations k karnamo aur rohani kamalat se bakhabar hosaken aur hamarey zameer bhi jag jayen:)


    Thanks for a witty statement.. I love humor ..keep it up