A Question from IJI supporters

  • I know IJI is not listed as a party anymore, but the mindset and people remains a reality. When I say IJI , I imply Hameed Gul, Imran Khan, Taliban Journalist Hamid Meer and Irfan Siddiqui and people who agree with their ideas.

    I'd like to count Nawaz Sharif in the list, but this nation level party leader does not happen to have a clear, unambigouous stand on the Taliban issue.

    So they say, whatever is happening in FATA and Swat is financed by India, Israel and USA. They also say, Musharraf is responsible for all this because he started the operation and then they say we should pull out our forces from FATA and Swat.

    Now, if you still have'nt noticed these super contradictory statements, I'd like to ask if these beheadings and law and order situation is created by India and Israel then will those agents really stop doing what they are doing now when army is pulled out ?? Would'nt they get a free hand in those areas if there is no more army over there? and if you think these Taliban are patriotic true muslims w ho are just fighting against PAk Army due to US invasion of Pakistan then why are they beheading their muslims brothers in FATA???

  • Yakhood-o-nisara are even regulating when IJIists have to leak or take dump!

  • in cold war USA was against Communism/socialism and communism was growing in Islamic countries too . Bhotto and ppp was socialist and kill him and USA wanted to make an Islamic empire including all jamaati and jamaati type parties .

    Communism collapsed before expected.and usa left this idea .but this US created moster become against USA ,and US know how dangerous they are so they are killing their own mess.

    Jamaati ideology is the root cause of this mess . and its not only effected only mullas it is effected every where .

    These is underworld Taliban running by people like hameed gul and others and many journalist and leaders like imran khan supporting their cause