Drone strikes on London based terrorists please!

  • If the UK and US can send their forces and drones into our country and strike citizens and residents with impunity in the name of the War on Terror....we Pakistanis too have the right to the same. I demand that the Pakistani government send a team of assassins and drones to London, UK to take out MQM Supremo Altaf 'Black Dog' Hussain. Anyone who lives in Karachi and hasn't been brainwashed by MI5 Sponsored "Pir Sahib" knows what this terrorist outfit does to us on a daily basis. Now he is using ethnic violence to maintain his mafia's grip on our city. The government of Pakistan would be fully within its rights to take this criminal out and any collateral damage in the process is justifiable, as per the new precedents in the international code of conduct by nations.

    I understand that he is located in Mill Hill in London and enjoys tight security. However, if we can take out dozens of top Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders, we can surely take out these thugs who are girl scouts in comparison to the bad boys in Al Qaeda.

    We need another operation in Karachi to clean out MQM terrorists and we need to take its leader out. The War on Terror demands it!