SURVEY: Where Pakistan is Heading?

  • Asalam o alaikum

    Dear Members,

    This is a question whose answer is sought by almost all of us. Some of us have some clue, some don't know, some are confused and some are not even bothered. I am sure at least you are not among those who care least about what lies ahead of our beloved country.

    In my humble view, Pakistan is heading where its people are taking her ... but where? To get to the answer, a simple questionnaire has been designed and presented to you to seek your views against this crucial question.

    I am positive that you will extract 2 minutes from your time to answer the following questions.

    We will really appreciate if you can forward this questionnaire to as many people as you as possible.

    More respondents means better results,


    Omar Javaid

  • The country is going down the drain. 1947 was a mistake and the gora gave pak to bastards of subcontinent and those bastards and their coming generations will keep on looting pak.

  • I hope you were there at that time when millions of Muslims gave their lives to separate a piece of land where they can live in peace, away from the daily tortures from the hindu class ... It was a price they paid and thanks to them that you are now living a life in a way never imagined at that time ...

  • What an ideal life, prosperity , progress, pleasure and hope the Muslims in Pakistan are enjoying?


    Maulana Abul Kalam Azad told Mr. Mohamad Ali Jinnah:

    India is a reality, Pakistan, an experiment.

    It looks that experiment turned out to be a total flop.

    A crowd of disorganized human beings could not produce a Nation.

    No ruler of Pakistan was capable enough to adjust and fix the priorities and preferences.

    For the last 62 years Pakistanis are still debating to settle , whether Pakistan was created to serve Islam or the People?

  • @JavedShaikh Sb

    Here are the speeches of the Abul Kalam Azad ,I support pakistani cause but what Moulana abdul Kalam was saying also a truth .


  • @ netengr,

    Thank you for posting such a wonderful discovery.

    The bad luck of a society starts where it is dominated by emotions against reason.

    That is what happened to Indian Muslims.

    Partition was not the only solution to solve the issues stemmed by communal frenzy.

  • Pakistan is heading wherever we want it to head.

    We are the peole of Pakistan. We care what happens to it now. We care what we will be handing over to our children. Are we going to be carving out futures for our children in foreign countries? Should we not be investing in Pakistan, struggling for it, improving it, polishing it, so that our future generations will be comfortable upon its soil?

    If we can see that with Allah's will we have the ability to shape the destiny of Pak, its trajectory will not seem so doomed.... it will seem difficult..... but not impossible.

    Everything worthwhile on this Earth comes with effort, struggle and sacrifice. When we decide Pak is worthwhile and is ours, we will take it and begin to repair it.... for the sake of our children if for nothing else.

  • @Javaid Omar

    Its not muslims who gave life for this piece of crap Pakistan. Its the poor people of SUBCONTINET who gave life for Pakistan. Millions of people died in the name of religion but for what? For a country where now muslims killing muslims. A country which knows nothing where its heading from last 60 years. A country which was created for a certain class and that class is ruling and enjoying. And than they tell to poor folk we sacrificed so much for pak.

    What was the point of killing millions of people in the name of DIVISION. If you divide anything in the name of religion the result will be whats happening in Pakistan. And what independence you talk about when we have been begging to our masters from last 60 years. They tell us who will be in power and who will not.

    Just accept 1947 was a big mistake. Millions of people died in the name of division.

  • Thats what I am talking about ... I don't know why I not hopeless from this country ... though the situation is worsening gradually, and it might be even worse in near future but I feel that after facing all the hardship this country will bounce, I know I am being unreasonable, illogical, emotional as it may seem, but I just can't let go my intuition ...

    Allah's knows the best ...

  • @ javedsheikh

    You are spot on but unfortunately these people will not understand because they still under the INFLUENCE OF PAKISTAN STUDY AND SOCIAL STUDY BOOKS :)

  • Just imagine dudes, with all the resistance ... Pakistan came into being ... Maulana Abul Kalaam Azad wasn't the only resistance ... there were many many more barriers but Pakistan came into being ... by the way i don't even remember what was written in Pakistan studies books by now

    ... Please check out Dr. Israr's lecture on the creation of Pakistan ... its worth hearing Pakistan ki tareekh.ram

  • Salaam Friends, please fill up this survey form if you haven't, it takes only hardly 2 mins

  • a mini bus named 'pakistan' travelling with poor passengers that include poor sindhis, poor punjabis, poor balochis, poor pashtoons, poor mohajirs, was abruptly stopped near 90 by a mob consisting of various terrorists, including terrorist altaf and terrorist mehsud,

    the mob is about to torch the whole mini bus, and poor passengers are just watching all that from inside but cant stop the mob.

  • i think...

    things can be handled ....

    it has got much to do with mishandling and bad management then anything else.

    we need a serious ,sincere and well educated administration to take the lead.

    not a President...who will go for a 6 country tour with his family as he finds his country in fire.