Democracy is an un natural Government System

  • 1 History of Democracy is not older more than 200 years. Before democracy, the natural government system was "applied ability". Persons who have the most ability with nobility were good rulers and ability with evil genius were cruel rulers. Means total world history tells us governments were run by the capable persons of the society.

    2 Now question what the criteria are to ascertain ability with which we can select a person as a ruler. Answer to this question is that Son, Moon, stars and like wise objects of nature are always self distinguished from other objects of nature. They self speak about their features, abilities, merits and demerits. It means we do not need to search; ability makes its own way. It is self exposed and we rightly finger to their ability by observing their virtual ties.

    3 Those things, objects, persons and theories which are against nature cannot continue them selves and bound to abolish. In the same way, democracy was the invention of capitalism. Both were against nature, therefore are lying at death bed and very near to vanish.

    4 In Quran, the holy Muslim’s Book, God says ; INI JAILUN KHALIFA TE FIL URZ: means I WILL SEND A RULER TOWARDS YOU WHO WILL GOVERN IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW OF GOD. The understanding point is that God say He will send a ruler to the people and not the people will select a ruler. Now we need to understand how? The reply is that all the abilities are God Granted and the person who has the ability; himself makes their way to Rule. Examples are that prophets never asked for any vote. Just they show their character nobilities to the people, company them, and preach Goodness and condemn cruelties, the became the rulers of the hearts of the people. The entire revolutionary leaders any where in the world adopted the same and never called for votes whether of present age or past age.IMAM KHUMANI, HITTLER,MAOZE TUNG AND OFF COURSE STALLIAN WERE NEVER WENT FOR PUBLIC POLLS.

    5 Unmatchable example we can quote is Revolution of Makkah, which the history does not observed ever before and never after such a great and peaceful revolution that neither any single leaf destroyed nor a human deprived from his life. Even worst enemies were declared as the safe place for opponents. WHETHER IT WAS WITH VOTE? No, it was ability and nobility.

    6 Selection of ruler cannot be granted to common people, as in the democracy, because they see only up to their personal narrow interests and not the greater and wider interest of humanity hence their vote plays havoc for little interests and greater interests of humanity are ignored.

    7 The people who select a leader are self devoted and see beyond their interest. They only see the greater interest of all the humanity and for which they also offer sacrifices. They found a person around them better to their hops and devoted themselves entirely to their selected leader who has shown on them as the most able and capable of doing best of the best. In this way a natural ruler comes into force and implements greater interest of humanity.

    8 By the above observation I get the conclusion man cannot run against Nature and bound to repeal. Example is that man is bound to walk on foot. Those who try to walk on hands can take very minimum steps and finish their events and if not, they will die. Need further comments.

  • Democracy has evolved as the best (not perfect) possible workable system to establish and protect the rights and obligations of the society.

    The Social Contract Theory emerged to be close to logic.

    Why one should choose the camel as a mean to transportation where the automobile is easily available?

  • The process of evolution should not stop here, this system still have lot of shortcomings. Big fish are eating small fish in this system