Military Strategy To Defeat Taliban

  • This is a technical thread; no emotions please. Please put technical input.

    As we understand that traditional war strategy of Paksitan army failed in FATA & Swat Etc. The way Pak Army army fight with Taliban and FATA is like an invasion of enemy territory. They use heavy topkhana followed by advance from tanks and heavy vehicles. This strategy is failing because it brings more collateral damage thus creating new enemies.

    US Armed forces have many segments; US Marines, Navy Seal and Special Forces are their elite force. These forces are very well trained and equiped in small arms and combat fight, they are good in urban warfare too. Contingents of small platoons sneaks into a territory clear it from snipers, destroy their heavy guns and then let larger force move in.

    Pakistan army is using traditional force to overpower enemy, whereas Tlaibans style is gorilla warfare. We need elite force/commandos to defeat Talibans. We need sharphooters long range snipper rifles and night vision gargles. We also need strong communication between soldier in the ground with his command center. Not like an old fashion comunication box for one platoon, each soldier must have an encrypted connection to comminicate enemy movement. These soldiers also need GPS device to identify enemy position. We need technology and skills to win this war not a strong presence technique.

  • I think this is a bogus war, there is no real talib, all this drama is created by the army to get money from the west...

    they themselves hide faces and flog girls and say talib is doing this, then they themselves create small contingents and keep moving them up and down and use media to scare people into believing that they are 70km from Islamabad etc...

    I am collecting first hand evidence from people from swat in usa, who recently came back or who talk to people 3 times a day in mingora and other areas......

    for example, army announced that they will appreciate information about Taliban from the local populace, a family informed the army major that there and there are such and such, guess what in 3 hours, some Taliban raided their house beat them up, guess what the man recognized the army major in disguise from his hands and feature on the hands!

    Many more such instances, I am collecting them and will post soon. if they are any worth!


  • Interesting, that make me reach one conclusion. i.e. worst enemy of Pakistan is not India, Afghanistan, Isreal or USA. The worst enemy of Paksitan is its army and far worse is the mindset inside the army which is developed in their Cadet schools. We lament about Madressah that young kids were brain washed to hate. Similarly young cadets were taught to hate India and Isreal. When they grow up to sort sighted General who cannot think outside the box. Eventually, when somebody with that mindset assume charge of ISI and IB. They create more problem than the solution. So this is what ISI is doing. One very simple question, how come Muslim Khan's phone can't be traced when technology can pin the dot on the planet from where call was generated. ISI do have that capacity and they demonstrated this many times in past.

  • There may be some truth that some elements in Pak Army may have relations with renegade terrorists orgnizations like Talibans, that seems more like a legacy than on going process. I am sure Americans are scrutinizing Pak Army and it's intelleigence apparatus very shrewdly and can't imagine they let ISI or else help Talibans. Taliban idealogy is a failed one and should be tackled in it's track otherwise it can literally take Pakistan inot stone age.

  • We have not even reach the stage where we can say that how to defeat taliban .people are either supporting or not accepting the reality

    it is too late now , we have to accept this first that there is Militancy ,Talibanisation ,Terrorism in pakistan on the name of islam .people have been saying this that its all propaganda against pakistan and islam and this is a "sazish "

    We are still at the first step .....

    If we agree on one point then after that there will be question of "how "

  • Rafi sab:

    excellent observation, plus Muslim khan is a PPP member!!!!

    Sufi Swati is Jamat Islami's worker....!!!!

    I swear to you that this is just a drama, and US along with Pakistan all playing games and making money!

    the level of corruption in the army is beyond imaginable!

    I have more news to share...

    Call up people from swat and ask them who is doing what !

    This is a bogus drama war!