Laal Masjid incident

  • So Movlie Abdul Aziz, his wife and his daughter are off to Saudia to perform Umra. Seems like they got bored of living in government rest house for this long or probably want to do some burqa shopping from Dubai.

    Much has been said about Laal Masjid but we all seem to ignore two central characters of the whole issue - Molvi Abdul Aziz and his wife Umme-Hassan! or should I say

    Hazar Abdul Aziz elaihassalam and ummul-momineen Umme Hassan.

    These two thugs, brain washed and trained hunderds of innocent girls and boys against the Kuffar of Madina ( I meant Kuffar of Pakistan) and waged a Ghazwa-e-Badr against these kuffar. They barricaded hunders of children with them in the masjid, convincing these innocent souls that they will be sent to jannat for doing this jihaad but when the going got tough, Hazrat Aziz and Momina umme hassan ran away from the masjid leaving behind hunderds of innocent children and some terrorists. Not to mention the

    sipah-salar-e-azam, ameer-ul-momineen and leader of the army of pious tried to escape with girls wearing burqa. Not only did these two thugs left children inside, the thug left his own 80 year old mother in the masjid to die and ran away. What a shame!!!

    After he escaped, he was kept in some government house for some time while ummul-momineen hazrat umme-hassan raziallah tala enhaa, toured Karachi and other parts of the country to start another army of pious as if getting hunders of lal masjid children killed was'nt enough.

    So the question is, Did molvi Abdul Aziz cut a deal with Musharraf as after coming out of the rest house he has decided not to file FIR against musharraf, saying he has left the matter to god!! Thats like a true prophet, forgive your enemies. Except in this case his enemies (or friends?) took him out of the lal masjid, took good care of him while the innocent children were brutally killed in lal masjid stand off.

    I think Abdul Aziz and his wife were responsible for the lal masjid massacar. I will consider musharraf as the secondary culprit. How come no one talks about Molvi abdul aziz and his wife? Why do we completely ignore their role in Laal Masjid massacare? and I feel sorry for these poor and innocent lal masjid students surviors who still think these two thugs are their mentors.

  • I'd like to know your opinion on this issue.

    Also, abul aziz and his brother said numerous times during and after the lal masjid incident that there will be a string of suicide bombings in pakistan, which actually did happen.

    So, is molvi aziz and his group involved in all the bombings? Are Molvi fazlullah swati and molvi abdulaziz of lal masjid belong to the same group? Is sufi mohammad swati there front man? Are there any other abdul aziz and fazlullah in other cities of Pakistan waiting to take over? This all seems interconnected and is part of a big plan by taliban and their supporters/advocates.