Shaheed Azeem Ahmed Tariq ke barsi

  • On May 1, 1993 Azeem Ahmed Tariq was assassinated by unknown gunmen ....

  • well, there is no doubt he was a very influential softspoken guy indeed. his killers are unknown.


    Why MQM doesn't investigate his MURDER??????????

  • I think this forum is pretty obsessed with MQM.

  • expaki is a proMQM.. Ask him, why did he posted this topic..

  • you are a great conspiracy theorist KhanSaab.

  • Jo Quaid ka Ghadar hai

    Woh Maut ka Haqdar hai

  • Q: Who give final nod for assasination of Azeem Tariq

    A: Altaf Hussain

  • OK, hakeem muhammad saeed and Muhammad azeem ahmad tariq were not killed by mqm on terrorist altaf's orders.

    but, the question is:

    why altaf and his mqm do not congregate the Barsi of two great sons of karachi each year, why???

    why mqm and altaf ignore them ???

    Barsi is not allowed in altaf's shariah ????

  • @hussain

    Jo Quaid say taqraie ga

    2ft neechay jameenmain jaiga

  • yahee jumlah yazeed kay numaindah ibne ziyad nay Imam Husain say kaha thaa.

  • appka kehrahay hain kaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    altaf husain yazid hia??????????? behno aur bhaiyon



    behno aur bhaiyon

    kya altaf husain......yazeeeeeeeeeeeed hia??????????

    water coooler apka hua mehdi sahab.... abb thanday hojain

  • maaloom naheen kitnay thanday ho gaey,






    naheen maaloom,

    maaloom naheen kitnay thanday ho gaey,

    ab to Zulm band kardo,

    ab to logon ko maarna band kardo,

    maaloom naheen kitnay thanday ho gaey,

    ab to tumharee hokoomat hay,

    ab to Zulm band kardo,

    maaloom naheen kitnay thanday ho gaey.

    Barsi kiyon naheen manatay altaf bhai,

    azeem ahmad tariq aur hakeem saheb kee?

    maaloom naheen kitnay thanday ho gaey.

  • @hussainmehdi,

    Few days before his assassination, Azeem Tariq told in front of few reports and his body gurds some thing like " Ager Berlin wall ger sakti hey to MQM ( H ) and MQM (A) bhi united ho saktey hain......

    3 suspected killer of Azeem Ahmed Tariq got " bail" and later on killed....... Do you see similarities in Azeem Tariq and killing of Murtaza Bhotto here??? SP who order the killing or Murtaza Bhotto was also found dead...


    Ask Any one who live in Azizabad, MQM still do Quran-Khwani on 1st May for Azeem Tariq and i am 110% sure yesterday they had small gathering for barsi...may 100-2000 people.

    Ager Hazar Hussain, Hazzar Yazeed ke baat maan letey to aaj SHIA or SUNNI ka fetna nhi hota.....or main or aap dono serif Muslim or Momin hotey...

  • expakistani i disagree with ur last comment and recommend u change it or delete it

    if understand Qarbla, u would know that there wouldnt have any Muslim had Hazrat Hussain had bow to Yazeed

    Prophet Mohammad gave basharat of his shahadat by giving him red flag and green flag to hazrat hussan

    Lesson I learn from Qarbla is that being Muslim means there is no room for munafiqat (hypocracy) and ppl still ask for forgiveness from God by hurting themselves for what happened then

    I am neither Shia nor Sunni ... JustMuslim and do not want to hurt anyone's believe and not claim any expertise in islamic history

  • expakistani:

    so, sunnis and shias are fitna,

    then who is altaf..the terrorist...the killer ???

    a new patent...just 150 years old ???

    happy to hear the views of terrorist altaf and his terrorist gang about sunnis and shias.

    i did not ask about Quran Khuani,

    i asked about Barsi in which sunnis and shias also offer Fatiha Khuani, dont you know that ???

    thats why your terrorist mqm has kept mqm (h) leadership in jail for last several years ???

    to unite a and h ????

    so, this way you offer unity to others ???


    That Berlin statement was so true,

    only a genius like Azeem Ahmed Tariq could say it.

    establishment and agencies has done grave things to


  • yes in my views sunnies, and shiaes are fitna.

    I know on Barsi sunni and shia do Quran Khawani and then fateh, never understand why? wtf

    since we have free judiciary prove innocence of Afaq and Amir khan in court as well as bring solid prove that Altaf is killer....

    @mangotango.... no hard feeling, i dont see karabala as you see......For me karabla was a miss calculation end up with many lives and further division in ummah, does it make me


    try to make your believe so strong that no one can hurt and get some expertise in Islamic history by reading and understanding others point of views

    May Allah guide me to right path.... Ameen

  • expakistani:

    imam husain had committed "miscalculation" ???

    yet, "solid proof" that altaf is a killer is not available ???

    you cannot find out 'solid proof' that altaf is killer while this is a current present matter, and how you are so sure that imam husain made miscalculation ???

    this reflects your fairness,

    this reflects your perfect calculation,

    this reflects your direction that how you are going to treat in future,

    you dont know fatiha, and you represent them ???

  • you call sunnis and shias fitna ???

    do you know the meaning of fitna ???

    the word "fitna" referred to the refining of metal to remove 'dross'. the dirt that floats on the surface, when metals for example gold have been melted.

    just for information,

    i asked a simple question that why barsi of hakeem saheb and azeem bhai are not organized in khurshid hall,

    and see,

    what the reply i got,

    "the Dirt"

    not only me,

    but all sunni and shia community.