MQM planned ethnic violence in Karachi a year ago!

  • Detailed story can be accessed here

    Pictures of targeted businesses are shown here.

  • if dog dies in india - blame pakistan

    if dog dies in karachi - blame MQM

    c'mon mate come out of halo effect againts mqm

  • I'm for public hangings of all the MQM goons (Altaf, sleem shehzad, Sattar, Rizvi, Wasim akhtar, ect) along with Talibs(Fazlullah, Mehsud, Muslim khan, Mangal panday, etc.) only after public flogging of them all. 999 lashes apiece!

    If Talibs choose to have their throats slit, we'll respect their wishes.

    They will be given the right to decide where they want this to happen whether it be London, Swat, 90!<---- All options are open!

  • MQM paln could be 10 years ago but this Ummat Akhbar is a Jamaati chorooo akhbar also.

  • All Pukhtoons should unite together and invade azizabad and kill every single person and torch 90, Azizabad! Thats what MQM needs in Karachi! Just Plain Killing Spree of every single person in 90,Azizabad!

  • beautiful.... kya sacchche dil ke Pakistani ho KhanSaab maan gaye =)

    invasions ki baat karte ho hahahahahahah

  • khan sahab halka lairahay ho bhai ko....

  • @KHAN_Sahib

    I am worry ... very soon B-52s will be invading Azizabad to lundi kutal....

  • WHEN people can UNDERSTAND that it is absolutely incorrect to put things in generalized ways as this topic?

    WHY it is SOOOOO difficult to understand that such sort of acusation NO MATTER against whom, CAN NOT be in favour of the country-about which everyone is worried including such post senders and discussioners.

    It is simply spreading HATE and by that NO ONE can solve any problem, but throw more oil on fire. NO body denies the voilence and no body support it, but one can not understand WHAT is the meaning of spreading such HATE among people by blindly accusing people of same country?

    CAN anyone of you explain what win is there in it?


  • After reading the comments on dis website the solution of the problems wud be….

    1. Balochistan problem

    Solution: Kill all the MQM worekrs that will bring peace in Balochistan beacuse others r ANGELS and hav their plots booked in Heaven specially GNAJA BROTHERS, ZANI IMRAN and our own ZARDARI

    2. NWFP Probem

    Solution: Kill all the MQM worekrs that will bring peace in NWFP because TALIBANS and outsiders in Tribal Areas are OWN People and love the people of pakistan. They show their love by blowing themselves up in Punjab and Islamabad.

    3. Terrorism in PUNJAB

    Solution: Kill all the MQM worekrs that will bring peace in PUNJAB because pujabi TALIBANS love GANJA BROTHERS.

    4. Insurgency in TRIBAL AREAS

    Solution: Kill all the MQM worekrs that will bring peace in TRIBAL AREAS because BAITULLAH MEHSOOD in a patriotic pakistani and shows his love by sending his SUICIDE BOMBERS in other cities.

    5. Karachi Situation after the Murder of BENAZIR

    Solution: Kill all the MQM worekrs because they didnt come out to stop the burnings and bank lootings by KARACHI PATHANS and AFGHANIS.

    I wanna tell one more thing we pakistanis shud stop thinking tat the whole world is against us and we r the angels living peacefully and we never went to India for terrorism.

    I guess PKPOLITICS will suggest the soultion KILL ALL THE MQM WORKERS.

    I have been to Balochistan, NWFP, TRIBAL AREAS, INTERIOR SIND everyone just HATE punjab there again i guess the solution wudbe KILL ALL THE MQM WORKERS.

    Earlier someone suggested that karachi is getting more than its share. Just go to the pakistan govt website and see how much money KARACHI generates to feed the whole country.

    For those people living abroad, Find a Bangladeshi national and discuss the 1970s situation in East Pakistan and killings of Bengalis by Pakistan Army.

  • unbsj...what you have tried to convey is that MQM is the only pious and honest political party and all others are corrupt as you named them, Ganja bros, imran zani, zardari etc. Can you please also shed some light on the "Gallantry stories" of MQM? Or you think that people have forgotten every thing?

  • WHAT a IDIOT you are unbsj.


  • MQM is a ghunda party...

    killing is their hobby..

    their source of income and their strength too.

    they are so afraid of May12 ...

    as its coming closer they have start their usual tricks to sabotage rallies of other parties who have been the victim of May12.

  • unbsj, i have ditto copy views as you.

    and here we go...

    SAME EXACT BS you will hear again and again from members of pkpolitics! some people are born to cry.